Jul 9

«House of Night» movie: release date

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When does «House of Night» movie come out? What known about release date?

Series of fantastic stories «House of Night» of famous American writer is to be filmed soon. Samuel Hadida, Moroccan film producer, bought the filming rights, who planned to create the film about the vampires.

According to IMDB, at the moment the recruitment process for the starring roles is being carried out. Among the actors, who claim to the above mentioned roles – Olivia Wilde and Nicole Kidman.

Also «House of Night» movie, which release date isn’t confirmed yet, will contain several parts, as P.C. Cast, the writer, has written many stories and isn’t going to stop.

Movie fans have different opinions concerning the coming screen adaptation. Some of them are looking forward to it, believing in its success and the others are against its filming as it can destroy the created story. Is it so?

Follow the updates and soon you will know the exact release date of the movie.

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  1. cathy m. chavez

    god i can,t wait for this movie, i love when books come to the movies , this series i read more than once ,so the movie will be beyond awesome and i hope the do zoey justice, please don,t make us wait to long ,thank you so much.

    • Chelsea

      These books are amazing I cannot wait!! :)

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