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«Touch» season 3: premiere date

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When does season 3 of «Touch» start? TV series renewed? Where can watch new episodes?

The pilot episode of TV show «Touch» attracted more than 12 million Americans thanks to the successful promotion. But right after airing of the third episode, the amount of its fans decreased to 7.15 million people. The final episode of the debut Season was watched by a little bit more than 3 million fans and even then many critics suggested the series should be closed. FOX management was slow putting an end to the show and soon renewed the series for Season 2.

Last year’s decision of FOX management to renew «Touch» series for Season 2 didn’t meet its expectation. It was impossible to reach the success of the pilot episode in terms of number of fans (12 million TV viewers) and some episodes were a complete failure (less than 2.2 million TV viewers). A constant fall of the ratings is likely to become the main reason Season 3 of «Touch» won’t be produced. The premiere date for the final episode of Season 2 is scheduled for May 10, 2013 and the given episode seems to be the last one.

«Touch» season 3: premiere – [officially cancelled] (update)

Of course, the final decision is to be taken by FOX, so please, be patient and follow the updates of the given article.

Would you like TV show with Kiefer Sutherland to be renewed?

UPDATE 1 (09.05.13): Fox has cancelled «Touch» after two seasons. TV Show «24» could return on Fox.

UPDATE 2 (12.05.13): Fox has officially restarted the clock on «24». Premiere – May, 2014.

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  1. Eryn

    A lot of those shows out there are no good. Since I started watching Touch,
    It has kept me on the edge my my seat. Give it a shot again..this show is very good and worth

  2. Vicki

    My husband and I are very dissapointed to hear that “Touch” may not renew. We watch very few television programs, but this is one of the programs we enjoy and ensure we don’t miss. I hope Fox will reconsider.

  3. gora

    I am pretty sure that Touch will get renewed!! nice show , great cast ! need season 3

  4. sofi T.

    I can’t wait to see new episodes! I love this show. don’t cancel please

  5. kleo

    I have watched season 1 and 2. its best show on tv, and i need more. please make season 3!! pleaseee

  6. Ericka

    Finally an intriguing, entertaining, mystery-of-the-universe show is out there and it’s going to be cancelled?!? The story line is captivating! The cast is awesome & believable! I love that Touch is all of those things and its NOT full of sex, serial killers or psychopaths! We need more shows that make us think and feel things beyond cheap thrills and theatrics! Please, please, please, – for the 3 million of us who are hooked, don’t cancel Touch!!!

    • elisa

      Totally agree with you! In Italy we love Touch and all characters… It’s so full of hope… And time we’re living in need hope!

  7. Gemma-Louise ridge

    Love this show my son is autistic and non verbal jake reminds me of my Ej in so many ways. Gutted to hear it has been cancelled here in the uk it’s one of the shows I couldn’t wait to watch please don’t cancel it.

  8. Elisabeth

    It’s the only show I watch on Fox channel. Touch is the best show I ever seen. The acting is great. Please renew it!!!!

  9. R S

    This is a great show, it will be a shame to cancel it, I love touch….

  10. Kimberly

    I would be very disappointed if Touch is not renewed. Kiefer Sutherland is an amazing actor, and this series has kept me watching him ever since “24” ended. I’m sure hoping for season 3!

  11. Alice

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL IT! this show is so atypical, spiritual, inspiring, wonderful, we need messages like this on these times, we need to remember what connect us as humans and what connect us with the Universe, don’t cancel it please, Alice from Venezuela.

  12. Cru

    Fox, are you blind? Touch is more better than other TV series you are airing. If Fox can’t continue,recommend to transfer to CBS.

  13. Talisman410

    yeah,its a shame if they closed project!:( does anyone knows about 24 season 9? is it gona be or not? i try to find out many times but getting confused!

    • sese

      UPDATE 2

  14. Joanna

    I love this drama!! Touch is a very special story and it is totally different with other popular drama. It makes us think a lot of things in our life which are not only about love, sex, murder.
    Please don’t cancel this kind of drama!!! Please renew Touch season 3!!!

  15. Priscilla

    Touch is the best series have seen so far.Please don’t cancel season 3!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Chantill

    Touch is the best show EVER. I can’t stop watching it. Please reconsider.

  17. Lisa McEachern

    Please don’t cancel Touch season 3, i loved watching it and i looked forward to it and i was fascinated by the show. FOX, please reconsider season 3 of Touch

  18. Manon

    The show can’t finish like this! In France too people do like touch!

  19. Lucy

    I love watching touch!!! I hope they don’t cancel the show!

  20. Tracy

    PLEASE don’t cancel (finish the story properly!). Brilliant storyline & wonderful night show without foul language, sex & violence.

  21. Georgina

    Most tv is good but not as amazing as touch I will be sad to see it go ;-(

  22. Sally A

    Please, please, please renew Touch! Great show! I can’t wait to see new episodes. I don’t always get to watch on Fridays but I record it and I watch it with my son when he comes home from college. We absolutely love it! Please bring it back!

    • clifford

      Wow touch is the best movie have ever seen am hooked by it…there are alot of nonsenses shows out there that needs to be cancelled. please don’t cancel”touch”

  23. Aileen

    Please produce Season 3 of TOUCH – this is far better and definitely more engaging than ’24’.

    The fault is one of effective marketing, not the quality of the series ! I wasn’t even aware of it till I googled to see what else Kiefer Sutherland was involved in ! Consider making a film -version to draw mass appeal , on top of Season 3 !

  24. liam

    it such a good show i watch on sky1 in the uk the acting is great i would cry if it got cancelled

  25. turtle

    please bring back touch me and my family used to watch it evry night together bring it back!

  26. Randy Cornelius

    Why the heck would you cancel this show? I love 24 but it’s done. Won’t watch it. Touch is much better. Idiot producers or whoever does this st*pid canceling cr*p. You need to take a poll and see what the people want!!!

  27. steph

    you cant cancel touch its the best tv show on in the uk so sad t see it go, dont count how many people didnt watch count the millions people who did watch thats the inportant part everyone wants it back y cant you see it FOX? just renew season 3!!!

  28. steph

    if you want there to be a season 3 got to mysmgo[.]tv and sign in and vote for there to be a season 3! they need 15,000 votes for them to go to FOX!

  29. clifford

    They are alot of shows out there that are no good, but since i started watching”touch” wow this movie its touching indeed its mind blowing i see no sincere reason to cancel the movie “touch”

  30. Patrick Sherlock

    This tv show has to be one of the most creative and imaginative shows ever made. it goes beyond most tv shows perspectives . The reason why this show lost so many views is due to lack of consistent advertisement around the world. im in Ireland atm and I only found out this show existed last week. And its my all time favourite ( and trust me ive watched ALOT) ha. FOX has to produce at least another series but increase and spread it a lot more globally. THANK FOR THE SHOW :)

    • Jeana

      See listen to the people finding it and searching! Fox your advertising and marketing team needs some work!! They clearly don’t know what they are doing because we are tellin you we want it and the flaws you left open and it’s due to your own team not researching enough.

  31. philippe

    it’s shame that such a great serie doesn’t have a third serie

  32. Dianne

    I watched season 1 and 2 and this is one of the best series i’ve watched please have a season 3. Little Jack has to continue his search. I watched it through netflix and did not realize the show was on tv an awesome series

    • Jeana

      See it’s the timing!!! This is a show kids can watch with mom and dad and learn something!!! They should take that stupid cr*p of Simpsons and king of the hill off and put something that will teach our kids about the strength of people as a whole!!!

  33. Kristina Johnson

    No!!!! Please don’t cancel Touch. This is by far the best show on tv. My husband and I are on the edge of our seats for every episode. This show has to be renewed. I will boycott Fox if it is not continued, no reason to watch that station without Touch.

  34. Catherine

    Touch is by far my favorite show ever. Touch is what allows me to get through every week and I always look forward to it. Touch is amazing and there are so many people including me that love this show. Please, Touch means so much. PLEASE don’t cancel it.

  35. Barb

    Why end a great show, when we are almost to the end. You found the girls mother, now find her little girl please. It is to soon to end it now. Please bring it back, if at all possible.

    • Jeana

      Talk about taking the closure away from us!!! Well we should stop watching fox for that!!!

  36. wtf

    fox jus went full retard. n ppl who stopped watchin it probably jus want the same comedy gigs. if touch stops m gonna an*l fox

  37. Ricardo

    touch has to continue @ season 3.. this can’t happen please i speak not only for myself, but for millions of other viewers who loves this series… for some it may just be a simple tv show.. but the writer and creator of this series… wow!!!! blady brilliant insight you’ve got… a great story… and in every episode there’s a teaching one just has to keep an open mind and take in from what’s given.. so as 1 viewer i speak for millions perhaps billions all over the globe… please continue this series.. i just finished season to and searched for the new release update just tp find out some bad news.. just so you know fox we all appreciate the time and effort you put in… and for all the actors and actress we appreciate your rolls.. i’d love to see these faces in season 3. thank you

    • LaTanya

      I second every word!!! Please bring Touch back !!!!! I, too, have been waiting on the edge of my seat for season 3 only to finally be disapointed in this way…and seeing all the CR*PPY shows they are putting on instead…it’s just too sad!

      • Jeana

        I say we have good reason to get rid of tvs since they keep taking off all the good shows. I guess the only thing left now is the finder, if that gets to come back?

  38. Big Fan Of Touch

    I really love the show a believe it should not be cancelled… like, ever
    I’m seriously going to cry :(

  39. mimi

    Vote to save touch?

  40. dogo

    Please don’t cancel Touch, this is the only show my husband and I like to watch together. Please bring it back.

  41. Ariana

    there many reasons to save the TV show touch.. well many people didn’t like it maybe because they didn’t watch the whole series 1 and 2.. i really appreciated this ‘Touch’ because of the reason that there are times or there are a lot of times that GOD is mentioned in this show… that we should really think about it.. and the reality that there are a lot of people who will do whatever it takes to get what they want.. isn’t it?
    well folks, i am not really allowed to watch tv shows but this one is the only show that i can watch that has a lesson… so please bring it back… we hope that you will consider our petition… and this is the first time i wrote a petition.. this show is really good.

  42. ann

    Im ready to hate Television….every tim e I find a series I like lately they
    are canceling it for some st*pid reality shoe or yet another depressing forensic show
    Really liked Touch especially since House, off the map, awake, the finder, and a few others were taken off the air. I was looking forward to season 3.
    The tv people do such a bad kob with scheduling and rescheduling then wonder why shows dont get better ratings… it s*cks! & they put family decent shows on at 10pm. No wonder working people don’t have time to watch them. Get the cr*p off the tv & put something decent on earlier. There is now 2 shows on regular tv I care to watch. & they are both in danger from over dramatizing. It’s annoying that just when a happy moment arrives it’s wrecked by some nasty drama… it’s getting old fast. I pretty much stay on Halmark channel now so I can relax.

    • Jeana

      Totally agree!!!

  43. melody macgregor

    I cannot believe that the ONLY GOOD (maybe TOO GOOD to be understood by the “reality morons” out there) is NOT coming back. Perhaps a bit too esoteric or “Jewish” to be accepted by the current anti-religious regime which wants to keep people mindlessly focused on sports and horror. This is a real disappointment. There was nothing else worth watching on Fox5, my NY station. . .and I was so looking forward to what was coming next. I guess it is true that FOX has sold out too. Three million viewers is not enough to consider it “good enough”? And how do they calculate how many viewers are viewing through regular antennas, not cable networks? Like everything else that has ever been good on television, it will doubtless be replaced by more violence where guns and killing are all glorified, while the govt. tries to tell you that guns are responsible for all the violence in the world. In the meantime, anything dealing with true metaphysics (NOT vampires and ghouls) is swiftly axed in favor of more garbage. SHAME ON FOX.

  44. melody macgregor

    FOX has sold out again. This was the only THOUGHT-and-SOUL-provoking series on television. I’m sure they will replace it with more violence and/or garbage to feed the mindless crowd. Shame on FOX.

  45. andrea audesey

    I guess the problem is that when a really good show with depth, meaning and intrigue comes on most people have become to stupid to follow it so they have to watch something simple like jersey shore of teen mom. Says alot how stupid we are becoming! Thanks FoX for helping us along. Stupid to not renew TOUCH!

  46. Jake Bohm

    Please let it come back , i really love the serie and everything that has to do with it

  47. Jeana

    I loved Touch. I work full time and have school full time but, I always made time for Touch. My son has Asperger syndrome which, is a segment of Autism. This show gives parents of Autistic children something to relate to. Maybe the time slot they had it in was bad for its viewers that could really appreciate it. I too was on the edge of my seat every time I watched. The story-telling factor makes it no different than any other tv show now days. For me, I’d rather watch interesting story’s like this that have science thrown in as opposed to the ridiculousness of things like cake boss and bridezilla or survivor. Personally there are enough rude people in the world we don’t need to make shows to encourage that behavior. Touch help create the heartwarming that society needs to help reform it and bring us back together.

  48. Becca

    Please don’t cancel the show

  49. Steve

    Finally a great show to stimulate our brains and it gets cancelled. I guess we need more sarcastic wit from cartoons. Ha. Bring it back….

  50. loes van hout


    van mij mag seizoen 3 morgen al beginnen top serie.

  51. Daphine

    I will love to see more new episodes… Im a Big Fan… .. Please Return to the fox network..

  52. Kara Zitani

    Touch has been one of the most unique, intellegent, and suspenseful shows ever to air, in my opinion. The actors were all incredibly talented. Every single episode was immensely satisfying and the thought of it not being aired for a third season is quite sad. There are so many unneccessary reality television shows which have been renewed far too many times and it makes no sense whatsoever. I’d be so happy if Touch did air the third season and I’m certain many others feel the same way. Thank you.

  53. Morgan

    Please don’t cancel Touch! I love this show, and it would make me so sad

  54. Roz

    I’m so disappointed that Fox chose to cancel Touch. You see trash like Duck Dynasty do well but good shows get canceled. It’s such a good show and even thought provoking. I actually researched Tzadikim Nistarim (Hebrew: hidden righteous ones) or Lamed Vav Tzadikim and found out that this exists; an idea found in the mystical dimensions of Judaism. Fascinating. Based on what is successful on American television, one can truly see the dumbing down of the US.

  55. Em

    Please please make more . I’ve been hooked and watch 2 seasons in 4 days… I NEED MORE

  56. Pam

    Would rather see Touch than 24

  57. #12 patriots

    Don’t cancel touch it is the best show non animated show that leaves you hanging waiting for the next episode.

  58. Tim

    I get so frustrated when a network cancels a show that has one of the best story lines on TV. They hook us and then leave us hanging forever. I love Touch and need season 3! Perhaps Netflix will pick it up. They seem to be the only sensible network out there.

  59. Evelyn

    Please Please Renew Touch for a 3rd Season. My family and I Absolutely Love this show, and we are really looking forward to another year. Please don’t leave us hanging, we are really waiting for Season 3.

  60. Dionna

    I Love the show Touch, very much. I Love it so much that I tell everyone to watch Touch, it has us on the edge of our seats waiting to see whats gonna happen next. Please renew the show, don’t let this wonderful show be cancelled!!

  61. Carolyn Shea

    Please renew “Touch”! Hubby and I love the show!

  62. Marie

    My daughter and I have been waiting for the new season, this was an excellent show, I guess it wasn’t promoted right, because we love it !!! Please think again !

  63. Femke

    Bring Season 3 to the Netherlands, please.
    Wonderfull serie!

  64. Shaun

    Since watching Touch from the beginning, I have been hooked! What a beautiful show with a human soul concept. I love it! The actors are superb and do an excellent job. I sincerely hope Fox network renews the wonderful program. Many programs on the air now are stupid and useless. This show gives us all a chance to become better people. And learn to trust and love all people of all sorts. I wish for a miracle! That would be this show back on the air asap!!

  65. Roberta

    Please don’t cancel such a good show.Every time you get hooked on a truly entertaining show it gets canceled.

  66. napoleon dynamite

    yah, fox cancelled napoleon dynamite, a much needed series, and then they laid down the hammer on Touch, the pace, the twists and turns, not many long-time vetran series even come close. I think the most important thing with these fox series is the lack of week to week continuity (other than stupidity in yanking a good series), its easy to slip out of a pattern if every few weeks there is a couple of skipped weeks, short seasons don’t help either, there is something called segmented marketing, you keep a few lower followed shows to keep people watching fox, then they are more likely to keep it on fox, an example is with shampoo marketing, one company makes a ton of shampoo, they keep the break even products out on the shelf because the higher priced goods make up for it, customers feel better because there is variety and the parent brand has greater visability…touch should have stayed on the shelf for that very reason

  67. Special needs

    I’m sorry but I love this show but I work nights by the time I’m able to get caught up it’s pulled off of the web or on demand. I get caught up on netflix. This is the best family show since Cosby. Being a special needs learner with a special needs child this show really hits home it makes people aware of the way special needs people communicate and learn and the way brilliant minds see the world. Please bring it back we need more shows like this. Plus you need to stop removing episode off of on demand leave them up longer.

  68. Sherry

    I’m so upset “Touch” is cancelled!! Such a good show!! I had it recording for when I missed it live!! Wishing for a return!! LOVE “Touch”!!!!

  69. Sig

    We finally get one good show, & it now cancelled? Thats crazy!! All TV shows now a days are not worth watching. All the other shows are sopossed to be funny I guess, yet they down right stupid. Touch is suspensfull & small humor, which is great, therefore I always looked forward to see what happened next. Touch isnt one of those shows where you already know whats gonna happen. There are many of them 30 min shows that can be cancelled!!! Renew Touch please! or at least put season 3 on dvd!!!

  70. peggy and robert

    please continue this program, there just is not enough good shows like this, i hope you give this show another season, plus just wondering when people dvr a program does that count in the ratings or do you have to watch it live

  71. Margot

    I feel just awful that Touch isn’t being renewed for another season! It was an awesome show that will truly be missed.

  72. Marsha

    Please bring this show back its the only show I faithfully watch!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Yuniper

    OH NO!!! I kept waiting for Touch to come back, and now I see it was cancelled! Please, please, please bring it back! I love this show! As popular as Kiefer Sutherland was in 24, I like him in Touch much better. David Mazouz does a great job as Jake. Each week I could hardly wait to see what would happen next.

  74. Troy

    Touch is an amazing show. I have waited every week to see each episode of each season. Please bring back this show it is one of my favorites.

  75. William A Thorman Jr

    While I know the renewal of “24” may present an issue for Kiefer Sutherland, I have to say, “Touch” is a much better series for a wider audience. Please make it happen again. Thanks

  76. Peter

    mine mom and i like that show. i went on google and look up TOUCH and i was upset that it went bye bye bye. we want it back on t.v

  77. Duke

    I am horrified that there will not be a Season 3 of “Touch”. This is a great series! So many twists and turns, keeps you on the edge of your seat. To leave everyone hanging is a shame. Please rethink this one.

  78. Kevin and Katie

    We are very upset to hear that one of our favorite shows has been cancelled. Honestly for whatever reason you’re bringing 24 back, think twice ecause it is not even half as interesting as Touch. Touch needs to stay on the air. Ever since I got my gf into this show I cannot pull her away. Also whenever I introduce this show to other people they instantly become hooked. If its a ratings problem, I promise it’ll get better. If its money then find some damn supporters, All you’ll have to do is show them one episode. This show is amazing and it would be a great loss to Fox to take it off. Fox can’t take a loss like that because besides the simpsons, Fox really have nothing else worth while and with all your past F*@! ups I’m surprised anyone watches it at all. If the writers are having problems, Then I’ll help them come up with ideas. Its a mistake. Reconsider because I’ve never heard a bad word against this show.

  79. elisa

    Touch is one the most wonderful, positive and optimistic tv. serie never invented. I love it! Fox please do the 3rd serie!!!!!!!!!

  80. September

    Every time a very good tv show comes on the air, the stations pull the plug. What they should do is watch the continuance of viewers. Some viewers might not have the time but record it. I enjoy touch because it makes you feel, think, and wait for the next episode. It has good writers. So please give it another shot, tired of zombie shows, sex, and dr*gs…. Thank you

  81. MJT

    Figures, The good shows never stand a chance against the Bad Bad shows on the air.. Get real people, and realize when you have a good thing going..

  82. paul

    For he 1st time tv series have realty story in life get so close every thing in it that not have to do nuclear war

  83. jeremy

    Touch is a inspiring show me and my family loves this please make season 3 we love this show please fox reinstate the show and put it back on air thanks

  84. nicholas

    I so love watching this series of Touch, please give it a chance to come back on air again….

  85. philippe

    the season three should continue. the reason being that these episodes can help millions of people to see that in moments of despair and dramatic situations, things turn out to be well
    at the end.

  86. Niki

    Love the series Touch,watched it on Netflix. Season 3 please , please ,please. Thanks .Please do.

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