Oct 30

«Drop Dead Diva» season 5: release date

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When does «Drop Dead Diva» season 5 start? Release (premiere) date is known!

Drop Dead Diva is a comedy-drama television series developed by Josh Berman. Premiering in July 12, 2009, the series is broadcast in the US on the channel Lifetime. Production company – Sony PT. Drop Dead Diva was renewed for a fifth season consisting of 13 episodes (not official, post on Twitter @lexmedlin).

Drop Dead Diva season 5 release date – June 23, 2013.

UPDATE 15.01.2013: «Lifetime cancelled Drop Dead Diva after four seasons». Deadline.
UPDATE2 01.03.2013: show renewed for a season 5!

What do you want out of new season?

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  1. Joane

    That is a very long time. That show is way too great .

    • Beek

      Can’t wait to see Jane, Grayson and Fred again! I’m so incredibly happy for this!

  2. Claudia

    So happy there is going to be another season. I really enjoy the show. Thanks Lifetime.

  3. sequoia

    I absolutely agree that this is one of the very best out there. I am delighted to finally get some kind of confirmation that season 5 is coming! Lifetime, we up here in British Columbia love this program, too bad they can’t sir a little sooner than June; January would be brilliant! In any case, great job and we will continue to support Drop Dead Diva!

  4. Jackie

    If I am reading this correctly, on 1-15-13 Lifetime CANCELLED Drop Dead Diva’s 5th season. Big mistake. It is a very good show.

  5. Chelle

    It was renewed after being cancelled!!!

  6. Susie

    A great many fans of “Drop Dead Diva” are so happy and excited that Lifetime has given us another season of this great show. We thank you so much.

  7. Cindy

    Glad this show isn’t ending!! Jane Bingham is a confident bad a*s lawyer…. Love this show!!

  8. malcolm and alison

    Great news totaly hooked in the UK can’t wait for series 5 thanks lifetime

  9. Jane

    So glad to hear Jane and company will be back. I absolutely love the show. It’s funny and so nice to see the success of this “big” beautiful girl!

    • Jane

      I am so glad that they didn’t cancel this show. It seems they always do that to th ones I like. It’s about time they have a main character that is a plus size lady. YEAH Can’t wait for season 5 to start!!

  10. Brenda

    I’m so glad Life Time has decided to give us a fifth season of DDDIVA. There would be some disappointed fans. Anyway we need closure for Jane & Greyson!

  11. winkster

    so glad they decided to bring this back… I am so tired of having shows I really like, just vanish. ABC is way guilty of this. I am not sure I will forgive them every for canceling Dirty Sexy Money… and now they are waivering on renewal of Revenge and Nashville. PUHLEEZE…. if we get any more reality TV, I may scream.

  12. Barbara musibay

    I can’t wait for season 5. This is a great show. I purchased season 1 through 4 but I have watched it twice waiting for season 5. Let’s go hurry up.

  13. Wendy B

    Love this show and wish it had more than 13 episodes. I am hoping for a Grayson and Jane hook-up, but that would probably end the show. This is one of my favorites!

  14. TByrd

    Can’t wait to see this season! Come on everyone start watching this series we want to keep it on the air!!!!!

  15. Wendy B

    When will it be on in the uk ?????
    Love it cannot an longer:-(

  16. amanda

    When is season 5 shown in the uk? I cant wait!!

  17. Monica from Bryan, TX

    YESSS! I do hope you continue with DDDIVA!! My whole family are hooked on it!! Plz continue to air!!! Plz plz plz!! We love all the characters!! … And right now we do love Luke and his gorgeous dimple but will Fred make a surprising appearance somehow?

  18. amanda

    Does anyone know when its on in the UK?

  19. Niesha

    OMG!!!!! I absolutely LOVE this show!!! It’s my favorite show on television. My family joke about how hooked I am on the show. I soooooo need Lifetime to release the 5th season before June. We were all just left hanging. Please bring it sooner!!!! PLEASE!!!!!

  20. J.

    I heard about the new starting back in October–when is it coming out!

  21. marje

    I cannot understand the long wait to see this show again. If you want to kill the show this is how to do it. Real fans like me will watch for it, but some who are on the fence will bail out.
    Love this show and hope the writers give us some new thrills. Hope we don’t see any Kardashians .

  22. ML

    i luv this show..we all know its not based on a true story so who ever is getting butt hurt about it “IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU”!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND Jeniffer LH I LOVE THIS SHOW DON’T STOP!!!!!!!



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