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«Beauty and the Beast» season 2: premiere date

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When does «Beauty and the Beast» season 2 start? TV series renewed or cancelled? Where can watch new episodes?

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: October 11, 2012
Creator: Sherri Cooper, Jennifer Levin

Episode 1: 2,78 million U.S. viewers

Episode 15: 1,43 million U.S. viewers

An American television drama «Beauty and the Beast» has a good chance to be renewed for Season 2. Its current ratings prove that the series should be continued if it were not for the constant variations in the number of its fans. It should be mentioned, that the pilot episode attracted about 2.8 million American TV viewers. Now this figure comprises 1.4 million. Apparently, The CW management is going to order Season 2, but the exact information will be available only after the official confirmation.

«Beauty and the Beast» season 2: premiere – October 7, 2013

Would you like to see new episodes?

UPDATE (26.04.13): today the CW renewed the show «Beauty and the Beast» for a second season.

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  1. Laura

    I hope that this is true about BATB, but I will believe it once its confirmed that we are having what the Beasties have worked so hard to accomplish. To finally have a Second Season on the best show on the CW

  2. Khatless

    I hope it is true. I love BATB. Awesome Show and such a great chemistry between Jay and Kristin. Please give us fans the second season we are fighting for

  3. dec_rain15

    Don’t want to sound arrogant but with the fans making noise BATB will get it’s 2nd Season.Am sure by now the networks has noticed that.

  4. Rifraf

    Love this show…I would be very disappointed in CW if it’s cancelled, because they should take into account the huge number of international fans as well as the steaming/downloads from CW, iTunes, Amazon etc.

    Just because a show doesn’t have high Nielsen ratings does not mean it isn’t being watched and loved…

    Bring on the Second Season !!

  5. Cameron

    BATB is really a great show really reminds me of smallville in its earlier days! Come on CW please give us a second season big shout out from South Africa

  6. Malu

    Love this series – chemistry between jay and Kristin is lovely….looking forward to season 2

  7. Mr. Galileo

    nice and great show! love it! good news.

  8. Debian

    it’s totally surprised me how amazing the show is! need more. love <3

  9. Simon-David

    Wicked good show, can’t wait for the second season. From Zambia

  10. Marina

    Finally found a new show that i LOVE! too bad ive been watching all episodes in just a few days now i have nothing else to watch :( plus i have to wait for October? for the next season :( im so sad..this show is truly amazing!!

  11. Martin

    If there were less kissing and more story about experiments, this show would be 10/10. But i love it anyway. Looking forward for season 2 and 3.

  12. Evi

    2nd season confirmed !!!
    yay – i’m lookin forward to VinCat :)
    i love this show … i really do :P

    Greetings from
    Germany ….

  13. Delaila

    hi i love this show and i hop season 2 and mani more of them

  14. cosmas

    The first season was awesome. hope the wait for season 2 is worth it.

  15. ...

    Love it…!!Its so awesome…!!can’t wait any more for the next season!!!!!!!

  16. Irene

    Please have season 2 asap…can’t wait to see this great show!!!

  17. felicia brandt

    When will beauty and the beast season 2 be aired in S.A. because there is nothing more that I want to watch really, I became so hooked on this intense series now I have to watch season 1 from the beginning that I recorded from episode 1, so please let me know about season 2? from Beautiful Cape Town.

  18. Noreen Fabre Stahl

    If the second season was supposed to be aired yesterday, Monday, October 7th on the CW 11 channel, how come it wasn’t on? Please someone tell me when/where the season premiere will be shown? Thank you from New York, NY.

  19. jane

    I love the show ,a lot of action ,drama, comedy, and romance. Good chemistry vincent cat.

  20. Vicki

    At first I didn’t know who much I would like the show because it was so different from the original. But I love this show. Vincent is so hot and it continuously has twist and turns you didn’t expect. Great show

  21. Mary De Blasio

    Please do not cancel Beauty & The Beast. Its the best show of it’s nature. The action and love in these series are so entertaining. Does a show have to have vulgarity in order to claim fame? Please make a change in TV entertainment. Someone has to start somewhere. Make a difference. I watch is again and again on DVR and Netflix. I save all episodes. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to give a comment.

    Loyal viewer,

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