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«Banshee» season 3: premiere date

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«Banshee» TV show holds its position on Cinemax. When will season 10 premiere in 2015? Series has been renewed for the third season!

TV-channel: Cinemax
Pilot episode: January 11, 2013
Created by: Jonathan Tropper, David Schickler

Season 1 Episode 1: 0.48 million U.S. viewers
Season 2 Episode 1: 0.49 million U.S. viewers

Great news from Cinemax management: «Banshee» television series is to be financed for the third season.

This fact was confirmed by НВО Network office, whereas Kary Antholis personally expressed his gratitude to the team for the excellent job and predicted one more season of the project.

The air date for the new episodes has been scheduled for January 2015, while airtime remains the same. It should be mentioned that the show won the Emmy Award, which is quite good for the modern cinematography.

«Banshee» season 3 premiere – [January 2015]

Cast remains the same as well as Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler will be the executive producers. Are you ready to learn the real Lucas’ name?

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  1. Kate

    Go go Lucas!! Congratulations to all involved!

  2. Selena

    Really pleased by this renewal!

  3. crazynbama1964

    whew so glad to know “Banshee” will be back. love love this show

  4. dave cardwell

    While I’m thankful for a third season its kind of rediculous to make people wait a year to see the next season. In the 70s most shows had 30 or more episodes per season and they were 50 min.. now were lucky if shows are 35 minutes long and 10 episodes to a season. You guys can do better than that..

  5. Moe Futz

    Have to agree with dave…”ridiculous.” But we have our beloved Sopranos to thank. For it was that show that kicked off this whole “we’ll get the 10 shows to air when we want, and damn the fans. We decide, not them.” Dave as hard as it is to accept, the days of 26 shows over 9 months then back in the fall….are gone. Thanks David Grey and Sopranos. You were good. But not that good. And it might be unfair to put it all on one show about mobsters with eating disorders. Cable TV in general altered the landscape of what used to be Network TV. Nevertheless GO BANSHEE!

  6. juanita mendoza

    Why so far away Season 1 urged me to Season 2 and I have been waiting and waiting….Great that it is renewed but as it states that was figured out in the 2nd episode of the 2nd season. I hope they move on Season 4 and then some…I have never ever enjoyed a series as much as I did with Banshee…..Keep up the great story

  7. Loretta Mahoney

    I found this show one Sunday afternoon when they were showing the whole first season and fell in love with the show.Lucas is great. I would not watch it without him. I turn it on every night before I go to bed. Sweet dreams. Looking forward to the 3rd season.

  8. Bob Scalze

    In my opinion, this is one of the greatest shows ever made! Wouldn’t miss an episode. I DVR all of them and watch them over and over. My least favorite character is Brock followed closely by Gordon. Hopefully, Hood will kick the shit out of both next season. would love to see some of the albinos back story. Love Frankies character and Geno Seeger will definitely present a challenge next season. Who knows? maybe he will turn out to be a good guy. Lili Simmons is hot! Love all her scenes. Can’t wait for seson 3.

  9. Kerry

    Very happy they are going to have Season 3 great great show this guys did a tremendous job on season 1 and 2 cant wait for season 3. If i was a movie Director I would try to do the movie Uncharted this is base on ps3 game Starr would be the perfect guy for this movie.

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