May 27

I Am Number Four 2: release date

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When does «I Am Number Four 2» premiere in theaters? Release date coming?

Right after «I Am Number Four» movie debuted, the experts started negotiating on the production of its second part since the third book of the famous trilogy wasn’t published yet.

Officially the given book was presented only in August 2012 and it was high time for the creators to start talking about the approximate release date for «I Am Number Four 2», which should have been set for the second half of 2013. However the project was announced to be frozen.

Marti Noxon, the film writer, reported «I Am Number Four 2» couldn’t be continued, at least yet.

Hope that producers will pay attention to the fans’ numerous requests and renew filming. Please, support the movie in comments!

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  1. T B

    There should be another one as the first one was very good.

  2. Carlota

    Hi, am a fan and I really enjoyed the film I am number 4 and I hope to have the chance to watch the second part as I have already read the book and it was incredible!

  3. shuuubham singh

    have nice but we are enjoing movie

  4. steven

    I really hope they make a second “i am number four” movie because the first one was really good and because i want to know if they found the others and if “John” meets up with that girl again!!!!!

    • sigma

      then lyou ahould read the books they just released book 4

  5. Ayanda.enkozo

    Thr iznt part two now?? Enjoyd part I. . .plz part two

  6. shahanaz bano

    Please made another part like 1

  7. mr T

    damn ladies, make a next i am number four! 100 million dollars profit with part 1…. if it was up to me, i wouldn’t let somebody get in my way… just sayin’

  8. IamNumber 4 fan

    i watched i am number four more then 15 times and i still love it i hope there will be a i am number four 2 many people would be very happy.

  9. Maria jo Hansen

    Make a part 2 of I am number four .. I love it fantastic movie

    biggest Fan in Denmark..

    Maria Jo Hansen

    • Jason benjamin

      I Enjoyed Seeing The First One I am excited for the Second to Come Out Too Theaters

  10. Shannon

    The movie was awesome pls make a part 2 I wanna see what happens next xx pls

  11. atif malik

    why u did,nt release yet i am number four 2 i am waiting the 2nd part near about 2 years plz release this part and work with heart i love this story and wht ever u make

  12. henryslyk

    I keep watching the moviie(I am number 4) and my family and I keep praying to see another part 2 of this great movie. I L♥√ع the story line, romace part, friends like and it has a great play. Pls pls pls pls when is the part 2 coming out. Is syuppose to be due. Don’t let us loose the flavour of this movei.

  13. abid khan

    i keep watching i am number 4 with my friends we all like it very much .it was a great movie .pls-6 when is the part 2 coming out. Is syuppose to be due.

  14. Dario

    I am can’t wait to see the second part, movie is awesome ! that’s all I have to say ! please do not dissapoint us !

  15. J. Hutson

    It would be a huge loss to overlook a sequel to ‘I am number 4′. The longer you wait, the more it will hurt the franchise. There are so many directions to go with this first movie.

  16. Alex

    The first movie was awesome!!!…. I really hope to see a whole sequel… !! can’t wait to see them… XD

  17. Sofia singh

    Hii . I am number 4 ws rely awsm . We want 2 part of dis movie plz plz make it.

  18. Adrian

    Im waiting part 2

  19. Jeff

    in my honest opinion, the story that lorien legacies offer is better than hunger games and even twilight, its not your usual vampire, werewolf & pretty lady story. this has potential. the 1st movie was great.

  20. Juliana mendez

    Pretty please we need this second part this movie was different from all the others it was amazing!! We need 2 part it’s been too long of a wait!!

  21. Naveen

    I enjoyed the movie it was like a sort of movie in a new dimension I really eagerly awaiting to see the second part of it …..

  22. celine

    please let there be a number 2!!!

  23. malik zulqar

    plz release the movie i am number four 2 i am wating the movie…..

  24. joe

    They should definitely make a second movie there are 4 books in the series
    So far. They cant just make ONE and forget about the rest!
    Thats just silly. If they’re not making a second movie, what.was the point in
    Making a first???

  25. anja

    i’ve been waiting for i am number 4 2, like since i saw the first!

    • Leigh

      I hope they make a sequal ! This was a great movie I always look for the sequal to this I hope it will come out they have a million Jason movies and Halloween movies but this they can’t try n create another!!

  26. 99

    I loved it! hope it comes a sequel!

  27. Kim

    I hope there’s part 2! Really anticipating .

  28. Leigh

    Amazing how they can make sequels to movies that are horrible. I am number4 was great and I’m a 29 and this was fantastic action the powers they had and the effects were amazing , honestly if they don’t have a sequal it’s a real shame I know people who dislike twilight and other types of movies even hunger games but they loved this movie it was diff with the alien aspect and it was left on finding the next of their kind ! I still watch this movie it’s amazing please do a second film love the books but seeing it on film is amazing to see it come to life and amazing beautiful actors!

  29. andy stout

    First off, this movie was an absolute huge hit and a great story. It deals with so much adversities in finding the truth about undisclosed matters and finding themselves. I and SO MANY FANS HAVE BEEN PATIENTLY WAITING!!!!!!!!! Seriously, the cast and the story were so realistic and breathtaking. I really can’t imagine not ever seeing a sequel or the next story.My kids and I have watched it over and over again, time in and time out and it seems to never get old..but prepares us for the next step!!!!! You’re absolutely insane(in a positive way…:) ) not to get this sequel in the works. I myself have never felt this way about a movie?? Just something about the way it was told and the search for not only our own mankind but the discovery for truth and determination!!! I wish I could find ALL the right words and ALL the sentences and sayings!!!! Bottom line is this sequel would be HUGE..VERY HUGE!!!!! I personally know so many friends that feel the same way, INCLUDING MY OWN KIDS….Emma, Annie , and Garrett. I love great movies and truthfully my movie life wouldn’t be complete without an absolute adventurous sequel!!!!!! I would so much LOVE TO BE A PART of the sequel premiere when it hits in Hollywood for a simple invite. Yeah, I know that’s not gonna happen but I still truly love this movie and we are way OVERDUE for the next. I understand things are easier said than done…but please think LONG AND HARD about us viewers……..PATIENTLY WAITING!!!!! To you and yours have a merry xmas!!!!!!!

    Sincerely, Andy Stout

    • Crystal Thomas

      Amen Andy I so agree

    • JOT

      Could not have given a better description myself….i COMPLETELY agree

  30. JP

    I loved this movie, they really should make a second movie!
    I am waiting and I hope they will release it very soon.

  31. tonton

    Please make I AM NUMBER FOUR PART 2… It is good to make part 2 while the original character are still young and alive :) It is not pleasing to see other personality would be in their place :D

  32. andy

    I have just watched I am no four and what a breath taking film it is the special effects we’re brilliant and the story line was so good that we need a sequel to find out what happens to the characters next!
    Please can we have a sequel soon!!!!

  33. Alex

    I really love this film… and I would like to see more of it!!! PLEASE make part 2.
    you have so many fans who wants to see the rest of it.

    We are excited!!

  34. Anine

    Please please make a second film!!!

    I’m in love with these books! They’re just amazing!
    The movie was so good!

    Big fan in Denmark!

  35. Jaxx

    Pls 。i wan see second part of <i am number 4>
    ^_^ i like number 5

  36. Malin

    I just love the movie!

    I really hope they can make a second movie, its never to late for the fans I think ? ;)

    Big fan from Norway!

    • Alex_g

      Malin I’m from Norway too ^^ . add me lol :3

  37. enis

    I loved this movie, they really should make a second movie!
    I am waiting and I hope they will release it very soon.

  38. Crystal Thomas

    Please yes make them I love the 1st one so much and am excited to see the making of all the books

  39. Prince

    i enjoyd part 1…..i really hope dey would make part 2…

  40. John

    I am number 4 was awesome so please make part 2

  41. JOT

    There absolutely MUST be a part 2, ‘I am number four’ is tooooooo great of a movie not to. The movie is in its own class of being a good film.

  42. visiizo rhakho

    John has got a reason to come back so the movie must continue . It will be in complete if John and Sarah will not meet again.

  43. atena

    I love this movie please make part2

  44. Jim

    I love this movie as well we need part 2

  45. calebhoskins741

    i am number four was really good and i want to see the 2 one so i think they should make a 2 one

  46. Fang

    Well, hello?
    WHERE IS “I am number 4″ PART 2?!
    I’ve been waiting for a century. AND OH MY GOD, This movie is so DAMN good.
    I need it badly!
    A lot of fan has been waiting for this movie and my Step Baby can’t even blink!
    So, please please please release it.
    I am Indonesian, And I am all out of movie.
    I’ve been watching this movie over n over.
    I even imagine that I am the number also.
    So, I beg u Mr. Michael Bay, Alfred Gough, Marti Noxon, Miles Millar.
    Bring it up.

  47. Juan

    They should really come out with a second one I loved the first one

  48. Al

    I’m an old man and I loved this movie. A part 2 would be great and a movie centered on Number 6 would be fantastic.

  49. Chloe

    I enjoyed “I am number” so much and I really hope that there is a part two !!! It needs to be published !!

  50. Laszlo

    Film i am number four is echt super wij kijken uit naar deel 2,3,4,5 en 6

  51. Sariah

    I really think making a sequel to this amazing would benifit everyone alot of people have watched and want another you gave time for everyone to see and now you can make a huge profit off of this it saddens me to know you are ify about making another one you should definently go threw with it.please please please do

  52. Tory

    I am a really big fan if this movie, and was really looking forward to the next movie which have been frozen at this time.
    I hope they get the work up and running again. For everybodys sake.
    It kind of ended on a cliffhanger too which is really tearing me up knowing that the secnd one never came out. Please make the second movie. Please please pleaseeeee <3

  53. Oscar Hernandez

    There should be a part 2 of I am number four ! Id like to see i am number four 2

  54. ermelinda

    i think that the producers shouldn’t have to wait for us to raise our voices to say weather there should be a second one or not .i personally loved the first one so they should just finish them without a freeze in it just go for it there are several billions of people in the world so its not like they should worry about making enough money or whatever their deal is …. JUST DO IT =)

  55. Riwas rana

    I am w8ing part 2 of i am number four.

  56. poland

    POLAND wait to the next movie. PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  57. nzanthung

    I am number 4 part 2 would be really awesome

  58. Hollee

    Huge fan please hurry with number 2 no debates about it give the pubic what it likes xxxx

  59. stacey

    I love watchin i am number four but really wanna see the next one please u have to start fliming i wanna see what happens i am a huge fan please make part 2

  60. Umer

    Waiting for second part of ” I m no 4″ …….. guuuuuud movie

  61. huu nguyen

    Movie was great. Most movies end without the need of a sequel because we see the final outcome, this one just stopped half way through the movie. That is just plain cruel… Number 2 plzzz

  62. Benedikta Louise

    I love ” I’m number 4 ” movie !! Please make part 2 !! :D

    Big Fan from Norway !!

  63. sorta the same

    I thought I was watching myself I have powers the email is a fake so do nottry to trace it Just wanted you to know that we are real…..

  64. stanley

    plz make itz 2 part

  65. iulia

    I NEEED TO SEE THE SE1COND MOVIE!! the first one was amazing and i just hope that there will be a second one SOON!!! Also, it isn’t faire to leave us hanging like that. There has to be a second one!

  66. Emilie

    please make a 2 movie, it cant just end like that

  67. Alex_g

    I’m Alex_g… I’m good on games and finding good movies/films. And this movie is so amazing! that I just have to see it one more time today. well u opened this site to get your fans to type that they want a secound part. LISTEN TO WHAT THEIR SAYING!!! WE WANTS TO SEE “I am Number Four 2″ so for f*ck sake make it happen! it better be soon >-;..;-<
    Who Is With Me??!!

  68. Midknight


  69. coley ray

    there should be a second movie i loved the first and they left us hanging i need to see the rest!

  70. andreas

    It was a great movie, please make number two !

  71. Gaurav vyas

    Hi, am a fan and I really enjoyed the film I am number 4 and I hope to have the chance to watch the second part as I have already read the book and it was incredible!

  72. Aizron Annadass

    The movie is awesome there should be a second part of it.
    It was a great film and hope the second part will be too.

  73. jordan

    they should definitely make a second one the first one was amazing and they can’t just leave it off how they did that would be stupid if they do that why did they even make the first one just to piss u off

  74. jp

    Hurry up and make the move……

  75. Michelle

    Please start the production of I’m number 4 2 soon… We are lolling so much forward to this movie!

  76. deepak

    plz make another part

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