Oct 26

Homeland season 7 start date

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homeland season 7 start

Are you ready for Homeland season 7? When will the seventh season come out on Showtime? The start date is scheduled for 2018.

It is not a secret that the series Homeland is a very important part of the television channel Showtime. Excellent rating for many years and the dedicated support of the many millions of fans around the world have provided this project a permanent place on the air and already there is confirmed information that in addition to the seventh season, the right holders have ordered the eighth.

Some sources have published information that the eighth season will be the final for this political thriller television series, but Showtime has not officially made any announcement in this regard. As soon as the right holders announce their decision we will publish it here.

The changing of broadcasting time of the episodes of the show Homeland a little upset loyal fans, because the project is removed from the usual fall air. A release date of the seventh season has not yet been reported, but it is possible that it will be appointed to early 2018; it is based on the changes made in the schedule of Showtime.

We hope that we will not wait for a long. Follow the announcements on this page and you will know everything first!

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  1. Helga

    I hate Carrie. Completely unlikable lead character. BRING BRODY BACK!

  2. Ronny P.

    Really hope Homeland will end after season 8…

  3. +7Jimm7+

    I had no idea the show was even still on )))

  4. Diana H.

    I’m so bummed that the sixth season is getting pushed until January 2017. And Season 7 – until 2018 (((

  5. Judy K

    Love love love Homeland……..hope it never ends!

  6. Rosemarie

    I hate that you killed off Quinn. I was hoping he would become stronger and become himself again. I am so dissapointed. And the way you did it was horrible.

  7. JMC

    Great show, so realistic and true for the times and phenomenal acting. The tension never seems to end. Awaiting Season 8.

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