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«The Ship» (El Barco) season 4: release date

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Will «The Ship» return for season 4? What is known about premiere date?

Due to the numerous fans’ requests «The Ship» (El Barco) series was renewed to the second and later to the third seasons. It was expected that the show would keep its popularity and would reach top in Antena 3 rating.

Unfortunately, it didn’t justify its fans’ expectations since every new episode was loosing 15% of its viewers. At the end of the season the number of fans fell to 2 million. Such a drop in ranking threatened the possible continuation of «The Ship» (El Barco) series for Season 4. The release date for the new season wasn’t announced for a long time. But finally (ie. January, 24) the reason for such «silence» was detected. The authorities of Antena 3 finally decided to produce the continuation. It was announced that Season 3 was not planned to be shot and the project would be closed. The reason for such drastic changes hides in low rating and a huge drop of TV viewers’ interest.

Globomedia representatives, responsible for the production of all aired episodes, confirmed that the episode 16 of Season 3, broadcast on February 21, 2013 was the final one.

Would you like the show to be renewed?

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  1. Artur M

    I want, i love the series!

  2. duska stanacev

    the best series ever

  3. kuklataa

    iskam tova e nai hubaviqt serial koito sum gledala aktiori vsichko e prosto unikalno trqbva da ima 4 sezon !!!! obojavam go tozi serial

    • bubs

      This is thhe best serial i ever seen the actors and everything i hust beautiful and perfect !!! I loved this serial i want season 4 :))))

  4. Ani

    I want seasone 4

  5. natali

    we waaant season 4,love it so much <3

  6. Violet

    yes, want season 4

  7. vel

    i want season 4 !!!

  8. constanta

    vreau sa fie publicat sezonul 4

  9. Petya

    I want season 4

  10. Lubava

    Yes, of course!!! El barсo best TV series!!!)))

  11. Saci

    Yes,I would love to!!! El barco para siempre!

  12. Milica

    We all want season 4!!!

  13. Chris

    Contains spoiler!

    I can’t believe they just told us the end instead of playing it in a
    episode. Such a rush and short work on the most wanted and important
    moment – the finale. All these time we were waiting for the
    culmination. There are so many scenes which are filled with children’s
    games or discussion but there wasn’t actually a final episode. One of
    the best shows, great idea but why such a fast end in which we see
    nothing of what we waited for. How Ulises escaped from the hotel and
    got to the beach, where he took the things in the wooden box he dropped
    with the parachute, where the air plain got from how he survived the 4
    bullets? We did not see the happy life of Barbuha and Marimar on the
    island, he deserved this. We did not see the meeting between Gamboa and
    his daughter and the moment she understand that he is her father? What
    happens with the other ships from the project? Do they ever reach the
    coast? What actually happen with the people from the hotel? What
    happens on the submarine and how Barbuha plays his role there? What
    happens with Alexander and his plans? They just told us what is in the
    red folder with one sentence?? I’m very disappointed with the finale.

    • Leelee Black

      SO wait does Ulises survive the 4 bullets? I thought he died? please tell me I’m wrong and that he is alive. Favorite character ever

  14. Alma Perazzi

    Sì alla stagione 4. Troppe domande senza risposta.

  15. Robert

    YEEEEES!!!We all want season 4!!! :(

  16. Jelena

    :)4 season:)!Pozzz iz Montenegra!

  17. Dimitrios

    The best european series ever!!!!!! Don`t stop it!!!!

  18. Alex

    The best serial…it would be perfect if they want to continue with the season 4…I am waiting for it.

  19. qnica

    we waaant season 4,love it so much <3 !!!!

  20. renata

    i badly want a continuation of the series, pls go with the season 4………………

  21. kalu

    nem csak 4 évadot szeretnénk hanem még akár 100-at is !! LEGESLEGJOBB sorozat a világon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. arnela

    Yes, of course!!! El barсo best TV series <3 <3 <3

  23. yoana

    Yes, I want to be renewed ! I love it.. Make it for the fans :)

  24. Denis


  25. Serbian

    I want season 4 season 5 season 6,7 ,8, 9…. and i wont to watch el barco all my life. Best ever

  26. Leelee Black

    GUYS!!! I seriously need help. I really need to know what happened in the final episode. DID Ulises dies or something. and why was Ainoha wearing a white wedding gown? please give me some good news please!

  27. vikitoriq

    Iskam da ima 4 sezon tova e edin istinski serial v koito aktiorite igraqt rolite pefektno i istinski , Obicham ELBARCO…………..

  28. Iuliaa

    Guyss! Can anyone please tell me where i could watch the third searon of “El Barco”? :3

  29. L

    Season 4 Please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait

  30. Zsuzsi

    Season 4 Please !!
    4 season you would like to know that you Ulises died or not important!
    Please be 4th season too!! Please!

  31. elena

    I like very much this movie,it is interesting but the end was not understood.We are waiting the 4th seazon.

  32. bartos csaba


  33. zorana

    we want season 4,love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!! <3333333333

  34. nicole

    when I found out about this show I downloaded all episodes at once n couldn’t stop watching them. please produce a 4th season. I couldn’t bare for it to be over. love love love this show

  35. maria

    we need 4 season right NOW…

  36. kristina

    i want season 4

  37. Martillla

    Legyen 4.-évad!!!!

  38. vladito9

    I want seasone 4

  39. Roma


  40. Sweden

    YES please you have to renew the show! I need the season 4 now, its so sad to leave it at season 3. It have to go on. Perfavor!! /Much love from your biggest fan in Sweden <3

  41. smile

    I want seasone 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  42. TEDY

    YES seasone 4! PLS…

  43. Diana

    I want season 4!

  44. Adela Malina

    What?!No!! I want the seazon 4 !! Please,is the best serial ever!!! We want it!!!

  45. iris

    What??? How can that be the last episode? I mean…what happens next?Why is it all hapening again at the end? They are all going to die? And what happens in those 378 days ? Thi is not fair. We want seasone 4!!! Love El Barco!

  46. Ramona

    Vreau sezonul 4! EL BARCO e cel mai bun si frumos serial!!!

  47. cynthia

    Definately i want the series to be continued !! i love it !!!!

  48. Sorin

    Yes we want season 4 and 5 because is very cool

  49. Anja

    I want season 4 this end is stupid

  50. bianca

    i really want season 4 with all my heart!!!!it is impossible to end like that:(

  51. andreea

    i really want season 4.

  52. adriana

    ca cei toti care am urmarit serialul,am ramas cu un gust amar la finalul filmului. nu se poate sa se fi terminat asa brusc si fara raspunsuri la multe intrebari,una dintre ele fiind cu cine se casatoreste AINHOA cu Ulises sau poate cu Max?Cine nu a urmarit serialul nu poate intelege ce inseamna sa cauti disperat pe cineva cu care sa comentezi asupra filmului sau sa gasesti raspunsul la intrebarea va fi si sezonul 4. Eu una il doresc ffffffffffff.mult

  53. Paulina

    I want season 4

  54. Iman

    I Want Season 4 .

  55. Marishka

    Want season 4.It’s the best serial I’ve ever seen

  56. joe

    i want season 4 !

  57. karzar

    Season 4 and 5 ..

  58. nelu

    f*ck,no seaseon 4??? :(((((((((

  59. Ionescu Cosmin

    Best serial ever!!!! But why he emd like that?? I’m really disappoined hoppe will be at last 1 more season

  60. amir

    I am iranian and I saw the last series. It was very beautiful and many people in my country love it. I want seasen4,…..

  61. evelina

    I want season 4 please

  62. angi

    I want season 4. The most beautiful El Barco !!!!

  63. Ruchi

    Filmin final sahnesi cok kotu hicbisey anlamak mumkun degil ben anlamli bir final sahnesi istiyorum ve el barco nun 4 sezonunu cikmasini istiyorum

  64. Varduhi

    I want seazon 4

  65. Andjela

    Season 4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. AkiSerbia

    Look its better to make another season or at leat 2-3 episodes since the series finished with so many questions. Yes, there was a drastic loss of fans and thats certainly not good. I know that the money they get from us watching can’t cover all the costs or it barely covers them. Still such a great story should not go to waste like that. The story is great, characters are great and everybody fell in love with the whole story. The thing is, these 3 seasons were great and making another season is too expensive but instead of making a whole season why not make 1 more or 2-3 episodes just so we could put all the pieces together… I just wish it could be done since its sad that such a good story wont get a appropriate ending. It would be great if this would be taken in consideration. P.S. Really sorry about the spelling mistakes(not my furst language). I hope i will be hearing from you.

  67. Steroid

    yes i want a season 4 because i think they still have something to show us and mayby the rating will go back up if they have more publicity

  68. Andrei

    Yes. Season 4!!!!

  69. marcel

    yesss .season 4

  70. Adriana

    I want season 4

  71. Inga G

    I want season 4, really looking forward to.

  72. Kristina

    will there be a season 4

  73. Crystal

    There need to be another series,I watched the whole show in spanish and i only understood a few words but the acting was so powerful and good i knew what was happening and i felt like i knew spanish!!!!!!!

  74. Adrian

    Yes, we all fans want to see a season 4, or even more seasons.

  75. Alba

    i want season 4

  76. Alden

    I wont seasone 4 that is the Best serijal, I wont more

  77. mary

    This serial is perfect. To tally disagree with the idea of putting a sudden end. There “must” be season 4

  78. Liz meza

    I want season 4. I love the show

  79. Joan

    Or at least, a longer episode in which they explain everything

  80. may

    Season 4 ……. we are waiting♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  81. Nagy sandor

    Yes same here WERY DISAPOINTED an awful, disaster ending. Absolutely we want season 4.

  82. dido

    Yes, want season 4!!!

  83. Eva

    yes..Such a great series! I want season 4, this show is the best what i saw in ages! love it!

  84. Paul

    I want to see season 4, please!!!!! It is the best series!!!

  85. Ana

    I really want to see season 4. There are so many questions and material for new episodes.
    Please,be nice and respect our wish.
    Looking forward for sequel. 😉

  86. sandra

    i want season 4 as well……. please. Can´t end like that

  87. emily

    i want season 4

  88. skrimer

    we want to know the end!!
    SEASON 4. pleaseeee

  89. JullIulia


  90. Isshe

    Bring it back, bring it back, bring it back ………

  91. mehdi

    i want elbarco season 4…….when come back?

  92. yousef.ji

    we want season 4

  93. Joe

    Please season 4!!! I fell in love with this show it cannot end like this i love the show great show season 4 is needed!!!

  94. antoniamanonia

    can anyone tell me where to watch season 2 and 3 in english or german? Can´t find it anywhere….

  95. Berenice

    Make a season 4 and pass it in the Univision channels ppl will get addicted to it.


    El barco is very popular in Serbia, specially because it is released on one of the top 3 tv channels in Serbia and subbtitled version of it is released this year so last episode was yesterday and all Serbian viewers are waiting el barco to continue cause the last episode didn’t show what exactly happened and on the end of the episode there is a magnetic field that appears from nowhere and it is telling us that this story could continue… Please make the season 4 because maybe you have that low popularity in main country but in others like my country, El barco is the best to watch series for those who loves watching series! My english is not the best but u got the point!

  97. Saleh

    We all want season 4…

  98. susie

    I want Season 4,and more,l love it,,best on TV

  99. Mike

    Yes season 4
    Where is burbuja ?

  100. Mercedes

    Yes I love it

  101. Sparkle Robinson

    So for the past week in the 1st of July I have started binge watching this Spanish speaking show through sub titles cause I’m a non Spanish speaking African american. I like this show. I feel Netflix should do something with it. That’s where I found it.

  102. Kerin Scanlan

    I too am not Spanish speaking and my son and I have been glued binge watching this series I really wish it would continue personally I can see why some of the ratings dropped because it got a little too gooey and too sentimental all the time laughing. I mean seriously the captain is talking about non-essential personal crap about his daughter possible sleeping with Max ,while they have 10 minutes before the guns are coming and taking their time giggling when they’re about to be raided by guns. And having a bird cage on the ship really??

  103. Kerin Scanlan

    The show was intense interesting intriguing exciting adventurous nail biting at times. I loved the scientific mystery and all of reflections of past and how people became intertwined. But then it got to soapy Opera. I ended up fast-forwarding through a lot of the gooey over the top too much too long lovey-dovey crap. The Show be came unbalanced and very lopsided in dialogue and not enough action or scientific intensity intensity

  104. teresa torres

    Please make more seasons one of the best ive seen

  105. SHEILA


  106. Gwen

    Please renew. I loved it! And can not speak Spanish!!

  107. Susan

    Came across this show. It was so intense. I binged watched all three season this passed weekend. It was fantastic! Love the scientific aspect of what if, this could really happen. Growing up in a Spanish household love the cheesiness of the soap opera mixture of the characters. I may have finished the last episode feeling sad, and happy. Could their be another episode or season. That would be AWESOME! Netflix, pick it up and renew the season. It could be three years later kind of thing?

  108. Rino

    I want more ….it’s the best show I ever watched . I stayed up till 4am just to watch.

  109. Steve

    Yes, I am hooked. I like the characters big time. Come on – good plot – good story line – there is more to enjoy. Maybe the fans ar like me and enjoy the Netflix ways of watching series.

  110. Lorena Martinez

    Please make more seasons …

  111. robyn

    yes! i want more! please please renew

  112. Elizabeth

    Please make a season 4!!!! Explain the ending. I need to knowwwww!!!!!!!

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