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The Musketeers season 4 ?

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The Musketeers season 4 release date

Will there be The Musketeers season 4? Do you like this series? What about the release date in 2017 on BBC One?

Original network: BBC One
Executive producers: Adrian Hodges, Jessica Pope

Another series, consisting of three seasons, completes its broadcasting on BBC1 channel. We are talking about The Musketeers project, the renewal of which for Season 4 is not planned and the point of this story will be put at the end of the third season.

The viewers are promised a worthy finale, because they deserve it!

BBC executive producer Jess Pope thanked the fans for their interest in the series and the excellent support whichhad been given the show such success. Stars Pasqualino, Burke, Cabrera and Charles do not mask their disappointment about the finale of the series in 2016, but still are happy with the experience that they have gained through this project.

The Musketeers season 4 release – [status: ended]

Well, good luck actors and creators, and thank you for a wonderful show!

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  1. Denise

    All the good shows BBC seems to end too early…

  2. Bridget Cain

    I really love this show, I’ll be sad to see it go. So I suspect a spin off or movie )

  3. Carol R.

    I really hope we get a Season 4. This show is toooo good to end.

  4. Tomas L.

    GREAT SERIES!!! What’s wrong with u BBC you must know how much it’s loved.

  5. Adieu

    It ain’t gonna happen. The 3rd season finale was designed to end the series. Take out the hankie. This goose is cooked.

  6. Denise

    This is terrible. I truly have enjoyed watching this series. It’s the best “Musketeers” that I’ve seen. While all good things must come to an end, this end was too soon. Au revoir!

  7. Norman Austin

    so upsetting best show on tv and they end it. my wife and i are gutted. bring it back.

  8. Peaceful

    Good things always end too soon. Cr*p lingers.

  9. Silvia

    Mz God, there we have a great show and zou stop it. Please make season 4.

  10. Douglas Davis

    Here’s what I think the networks are having problems with and that’s if people don’t know a certain show exist it’s not going to be watched. I just learned of The Musketeers last week and it’s August of 2017 on Hulu and it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while so it’s poor advertising in my opinion. If the people don’t know it exist it won’t be watched so I’m not happy with yet another STUPID network for canceling a show before it’s time…

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