Feb 10

«Psych» season 9?

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When does «Psych» season 9 premiere? TV series renewed or canceled? What is known about new episodes and premiere air date? We are waiting for release!

TV-channel: USA Network
Pilot episode: July 7, 2006
Created by: Steve Franks

Season 1 Episode 1: 6.06 million U.S. viewers
Season 8 Episode 1: 2.28 million U.S. viewers

USA Network channel decided to close one of its long-lasting shows. It’s all about the detective television series «Psych», being on air for eight years already and drawing more than 2 million viewers.

Each new season is less successful than the previous one, so the show won’t be renewed for the ninth one. The great final, which will give the answers to all the questions, is being prepared instead. Also one-hour project «Psych After Show», devoted to the show will be aired. It will star James Roday, Dule Hill as well as Steve Franks.

The fact that the right holders are to end the series logically has been supported by many fans, since nowadays many projects are being closed without any logical outcome.

Would you like to see the new season of the given story?

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  1. lara

    This was a show that we waited each week… sorry to see it cancelled (((

  2. Andrew

    I liked the show and look forward to some answers. Every show has to end.

  3. Fima

    NOOOOOOOOO!! please season 9 !!

  4. stella

    I’ll be hoping and praying that they make some TV movies for the show.

  5. Foster

    I am really really going to miss this show. Psych is just easy and fun to watch. dont cancel, USA Network please!!!!

    • Yuniper

      Don’t want them to cancel Psych. It’s so much fun!

  6. not4u

    My heart’s broken. goodbye Psych…

  7. fan

    Well hopefully we do see more of these guys! I think it’s a nice show

  8. Michael P.

    good series but, isn’t it long overdue?

    • tea


  9. Angie

    I would love a new season. It’s such a great show and I was so sad to hear it was cancelled. There were still so many adventures (and pineapples) out there for Shawn and Gus. The way they left season 8 would be a great, fresh start for season 9.

  10. Brettimus

    I think that ending season 8 by moving city is a nice way to end it. But I also think it is a good way to start a new stage in the series. It would be interesting to see how Shaun and Jules would juggle their new jobs with starting a family? It also a good way of bringing in new characters with new backgrounds. Giving new enemies (or even old ones) a new approach the series. All in all, I think it is a pity that psych has ended, but can’t wait to see what James Roday will do next.

    P.S: what ever happened to yin’s new apprentice?? The way it ended with her being taken away in the cop car, the look she gave Shaun made it seem like she would be making a return later in the series, but it never happened.

    • Thomas Nguyen

      THANK YOU that is why they should continue for one more season

  11. Thomas Nguyen

    USA just give it to a different tv company that is willing to take on psych!!!!!
    Let the people decide for the reviews. Maybe put it out because some people never heard of it. Just keep my show ON!!!!!!!!!!

  12. J Dixon

    REALLY HATE that the show has been canceled! This was my favorite show!

  13. jeffrey

    i what pysch sesaon 9 that will be cool

  14. Josh

    Just remembering the good days of watching pysch I’m really going to miss it ;(

  15. Thomas

    not fair

  16. Sarah

    There has to be a season 9! I need to know what happens!

  17. Claudia

    We started watching on Nextflix, and quickly became fans – good clean fun, we have re-watched many times. I bet they have a big re-run following for those who don’t have cable. A great way to make more money – so make more episodes!

  18. Luke

    I know they ended it but still it would be awsome if the made a season nine so some pepole get closure on life in san fransico

  19. ann

    I would love to see a season 9 ! Psych is the best show ever! As well as Monk ;-D ! Anyone notice anything amazing happening in the last episode of psych season 8? San Francisco…new guy..alphabetizing?? Has to be, Monk

    • ann

      Com’ on son!

  20. haley

    We need to see them get married come on we waited this long! We have a little lassie now we need a little Shawn. PLEASE MAKE A SEASON 9!

  21. Angel

    Don’t want to see it end!! Wish they would do a 9th season

  22. Gina

    Maybe netflix will pick it up…. It was left wide open for a new one.

  23. Katherine

    I love this show!!! I wish it wasn’t being canceled I mean this show is my favorite its fun and easy to watch I really connected to the charecters I mean when you watch it you feel a connection to them I have re watched 3 times!!!

  24. tea

    I will die if this show is canceled xD

  25. Riya Jain

    Im trully am sorry to say this but….. You guys are monsters!!!!!!! I want more psych!!!!!! It has been the most watched show in my house after burn notice!!!!!! By the way, thanks for airing Bruce Campbell, that was a treat!!!!! Please, please dont cancel psych!!!!!! Im 12 and i loce Psych!!!!!! It has been sooooo awesome and im not ready to let it go!!!!!!

  26. funkmisor

    Don’t drop them, grow them up a little, let their true detective skills lead the way with just enough grit to keep us adults happy and just enough quirk to make us smile young and old. Psych was/is a refreshing break from the everyday reality of one hour shows. U.S.A. has never been afraid to try new things. Duckman , Monk, Burn Notice and Psych. I’m watching so keep it Funky

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