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«The Borgias» season 4: premiere date

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When does «The Borgias» season 4 premiere? Renewed or cancelled? Will TV show return with new episodes?

TV-channel: Showtime (U.S.)
Pilot episode: April 3, 2011
Creator: Neil Jordan

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.06 million U.S. viewers

Season 3 Episode 1: 0.58 million U.S. viewers

The ratings of «The Borgias» TV show can’t be considered high, but for the audience it was enough to film 29 episodes.

In the beginning of the current year Showtime management as well as Neil Jordan noted the project was too expensive to be renewed. Only on June, 5 it was officially informed «The Borgias» TV series wouldn’t be continued for Season 4. The release date for the final episode is scheduled for June 16, 2013. After that the project gets a status «ended».

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. Emma V.

    oh nooooo!! we need season 4? too expensive ??? omg Showtime u are kidding me?

  2. Visual

    Just dont stop this show!!! I cannot believe they are considering cancelling it.

  3. Camila

    The world does not need another show. I really hope it is not cancelled.

  4. T.O.

    bring its back!!!! i say back !!!

  5. tina

    nooooo!!! i say back too

  6. veronica

    My heart is broken. I really hope this is a hoax. How and why wouldn’t you bring it back for at least a season 4!

  7. izzy

    shocking. this is really the best tv series i’ve ever watched

  8. evance

    I really liked this serie, I hope they do bring it back!!

  9. larry

    DO NOT WANT TO CANCEL SHOWTIME BUT !!!!!!!!!! please renew!!!!!!!!!

  10. Graymadd

    One of the best series on tv and they don’t want to do anymore, are they stupid or just don’t care for the viewers. I suppose they want to do more cheap cop series. Bring it back, we need series four.

  11. Earlonda Wyatt

    To expensive to make? Then drop a couple of the lame series you film like Californication, Web Theray and The Real L Word and spend the money spent on making those to film The Borgias. Simple Solution to your budget problem!!

  12. DW

    Seriously, you cant end it like this…. at least do a “Series Finale” movie or something…

  13. ZenWitch

    Really? Canceling The Borgias? One of the best programs on T.V. Historically there’s only about one season left of material. (Spoiler Alert) Very soon Della Rovere with become The Warrior Pope and Caesar goes broke after selling out to him. Lucretia still has a couple of marriages coming down the Pike. Showtime still should have finished it out with a final season.

    • Dinie Welke

      I totally agree with you. Not being able to see this portion of history played out (by terrific actors by the way) is very disconcerting. We, the dedicated viewers, need to have closure. Granted, it takes a great deal of capital to bring such an epic story to production. Still, as others have stated, Showtime has spent money on productions far less worthy of the viewing audience.

  14. Marti

    Why end what is an excellent show? Probably to put more cr*p on TV not worth watching.

  15. anne

    Yes, bring it back. You can’t leave it hanging like that!

  16. Angee

    Really are you kidding me. Bring the show back. If not I will be force to cancel Showtime.

  17. Robert Winiarski

    Renew. If not at least end it properlt

  18. Bc

    One of the best shows ever to not have a finale season 4 is beyond stupid and proves the stupidity running amuck in America.

  19. Deb

    This is the first time that I have seen a “period” series cancelled. At least put the 4th season on demand so that who ever wants to watch…can! I think the series was well done and true to form. Put the 4th season on demand and keep your viewers happy.

  20. Dino

    It would be well worth continuing at least to the death of the real Alexander VI, 1503. That would neatly close the cycle at least.
    I agree with the other commentators: why doesn’t Showtime cancel some of their other crass, inane and uninformative shows instead of this worthy one?

  21. Jacqui

    I agree. This one of the best series on television. Cannot believe it is cancelled. Very disappointed in that decision. Bring it back for a fourth season.

  22. Lisa V

    NO!! I love the Borgia’s!! Seriously ShowTime? I renewed my subscription for the Borgia’s and Shameless. I am seriously thinking about canceling it. This bites

  23. cyndi wilson

    Please, such an intelligent, mind stirring, riveting story at least one more season to the end of his papacy. PLEASE!!!!

  24. I added showtime because of this show

    Incredible show. Damn shame



  26. sue

    showtime big mistake…loved this show

  27. Claudia

    Borgias and Dexter were the only reasons I had Showtime. Dexter is finished, Borgias not comming back. Time to cancel Showtime—

  28. Karey A

    Please bring the Borgias season 4. How can you leave the series unfinished like that!!

  29. Betty

    Plz renew the show!!! I love it! The costumes, beautiful imagry and fascinating characters have me hooked!!

  30. James

    We are truly disappointed our favorite show isn’t being played,I will pay the pope 10 duckets and a shilling to pray to god to afflict the canceller to a firer pit in hell.

    • lisa


  31. Lucy

    Please bring it back for another season

  32. Marilyn ford

    Viewers would not know a good show if it bit them on the a*s. This was a great show!

  33. lisa

    awesome show…pleassse bring back for season 4. cannot end it like this! that’s just wrong! agree with Dino…..
    “I agree with the other commentators: why doesn’t Showtime cancel some of their other crass, inane and uninformative shows instead of this worthy one?”

  34. barb

    Yet another great series that is cancelled !!!!!! Please consider another season – if nothing else, just use this season to give us closure. I want to see a finale! P L E A S E . . . . . .

  35. Nancy Rattray

    NO!!!! First Weeds, then The Big C, now this. You’re losing me. Next you’ll be showing reality shows. You can’t leave us hanging like that.

  36. grid

    This was quality programing, acting, cinematography, writing so of coarse Showtime would want to take it off. It’s not the other mindless dribble that seems to take up so much of the airwaves.

  37. Taty

    I been waiting and waiting.How could they do this to us? So sad…

  38. J Maag

    Time to cancel Showtime, The Borgias is the only reason I was taking it. Excellent series. Tooo Bad

  39. melissa

    This was one of the best shows Showtime had to offer along with Dexter. Each season was better than the last one. Fans deserved a season finale atleast. Maybe Showtime should of done some stats on the many viewers who like Dexter and The Borgias before cancelling both shows! Someone should be fired! Showtime is done in my book!

  40. J. Neff

    I’m another person who only takes Showtime for The Borgias. I guess I can try to look at it as money I’m gonna save. NUTS!!!!!!

  41. Jennifer

    Oh noooooo!!!! They should continue

  42. ann j.

    how can you consider that a program that is so highly anticipayed as the Borgias not return!!!!! I may discontinue getting Showtime. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  43. multi chops

    The best thing on television in recent memory.
    Terrific cast and production values. It looks like a theatrical film.
    There is so much more to the Borgia story that needs to be told.

  44. ron

    I’m cancelling Showtime tonight if there will not be any new Borgias. I was waiting to see if there was a new season coming.

  45. Moe

    This is what these “big” t.v shows do – they don’t care about the viewers – they will just drop a show no matter how many people and how popular it is. It’s all a money thing – how many times have t.v. shows done this with different popular shows! The viewers don’t matter – face it!

  46. Steven

    well HBO canceled dead wood and show time is canceling Borgia’s, but let they keep some of the dumbest shows alive.

    well if they end showtime there is no reason to keep showtime because there is nothing elese really to watch on showtime. it was only reason I signed up for show time just like only reason I watched hbo was due to dead wood and now game of thrones, just like only thing I watch on AMC is walking dead and on sci-fi only thing I watch is being human. if all shows ended I would have no reason o keep driect tv at all any more lol

  47. Sarah cowley

    We want Borgias ’4 don’t let it be the last we love it

  48. Melanie

    Please we need season 4!!!!!!!!

  49. Joe S Ragman

    Who is worse Showtime or Time Warner – both screwed the customer. Hence I do not subscribe to Show Time and reduced my subscription presence with Time Warner.

  50. Cynthia

    Still waiting on season 4.

  51. Rose

    I can’t believe you cancelled The Borgias. This is such a huge disappointment. I loved this mini-series. What on earth are you thinking about? As far as I’m concerned, The Borgias was the best mini-series that Showtime ever produced. The way you left off the show was a total let down. Please reconsider producing the show.

    A loyal fan of The Borgias and

  52. Richard Linick

    The Borgias is the best TV SERIES ever. My girlfriend and I are watching it a second time on Cablevision IO. Can’t believe it is cancelled.

  53. Sarah cowley

    We need the borgias back not a e book

  54. Conrad

    Can think of a lot other shows that are a waste of money. This one should have been a no brainer to continue.

  55. krys

    great no season 4. bull cr*p, just bull. too expensive my a*s!!! only good one. never watching sow time again.

  56. Joyelle

    I can not believe this. The Borgias was well written with superb actors. I know there has got to be a solution to keeping it own until the end of the story.

  57. Christina

    I am so glad I didn’t invest in buying the series. That would be awful to not have the complete show. Can’t believe they are not going to bring it back. Ticks me off!!

  58. Kristina

    yes I would like the show Borgias continued. While a little riskay I still enjoyed the program being it was based on history. I would also like the same actors playing their roles. Everyone just hates it when a program is continued but the actors are swapped out for new ones.
    we also hate when a program is cancelled before the complete story is told.

  59. Kristina

    we also hate when a program is cancelled before the complete story is told.

  60. Diane

    omg don’t cancel this show it is one o the best

  61. kathy

    I cant believe the Borjas was cancelled!!!! What is wrong with you showtime? That was one of the best shows on TV. I have no reason to subscribe anymore. I can’t believe you left it the way it ended and we are left with unresolved story lines! How classless Showtime

  62. Mary

    I can’t believe that it’s over. You didn’t finish it. No ending. I’ve watched this program faithfully now every season. Showtime were is your head? I won’t let myself get involved with any more of your series if you don’t finish what you started why would I let myself get involved again only to be disappointed.

  63. Elba smith

    Please finish the series with season 4. It is an anazing production with great acting!

  64. Bonnie Sommers

    Please continue with Season 4. This is the best series on either HBO or any other Showtime series. The thing that makes it good, is that it is based on actual characters. I’m sure you can think of some way to cut down on the cost of production!

  65. eve edwards

    don’t even think it. we want season 4. I don’t care to watch these series and then you drop it.
    The story di not end……….. drop something else and get this on the air.
    very disappointed in showtime.

  66. elizabeth

    Maybe Showtime is to expensive to watch. Considering cancellation!

  67. melissa dover

    One of the few shows I looked forward to every week. Now I will have to find something good on another channel altogether. Don’t trust Showtime to bring something worth watching and keep it.

  68. lilly2006

    This all doesn’t make any sense! I hope the producers all all the film team will come back to senses and continue with the story and properly inclose this Borga’s Saga. It all doesn’t make sense otherwise!

  69. Lilly

    This all doesn’t make any sense! I hope the producers all all the team will come back to senses and continue with the story and properly inclose this Borga’s Saga. It all doesn’t make sense otherwise!

  70. Lance

    Cancel The Borgia’s???? Cancel SHOWTIME!!!!

  71. Jessica

    I love this show!!! Just finished watching all 3 seasons on Netflix and I was seriously considering buying showtime to watch season 4…this show is a beautiful and fun show!!!

  72. Joanna B.

    I adore this show, have been bingeing on Netflix with it now, when will season 4 be available for viewing on Netflix, do you know???? wonderful stuff.

  73. sue

    Do not cancel borgias. Fab show. One of the best series ever. Cmon showtime, do season 4. Don’t be like hbo and just cancel stuff. Im sure the actors would take a pay cut and keep their jobs.
    sort it out.

  74. Chabelin

    Please, bring it back. This is the best I’ve ever seen.

  75. Mel

    Please do another season!! Wonderful wonderful show!!!

  76. kelly

    So sad to leave a great show like this with no proper ending, SMH Showtime !! I was truly hooked :(

  77. Millie

    Unacceptable. How could you just cancel this show. You must run season 4. well then Netfix needs to pick it up so that you can only view it on Netflix like House of cards.

  78. Kathryn

    We bought all the Borgias so far since we don’t have Showtime. We are so disappointed it will not continue. It didn`t even end good, can`t believe it is over. Shame on you, Showtime!!!

  79. Chandra

    Have been binge watching the show for the past three days and have already gone through the first two seasons. Just realized that there won’t be a season four and I am terribly disappointed. It’s obvious that the show is expensive considering the amazing sets and costumes and the huge number of cast and crew, but fans (obviously) think it’s worth it. All three seasons are on Netflix now. Maybe some good advertising would encourage a late coming fandom – like Firefly! If no final season, maybe you could wrap it up with a movie (again, like Firefly). It just seems a shame to drop the whole endeavor so abruptly.

  80. Cindy

    I’m sooo bummed . I ambtotally hooked on the series!
    Please bring in series 4!!!

  81. FRED


  82. Pamela

    I didn’t know about the show until I became a new member to Netflix 3 weeks ago. I became addicted to the series immediately and could not stop watching it. I was distraught to read that it will not be continuing with a Season 4. This series was amazing and I do hope it received any award for its phenomenal cast and costumes.

  83. Rebecca

    Please reconsider your decision to cancel season 4 of the Borgia’s!! Forgive me, but I believe it is very unprofessional of Show Time not to finish what it started and to leave the audience hanging like this! The last episode was no ending but a another cliff hanger. When exactly did you figure out this was an expensive production? This is extremely unfair to the fans (your customers) that you’ve drawn in, the cast (who are brilliant) and the countless people who have done and amazing job with all that it takes to put on such a production. Im sure you can find it in your “coffers” to give everyone one a final season or a two hour special to wrap things up!

  84. kathy

    we need a season 4, or a movie… I’m going to miss this series. There’s not a lot of decent programs on to watch. I hate it when you get hooked on a good show and then they cancel it.

  85. Carol

    A true series should not end before the story ends.
    When a show is based on actual events it should be
    Taken to the end of the story line whether by movie
    or another season. This has been a great show and
    I was really looking forward to another season.

  86. Laura

    Please no don’t cancel it. I need to know what happened the the family. Pope needs to die eventually. Please bring it back

  87. Tammy and Lowell

    We need Season 4. Bring it back.

  88. lauri

    !!!! Why!!!!!!!

  89. David Austin

    You can’t cancel, I need closer!

  90. melanie

    Please please please don’t cancel this show. I just discovered this show on Netflix and its amazing! I couldn’t wait to watch season 4! Now I discovered this info. Soooo sad! Please find away to keep it on.

  91. Laraine Harmon

    I surely hope that Showtime reconsiders a 4th season. This is one of the best series that I have ever watched. I though the authenticity was spectacular and the actors also kept me rapt with attention. Can’t get any better than Jeremy Irons as the Pope. His mannerism’s were so papal. Francois Arnaud as Cesare was absolutely pleasing to the eye. I was looking forward to seeing him again.

  92. cathy peck

    The acting is rich and the content stirring….historical content valuable. WHAT A SHAME TO LOSE IT…loved it.

  93. melissa

    the only reason I even have Showtime is to watch the Borgias

  94. Elizabeth

    I love this show and have learned so much history by watching it. Please bring it back and bring it to a proper historical ending like was done for The Tutors. At least you let Henry the 8th come to an Historical ending and gave closure to the storyline. It is unfair to the viewing public to leave these Historical events hanging without a proper ending. Please reconsider and bring it back.

  95. Dee

    Nooooooooooooooo! I’ been waiting a whole year to see the next season

  96. Bill Cope

    Bring it back!! Best show on TV!!

  97. Bruce

    Truly amazed that a show with such a good story line was canceled. Great acting by a great cast. Showtime made a big mistake but it’s my loss.

  98. Fionna

    I’ve been waiting patiently to see what happens next…am sick to hear it’s been cancelled! I was going to reinstate my subscription to Showtime, but NOT NOW!

    Can’t you just make a Special, to wrap it up for us?

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