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«The Neighbors» season 3?

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When does «The Neighbors» season 3 come out on ABC? What is known about premiere date in 2014? Will the new episodes supposed to be produced?

TV-channel: ABC
Pilot episode: September 26, 2012
Creator: Dan Fogelman

Season 1 Episode 1: 9.22 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 4.58 million U.S. viewers

The fans of «The Neighbors» tv series have a reason to worry. According to the recent data, show has only about 4.1 million viewers, which is almost 20% less than last year at this time.

The creators don’t hurry up to make the official announcement, but they are ready to consider the future of the show in case of further ranking falls. According to the ABC representatives, at the moment the situation isn’t critical, but the show fans, who watched the series from the start of its second season, keep watching it.

«The Neighbors» season 3 premiere – [cancelled] (officially)

So, will the third season be ordered and when should we expect its release date?

We’re following the announcements.

UPDATE 1 (May 9, 2014): ABC cancels The Neighbors.

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  1. Kara

    The Neighbors is actually pretty funny. I can watch with kids that doesnt show a murder of the evening or have blatantly sexual or crude humor.

  2. Ted Willkinson

    This is honestly one of the worst shows on tv.

  3. Sam J.

    Anyone who thinks this is a bad show hasn’t given it a chance. Simple as that. If you even watched one episode (NOT the pilot) you’d see this was a very clever, very funny, surprisingly touching sitcom!!! Please, give us more season !!

  4. Tracey

    This is a great show. Larry Bird is the best

  5. Jason

    My family will be so sad if they cancel this. Its a great show. Its all the alien sci-fi that makes it so much more unique than the average family comedy. If it gets cancelled it will be a cult classic like Firefly someday.

  6. Amy

    I love this show! Great family show!

  7. calimdor

    is a great show, hope to have a date for season 3 soon

  8. jaycie

    i love this show i hope for another season they can’t cancel not with larry bird pregnant i have to see the baby and how the new neighbors are going to react when they find out that their neighbors are aliens

  9. Susan

    Please give this show another season. I love all the characters, & they always make me laugh & have poignant moments.

  10. Maranda

    I really love this show.

  11. Roxxy

    We love The Neighbors. There should be more family friendly shows like this. We have our friends over to watch and have a late dinner. We will all be very sad if there is no season three!

  12. Jo

    I really love this show, don’t cancel it!

  13. James

    This show is awesome, witty, funny, interesting and it keeps you wanting more. Please consider another season.

  14. Evie

    It’s really bad that the show get canceled . This is one of rare tivi shows that family can watch together having some laugh..
    The Network doesn’t care the fact that most of us having cable watching it On Demand. They only care about profit …

  15. Adel

    Was looking to see when season 3 would start. It is a shame that a decent family show can’t make it. I guess the kids should have been on drugs, having sex, and cussing the parents out then maybe it would have had a chance.

  16. Elie

    Great show! Don’t cancel!!

  17. Nick

    So upset that this show is cancelled! They should have promoted it better, this show failed because ABC didn’t do their jobs correct and get this show out to the masses.

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