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«Kuroko no Basket» season 3: release date

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Will «Kuroko no Basket» (Kuroko no Basuke) anime series return for season 3? When does new episodes start? We are waiting for release date in 2014/2015.

Directed by: Shunsuke Tada
Written by: Noburo Takagi
Studio: Production I.G

It is most probably that the producers of «Kuroko no Basket» television series don’t want to close the show after its second season. The potential the show owns makes them produce the third season.

The representatives of Production I.G Studio, responsible for manga adaptation, ready to keep working after the results of DVD realization are announced. In case of success, the rights holders will approve the extension and already in 2014 the experts will start to work on the new episodes.

It should be noted that last year the manga fans bought around 8,7 million copies and in February the current year the game for Nintendo 3DS on the show basis was presented.

Of course, the release date for the season 3 of «Kuroko no Basket» hasn’t been announced yet, as the new episodes haven’t been put into production, but the experts believe it would happen in 2015. In the famous magazines Animedia and Newtype there is no information about anime cancellation, so we should hope! Follow the announcements.

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  1. Kitana

    please make this season 3 this year. my favorite anime!

  2. Stefani$>

    I want to see season 3 of Kuroko no Basuke

  3. PaZZZZ

    Release season 3 this year. Please Production I.G hurry UP!

  4. Nana

    Zhere musst been a 3. Season, because there are only 2 episodes. On sunday therw was episode 24,
    The game seirin vs yosen is ongoing.
    Is seirin the winner, the next game is seiein vs kaijo

    And than…..wheres the game serin vs rakuzan???

    This game in one episoses…… i cant belive it…….

  5. Bfg

    Ughhh pleaseee i’m dying of Kuroko no Baske deprivation TTATT Third season!!!!

  6. makblegger

    i hope kuroko no basuke 3 release in 2014

  7. joshua

    im hoping for the season 3 thanks

  8. Zacheous

    Naahhhh, I can’t wait TT^TT…. I hope it will publish earlier

  9. angeleye

    i realy want to see Kuroko no basuke season 3, please make this films in 2014, can’t wait…

  10. jcc

    season 3 i can’t wait.

  11. lala chan

    please hurry up..! i can’t wait… please release it in this year… oh kuroko season 3…

  12. kuroiga

    I love this anime!!!!! its awesome and i really enjoy watching it….now that the second season finally ended….the semi-finals will be next…..I really can’t wait for its 3rd season!!! pleassssssseeeee release its 3rd season as soon as possible!!!!>___< PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. chase

    kuroko no basuke is on my top 3 anime, this anime is so great i get chills when i watch it. Im always looking forward to watch this anime. both season 1 and 2 were amazing. Please take your time making the 3 season, i want it to be just as good as the 1 and 2 seasons. please make the 3 season with some crazy sh*t that all anime fan will look forward to every episode.

  14. kurokomj

    please make a season 3!love this anime game!

  15. DarkWings

    Please Make season 3 this year…….,,,,

  16. aomine daisuke

    i hope they will release it this 2014 but i can wait till 2015

  17. helymar

    paki release na po ngayung year or this week because im sick of waiting the 3rd epesode of kurokos basketball!!!!!!!!! thanks

  18. Lorjak

    pls release the season 3 these 2014 :)

  19. Cortex

    This anime is a breath of fresh air. It has all the classic elements of a good anime but with a new and intriguing twist. A third season would be most appreciated. I would even enjoy this show struggling into overtime (season 4).

  20. Lala Bunny

    Can i tell a little story of my life about sport-related anime? Please? Well..

    I was first introduced to anime and manga by my 7yrs of bf (now ex), and that was early 2000. I still remember the first anime he introduced to me was Shaman King and Rave Master, and then Naruto for Manga. After that i gradually look for whatever anime/manga with different types of genre, even BL which i became obsess. LOL! Well not really obsess like most fans but i do love it. Anyway as years passing by, not even once im into sport-related anime let alone the manga. Frankly i tried to like Prince Of Tennis and SlamDunk back then (since my ex was practically into it) but no matter how hard i attempted to, i only manage to watch 2/3 episodes without understand the story/massage that anime try to deliver. I know there’s a little funny moments in both anime, and sure the characters in POT is ‘good looking’ but it didn’t attracted me. So i gave up any sport-related anime or manga ever since, until recently. Yes, RECENTLY. Well actually last year but still it’s recently. All thanks to an anime called FREE!. After FREE!, i try to keep that ‘emotion’ on fire so i looked for new sport-related anime and out of new ones in 2013/2014, im attracted to Haikyuu!. I realized that i can get attracted to this two anime because of the synopsis given, and i stayed with it after the first 3 episodes. And since second season for FREE! will be air in July as well as i can’t wait for another one/two weeks released for every new episode of Haikyuu!, i began searching for others. I found out Kuruko No Basket has so many positive feedback as well as got a controversy, so i decided to watch it from first season after i attracted to it’s synopsis yet again. Turn out i’m all hype with this one and i finished watching season 1 and season 2 in just 3days. HAHA! I laughed to myself because i’ve never been this glued to any sport-related anime before, let alone being all hyper about it. Thank you so much Tadatoshi Fujimaki for creating Kuruko No Basket.

    Okay, now that ‘little story of my life’ is done..errr as much as i hope the 3rd season will be air late 2014 (at least), i want it to be air next year (2015). Why? Because if comparing it with the Manga, it is still long way to go to be make into anime with 25episodes, unless you want a 10/13 episodes for 3rd season which i assume no one will like it. Plus, if there’s too much fillers just to cram into 25 episodes..some people will not appreciate it.

    So there you go (^^,) and i am sooo very sorry for this looooonggg comment. I just thought i had to make my points with those ‘little story’. Plus i can’t really tell anyone about one of my hobbies which happen to be watching anime and read manga on a regular basis compare to normal people who enjoy other activities and sometimes look down on people like me (more on otakus)…life is hard and sometimes you have to pretend. DAMN!

    • joannemorgnique

      Awesome little story you got there ^^

    • Enmanuel

      OGM, I saw the first two season and I was impresed, I can said that this anime may be in the third positions of the most watched anime in the world. I just want to come 2015, to see the third season of this anime, is so amazing LOVE IT.

  21. Tri Nady Syachfikri

    Please I Want To Watch Season 3… =^_^=

  22. AnimeGod55

    I hope that Tetsu-kun and Momoi-san will be a pair in the 3 season and I wan’t to see it this year !!!PLEASE!!!

  23. Me

    It was probably delayed because of that idiot who was making all those threats in japan:(

  24. kevin

    hahahahah i can’t wait but im excited because kuroko no basket will release on October 2014

  25. venla

    pls season 3…

  26. asdfghjkl


  27. tetsu kun

    napakatagal naman ng season 3 nyan i hope this month it will be on air!! so fu_k up guys huury up

  28. @4evertaiga

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!! release the 3rd season this year!!!!!! i can’t wait till next year….. i can’t hold my breath that long…!!! OMG!!!! this loooooong wait is gonna kill me!!! i can’t wait to see my taiga again!!!

  29. Franklin Peter

    hurry up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! release season 3 please !!!!!! cant wait

  30. Jinkakujin

    Kuroko no Basket is a great anime they have to give them self so much time they need to let that anime on this lvl don´t try to make a faster release the anime must not suffer from

  31. rowland molina

    what the hell are you thinking… pls make it this year i spend the whole time just to watch this anime.. i can’t wait that long year 2015 stupid enough… make it happen this year……….

  32. bernard

    make a season 3 :)

  33. Squallo

    Mi piacerebbe davvero che avrebbero in onda presto! Non vedo l’ora per questo. Scommetto che sarebbe stato così fantastico, come le altre due stagioni. Mi hanno fatto strillare e bramano di più. Senza contare che i ragazzi sono così caldo e ci sono letteralmente due pulcini in essa. E ‘molto diverso dagli altri.

  34. @akashiiwiner4self

    wait a second,,, there r no akhasi this year,,,, o fuck

    as i think, he’s not gonna comin’ soon,,, but i hope ur gonna showin’ up,,,,
    pleeeaaaaaaassssswwwwwwweeeeeeeeeee,, lwwweeeeeeettttttt mmmwwwwweeeeee ssssseeeeeeeeee my fuckin’ akhasi,,,,,,,

    ganbate kure,,,,,

  35. virda

    Please…. Make season three this year!!!

  36. Allane

    Pls released now the season 3…

  37. Taiga Nr. 2

    Sings: “I want it all, I want it all, AND I WANT IT NOW” ;-;
    Please, let it be this year, I really can’t wait for so long D:

  38. vhince vicente


  39. SKY

    cant really wait for the next season, please let it be on the last quarter of this year.

  40. ZONE

    pls release it this year because we’re tired of waiting and the coming episodes are awesome and will also get a high rating anime this year, so please release it now :(

  41. tetsukun

    please release it this year T.T can’t wait!

  42. janekobi11

    please make it on season3 i m gonna die if u dont make it … It was so awesome for season 3 i imagined that tetsuya has a girlfriend hope there would be some twist about basketball and love life and m0re suspense



  44. Taiga

    Ndang di release dab, aku nek ngenteni nganti ngoyot, bladuk tenan ki seng gawe fil, rak tanggung jawab

  45. Aomine Daike

    Please release season 3 this 2014…i love basketball so that i love Kuroko-no-basket
    please production release it now

  46. Momoi

    Please release the season 3 as soon as possible. I’m so excited to watch the game of Seirin and Rakuzan and also Kaijo and please please please make the an infinite season of kuroko. I love Tetsu-kun so much! ♥♥♥

  47. sky

    i want to see seijuro Akashi plays.

  48. john

    Please relsease season 3 kuroko no basuke i can ‘t wait see kuroko in the Zone relsease in 2014

  49. aldreen jaye

    please release the season 3 this year!!!!!! please -_-

  50. devilord

    i read that this october

  51. Prince Legaspi

    Pls. Release the Kuroko No Basket Season3 it is my favorite anime movies of all time I can’t live without watching it. Also pls release Kuroko No Basket Season 4 to 10

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