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Shameless season 7 and 8 premiere date

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Shameless season 7 start date 2017

Good news! Showtime has renewed Shameless for Season 7. Do you want to know the exact premiere (start) date in 2017?

The American version of the series Shameless will be presented in the channel Showtime and in 2017. Even last month the rights holders announced the renewal of the project for Season 7, which would include 12 new episodes.

Filming will start this summer, and script development is already underway.

In a recent interview, Gary Levine, president of programming for Showtime said he was very proud of the TV series Shameless and the rating that it was being showed for six years. Channel appreciates the work that is made by John Wells and his team, therefore, the renewal for the seventh season is just a little gratitude for their great contribution to the development of Showtime.

At the moment, there is information that the project returning to the broadcast will be held as planned, without any changes, so expect new series in January 2017 October 2016 (UPDATE 1). As soon as the right holders will announce the exact date of the premiere of the 7th season – we will publish it in this article.

—>>> Shameless SEASON 8 release date <<<—

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UPDATE 1 (June 1, 2016): Shameless returns for its seventh outing on October 2, 2016 at 9 pm.

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  1. Starla

    Glad it’s returning.

  2. Allen Kulick

    I love this show. Can’t wait Season 7 until 2017

    • Ernest Doucette

      Cr*p, it won’t start until October 2017!

  3. Lawana C.

    Best show on TV. Ratings are so strong! Great move Showtime ! Can’t wait

    • GuuDro

      This series is a piece of sh*t. Please, stop it

      • cuckoocachoo

        You are absolutely f*cking out of your mind you thoughtless donkey dick hound

      • MrGFF

        Go f*ck Yourself ! This show is amazing !

      • Ernest Doucette

        Go Back to your Church and your Fantasy World!

  4. Starla

    I’ll still watch…

  5. MrGFF

    yeeeeeah best show ever <3

  6. Debbie & Lori McDowell

    Super EXCITED about a 7th season!! Hooray! Can’t wait.. Drooling already!

  7. Shandy

    Love it can’t wait for the new season

  8. coenrad

    love it love it love it the show is priceless am from south Africa and I totally love it from season 1 to 6

  9. Dianna

    This show is so incredibly inappropriate. LOL. I love it! I can’t stop watching.

  10. Highone

    Keep making the best of their dysfunction. Some of it is more real than you’d think.

    • Ernest Doucette

      Very True, My Daughter was involved with such a family!

  11. from the South East Side of Chicago

    From Chicago, l live in NY and can’t wait to see the new
    season starts!!

  12. bypolar

    One of the best sice i don’t know when i brought 1-5 even pre order 6 can’t wait for
    the season on

  13. Celia Leffler

    Just happy to know there is going to be a Season 7. I binge watched Seasons 1-6 and was not sure if it was The End. Took me 2 weeks (because I moved from one city to another during those 2 weeks) OMG now maybe I can unpack.

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