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Mixology season 2

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Mixology TV-show renewed or cancelled by ABC? When does season 2 come out? We need premiere air date in 2015! What is known about start of the new episodes?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: February 26, 2014
Creators: Jon Lucas, Scott Moore

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.98 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 9: 4.32 million U.S. viewers

The fans of «Mixology» television series might worry, as lately the show is constantly losing its positions in ABC show ranking.

The fall couldn’t be considered critical, but some experts already have doubts concerning its renewal for Season 2.

The rights holders confirmed the release date of the new packs of episodes would be announced only when the debut season was over (in May), as exactly final episodes would prove its real ratings.

Mixology season 2 premiere – [cancelled] (officially)

Hope, the television series will be renewed not for one season. Now all depends not only on the creators Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, but also on your support. Let’s wait for the announcements!

UPDATE 1 (May 9, 2014): ABC cancels Mixology.

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  1. Blum

    Mixology is awful. this is a group of people I would never like in real life.

  2. Dave

    What a shame. The show idea was creative. Maya’s character was the most interesting character however. Ginger should really be given another shot somewhere else (beautiful and talented). I saw the last episode last night and was wondering why it seemed like it was leaving nothing to hang on to for the next season. Everything was wrapped up in a neat package for a reason I guess. Great idea ABC, but other than Ginger the casting , and character developing could be better. Thanks for at least for giving Maya’s character a happy ending.

  3. jamie

    I find the show really interesting and entertaining, not at all awful like people say. It really show each personality you can find in a bar. And the determination to find what we are all looking for, love. I understand this concept very much because as we all know a lot can happen in one night. Plus, the final couples are so cute like maya and tom or the contraries finding each nd another like jessica and bruce. I hear with regret that there won’t be any continuation, it is a shame.

  4. Adrian

    Mixology is a fun and awesome show, that is completely different than every other show that is on tv. It needs to be renewed!

  5. Chris Nuzzo

    Darn! I would have loved to see a second season. The show really shows so much character development and I love the way each one of them has so much depth.

  6. Stacy

    We want another season! Funny and entertaining show all together

  7. Amber rizzo

    I loved this show! Please release season 2!!!!

  8. Ivana Bermejo


  9. Denny

    I want season two!!

    • Hyffe hefna

      I want season 2 also

  10. Hyffe hefna

    Just because the show don’t have no homosexuality into it people is judging the show saying its awful well not everybody is gay I love the show it’s awesome

  11. Fer

    I loved this show, it was so different and insightful about what happens when we go out. Some is true… Plus I love how is focused into the medium range of the 20’s something crowd. Please do season 2 !

  12. Sara

    Bring it back! I love it!!!

  13. Justin

    One of the bet tv shows I have watched, saman see season 2

  14. megan

    Please renew this show! Its totally different than anything else on TV and had my husband and I laughing all through season 1! Bring it back!!!

  15. Vironica Huggings

    Look, not all shows are the best, sometimes television premieres can be just completely wasteful. I for one have been looking, no desperately searching for a show that has truth, love, and a little bit of fantacy which those adjectives are shown in mixology. So with whoever is reading this, know now that this show should not be canceled…ever! So please I would love to see the continuation of this premier and I will watch ever last second of season 1 until the next season comes out. The end.

  16. DX

    Bring it back!!!

  17. m0nt3l

    Just finished watching mixology season in one day !! Loved it !! Wish it were renewed !!

  18. Christie


  19. Christine

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! I want a season 2!!

  20. Krissss

    I watched the first season in one day and was wondering when season 2 came out. I’m so upset to find out it was cancelled. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!

  21. kami

    I absolutely love this show but was a little disappointed with the ending. Liv doesn’t end up with anybody and that goes for Ron too, and I really disliked that. I don’t know, it just seems like the last episode wasn’t the actual last, leaving us wanting more. This is why we need a second season!!!!! Like really mix them up! Liv and Dominic? That seems interesting. Bruce and Maya seemed like a fun one but that’s not happening since she’s in love with Tom, so Bruce and Liv seems like a really fun one! And Ron? He should end up with Tom’s ex or something, I just feel really bad for him. Ron and Fab though, I would like to see that.



    Yep I made mind.
    Bruce and Liv would b an adorable couple

  22. Emmet

    Please bring back Mixology, I don’t know why but for some reason I really really enjoyed it!

  23. Tand

    Best show we have seen in a really long time. You have to make season 2. Give it more time people will love it. The concept was great and the characters funny. Please make season 2 ABC!

  24. melissa

    please renew this show!!!! Actually very funny and interesting. Mixology is incredibly funny unlike how I met your mother.



  26. Miche B


  27. john jong

    i’m still waitin””” for season 2 … please

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