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«Galactik Football» season 4: release date

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When does «Galactik Football» season 4 come out? Official premiere date is known?

«Galactik Football» French animated television series, co-produced by Alphanim, France 2, Jetix Europe and others has three complete 78-episode seasons. Now the airing of the next season, based on new idea and concept is being discussed on French Internet resources.

It should be noted that there is no official confirmation of the start of work on Season 4 and, according to the evidences, the new episodes haven’t even been ordered yet. Having analyzed all the available information it should be concluded that French series has a lot of fans, who are waiting for the quality continuation.

Representatives of Alphanim don’t respond to the official inquiries about the show, so everyone longs to express their opinions about Season 4 of «Galactik Football» on the forums. Release date, published by fans, is not confirmed, that’s why the claims about the premiere at the end of 2013 should not been taken seriously. It takes approximately a year to create a new season and, since the start has not been announced yet, it is difficult enough to calculate the exact release date.

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  1. Daniel

    I’m a big fan of Galactik Football and I will wait for season 4 and see all epesodene in season 4 and I’ve seen all three seasons and I am ivri on the season 4 coming and I’m excited to see fortsetelsen of history. :)

  2. Saurav

    I just hope jok and mei gets back together.as for sinedd he might fall into some otjer girl while mei was transpoted to some otje galactik corner.and jok be the one to find mice and the gang

    • Ellis

      I completely agree i have just contacted a executive producer of france2 the company that makes Galactik football but how about djok saves mei and the kids but sinned only wants to save his siter who got transported too how about that.

  3. mohamed sharafathullah

    I want galactik football season 4 I just love it……………

  4. boot

    season 3 was the last…

    • Artegor Nexxiss

      u not seen trailors boot?

    • Aliou mabiala

      That’s not true season 4 will come out

  5. ashik

    bring the season 4 quick and make joke and mei together

  6. d'jokxmay

    please!! i so want may d’jok and may to be together. may looks good with d’jok than sinedd. waiting for season 4 please may and d’jok an official couple

    • Ellis

      I completely agree i have just contacted a media executive about that same idea Great minds think alike

  7. d'jokxmay

    sorry if you think i spelled it wrong but may steal means mei

    • d'jokxmay


  8. John cena

    I just luv galactik football…..
    I am restless to wait for season 4…..
    i hope mei and microice and the small kids return back to genesis

  9. John cena

    I really am the greatest fan of galactik football

  10. John cena

    I want jok and mei together

  11. Toshan

    I want Galactik Football season 4 !!!! Best of all animated television series ever !!!1

  12. Artegor Nexxiss

    i hope to see noratta and arch settle their differences and move in with sonny. as well as this I hope bleylok returns and teams up with microice who gets his old voice back! I hear season 4 consists of the marriage of artie and Bennett with sxy results. go noratta go arch go snow go.

  13. stevenslover696969

    I hope stevens takes off his mask and teams up with luur in the xenons and maybe worren could join him too, that would be rad.


  14. robin

    i want micro-ice with yuki
    jok with may
    new era begins with new players
    add me as a new snow kid!

    • robin

      put me as a new snow kid
      name: Robin
      gender: male
      position: midfielder or defender but have good accuracy and a good playmaker
      hairstyle: same as Jock except it is black in colour
      special ability: good stamina, speed and awesome jumps
      about himself: kind and playful, he had a brother who died by an explosian. Lives alone and has a beautiful girlfriend who always cheer him up when he’s down

      • bob

        SHUT THE F*CK UP Robin. Y would they add you into the cast. They couldn’t care less about you.

      • Aliou mabiala

        Good luck with that I hope you get to be in it man I’ll be cheering you on

        • Robin

          Gee Thanks, Aliou mabiala :)

  15. Gallaticer

    make a new season im waiting!!
    i watched all the seasons four times

  16. denim

    I’m waiting

  17. GFCfan

    I want new teams new fluxs and the little kids to show there fluxs because there all different colours and from different plantes i want to see what abilities there fluxs have
    Idea for team

    Idea for flux
    The spell – magic waves, magic shields, magic bubbles, super jump

    Kernor form rykers and ahito forever

  18. Orel

    I am so waiting for it.
    This great series

  19. Sonny blackbones

    If the pirates had a flux then they would easily be the best team. They made it to the semis without it. D’jok will properly find a new love and is it just me or does that green light at the end of season 3 remind me of bleylock

  20. Lolz

    Dame Sembai

    Thats the names, and i doubt any of the makers are seeing this… so stop giving them advice on what to do (like the stupid advice on putting themself in the series)

  21. Emilie

    I loved this serie 2 years ago, then i forgot about it when there werent coming a new season. Two days ago i stumbled by a youtuber that had uploaded all the seasons (1-3) on his/hers channel and i fell in love with the series again. Please let mei and d’jok get back together and let micro-ice be as funny in love as the first season, and please make the 4 season come soon

  22. Sherlock hurairah

    I love this show since i was 9 and now iam 16 .i hope Galactik Football will also continue to season 5 and so on

  23. Sherlock hurairah

    Guys you all can search for the Galactik Football season 4 story line to know the what will happen.but they just posted for chapter 1,2 & 3 .

    • Aliou mabiala

      What webside do you go to

  24. Sunrita Paul Chowdhury

    please release galactik football season 4 fast & yes about the seasons released before they were toooooooooooooooo awsomme

  25. furba lama

    I just want a brand new episode of season 4.
    i m hunger of galatik football.
    I like ahito and microeyes

  26. Noah

    I really hope they make the pirates play better!
    They are soooo awesome!!
    And I want Xenons vs Lightnings!!
    *Stevens and Hawkings of the Pirates for ever!!!*

  27. Xachatur

    yes pirates they rule their skins I like

  28. Micro ice

    No don’t Disney killed galactik football let its death be dignified dont make a new season thanks for killing my favourite show Disney

  29. GF 4EVER!

    I<3 GF!

  30. Galactik star

    i think that sinedd and mei should stay as they are pretty good together but d’jok should get a new girlfriend one thats better then mei ( hotter some how ) and loves d’jok no matter what not one thats all am your biggest fan but who loves him. she should also play for the team up front or mid so that they work really well together ( so they can pass the breath to each other ).

  31. prateek

    I am a big fan too galatick football too good no words to describe how good it is….. so dam awesome….. i know how to play football but i wish we could play like them (with the flux)

  32. Krishna

    I hope season 4 comes soon and djock and Mei be together

  33. Love galactik football

    Please please please make a season 4 because galactik football is such a nice fantasy story and I love everything about it I love the original snow kids:):D please make a season 4:)

  34. Aliou mabiala

    Please make Galactic foodball season 4 and more and please make jok find a new girlfriend and mice be together with uki

  35. Lili

    I can’t wait for season 4!Mostly because of Mei and D’jok who have to have to they just have to get back together.Please bring them back!!!xoxooxooxoxxxo

  36. surya

    Please don’t let us down .We are eager to see the season 4#galactic football

  37. emre

    I love galactik football i watched it with 6 years and now ihave looked all enepisodes again and when there is no 4 seadon i will cry because its so spectacular qd they must bring another galactik football game for ps4 and xbox one and i think it will be good but when not then when i grow up i will make a game how s name ia galactik football :D

  38. D'jok

    I want Season 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mei and D’jok back together not with sinedd !!!!!

    I loveee GF

  39. Macro-ice

    Hey , I’d like to see more powerfull tricks that only the snowkids can do, (Like A Secret attack)

    It will be great if the challenges are more exiting in a bit of difficult situations

    the voice of macro-ice changed and i dont know why, but i hope it all will be fixed

    and wat about the (childeren, micro ice…….) that dissapeared,

    it wud be a great idea, if they fall in a uknown planet with a hidden flux . so actually they already have (the breath,

    they could combinate the breath with the hidden flux to be the strongest ever.

    I’m a big fan of Galactik Football and I will wait for season 4 or a movie.

  40. D'jok

    I have talked with the Gaumont Animations ( Alphanim ) and unfortunately there will be not any galactic season 4 because the channels decided to stop galactic football after season 3.

    I am sorry.

    • emre

      Wtf noooooooooo :( but why they also can made it for his self and look at season 3 there is an open end?!

  41. I want season 4 ALpHAniM!!

    i agree with Emre. I think that u are lying D’jock. Can someone please actually talk to alphanim?
    I really want to watch season 4. I only just started watching gf after a person named Tia Cain uploaded seasons 1-3 on youtube.

  42. roket

    finished all 3 seasons back to back again….. waiting for s4….. come on snow kids

  43. Season 4

    I hope that Galactik football season 4 will come out at the end of 2013!! nearly finished watching season 3. already watched the whole of seasons 1 & 2. Come on Alphanim!! make season 4 already. It’s been 2-3 years since the last episode of season 3 came out! And make micro-ice’s voice better!

  44. D'jok

    You can contact Alphanim on facebook. ( Gaumont Animation )

    • season 4

      so you are telling the truth? but what about the ending of season 3? why aren’t they gonna make season 4? I’m confused… and SAD!!

  45. season 4

    avaaz[ . ]org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb

    This is in French but you can translate it into English. this website is a petition to save galactic football, I think. Please vote as it could affect alphanim’s decision to make season 4 GF.
    GO SNOW GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Kavish

    well at the last episode of galaktic football episode 3 there was a kinda bug and some of the payers dissapeared strangely.. i am so impatient to know what will happen next

  47. season 4

    today is the 11/12/13
    I wish that more people will start to like galactic football enough that Alphanim will have no choice but to make a season 4 of GF

  48. adi

    i so want that season 4 of galactic football start

  49. dame simbai

    i am big fan!!!! big fan! i really enjoyed season 10, i loved season 7 and i hope season 20 is half as good as season 18! it would be great! #snowkids

  50. Season 4

    Where are you getting all these numbers from? There is no season 10. There is only seasons 1,2, and 3!!!!

  51. mark

    pls hurry up with galactic football season4

  52. Sinned

    There is a season 4 I even saw the trailer and my dad works over a told me they are working on season 4 d’jok don’t lie

  53. lourd

    Season 4 will be awesome N DJOKE IS GREATTTTT!!

  54. D'Jok + Mei = Forever

    I hope Galactik football goes on and on. I hope season 4 comes out soon i watched this show when i was 4 and now i’m 11. that brings back memories of Galactik football :D .

    All Galactik football fans want season 4 so please bring it i keep on watching season 1 to season 3 all over again

  55. Sunrita Paul Chowdhury

    u mad 2013 has gone when will season 4 be released

  56. Vikas

    When will be the season 4 comes out. I’m eagerly waiting forward to it. D’JOK is my favourite

  57. Adhish Mathur

    I m a big fan of dis show(though i m nt french,i m indian)i almst forgot about the series…but i stumbld across it while searchin for avatar…i fell in luv wid it again….i just wnt season 4 to release as soon as possible i jst cnt wait….i wnt dis show to be unending

  58. kokstako

    i want galaktik fodbal season 4 aaaaa :@ i need this season i love it

  59. Djok 42917

    I really want season 4 considering that the ending on season 4 kept me in suspense I would like to see a Xenons vs Lightenings match or possibly another all stars match i guess we really do want a season 4 there would probably be more viewers watching the show. It’s a shame to waste and throw away a good cartoon series.

  60. Djok 42917

    Oh yeah and I wonder who’s better Warren or aarch

  61. micro ice 4ever

    i really hope there will be season 4, i just love galactik football, i just can’t stop watching it even though i’ve watched all the seasons already!

  62. charli3

    all i care about is to see more gf but keep jock and sinedd on the snowkids

  63. muthu kumaran

    I also a fan of gallatic football Please relies the season 4 soon

  64. Djok 42917

    Hi guys look at what I found in Wikipedia Movie
    A movie was announced on Sunday the 12th of January on Disney’s official Twitter. Roger Gregg said in an interview that this will not affect the TV series. The movie will have a tournament on Akillian with transfers and D’Jok’s contract runs out. It is set to release in May 2016.

  65. Djok 42917

    It’s along time ahead and sadly it won’t be a continuation after the movie which apparently is to be released on May 2016

  66. rocket

    Hi guys, I am a big fan of galactic football. I have seen all episodes. I just love this show..i just want season 4 to release as soon as possible i just cant wait….Please release the season 4 soon….

  67. Allpha

    I found a petition to ask for season 4 secure [.] avaaz [.] org/fr/petition/Sauver_la_serie_Galactik_Football/?cJPtXcb sign up here i guess

  68. wag1 cuZ

    Wen is season 4 cmonin out for F***’s sakes.
    I really don’t think their gonna make season 4 tbh (to be honest)

  69. ephraim

    when galactik football season 4 will comming we r waiting i just love it

  70. 19catwoman

    yes plz m desperately waiting for galactik football seaason 4. (in India :) ) i reallyyy want djok and mei to get back together.. let sinedd have som1 else!

  71. sangram

    please begin season 4 I am waiting for it so badly

  72. George

    I’m a big fan of Galactik footbal which is why I went looking for season 4.

    There is a petition trying to bring out the 4th season. They need 3000 signatures to get the season produced without having to go through the problems of hearings.

  73. kostas

    i want some intesity put djok and micro ice in the shadows it looks impossible but it would be pretty interesting to see those two facing the snowkids.i want a better stevens as well. even though he does not have a flux he plays great. plz!!!!! i love those three and of course lurr

  74. dobri

    please open the season 4 and 5 please i am a big fan so please

  75. dobri

    what is going on why do you dont make season 4 f..k french

  76. GFFan4life

    SEASON 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz

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