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«True Blood» season 7: premiere date

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When will «True Blood» season 7 start? Renewed or Cancelled? What is known about new episodes and premiere date?

TV-channel: HBO
Pilot episode: September 7, 2008
Creator: Alan Ball
Based on: The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris

Season 1 Episode 1: 1,44 million U.S. viewers
Season 2 Episode 1: 3,70 million U.S. viewers

Season 6 Episode 1: 4,52 million U.S. viewers

HBO confirmed that the dramatic television series «True Blood» has been renewed for a 10-episode seventh and final season.

«True Blood» season 7 premiere – June 22, 2014. (officially)

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  1. athena

    10 episodes is such a rip off. Waiting an entire year seems enough time to become disinterested.

  2. Diane

    Have just watched ep 10 of series 6 for the third time, why do we have to wait until June 2014 for series 7. Bugger…I really enjoy this show.

  3. Jamie

    That is too long of a wait! I only subscribe to hbo for true blood ! I guess I will be canceling it until June 2014!!

  4. Scarlett

    Series 1 – 4 were amazing and kept mainly to the books. Seasons on from that have gone down in the number of episodes, gone away from the plot of the books and have go worse overall. I love the show but what the hell are they doing to it???

  5. Adrienne

    This show can never end!

  6. Angie

    i need a sukie fix

  7. melissa deleon

    no what u mean final season ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just like weeds and eastbound and down all the good nitty gritty shows end blahhhhh……………..

  8. Rachael Seachrist

    Just like HBO to kill a good thing! They leave the stupid series running forever same with the line up of their movies. Same cr*p over and over. Oh well I will continue to watch other networks and cancel HBO. So long to True Blood.

  9. Jewells

    Such a shame. Though I have read the books and I love the series better. Maybe they are dumping it because Charlaine isn’t writing anymore True Blood books. Guess she didn’t want the $$. Oh well. I cancelled my HBO after last season. After this long of a wait, I’ll just wait till the DVD comes out and buy it. I’m sure they’ll find some reality show to replace it. Not even worth having cable anymore.

  10. TBFan4Life

    WHY ohhhhh WHY make us wait??? And then to end the series with only 10 episodes???? Done with HBO!

  11. stillwaiting

    Still waiting for the next season to begin. Loved it from the beginning, too bad it’s ending. It’s been my favorite and I will miss it greatly. Seems all the great shows get replaced with crappy ones. One more reality show and I’ll go and cancel cable. They aren’t worth watching…

  12. True blood fan

    That’s the only reason I ever had HBO is for True Blood so after the last episode goodbye HBO I hope they don’t leave it in suspense. All this time for nothing

  13. Henry

    I would like to know why the producers could not go along with the books written by Ms. Harris and follow the story line as it is intended. The first two seasons followed the books but then the producers seem to make up their own story line. I love the show and I am hoping that this will not be the series final year. Keep up the good work and keep the show going and try to end it like the books.

  14. keith

    Yep I agree when true blood is over im cancelling HBO wont need it anylonger

  15. kandy

    I also only have HBO to watch true blood, Hate that its ending love me some true blood, bye to HBO they don’t air anything else worth watching.

  16. Alisha

    I love this show but a year to wait for season seven and the have it no longer air on TV sucks they run it for 7 season and then stop so not cool just like HBO to do that I so hope that they will just keep true blood going there is 13 books so they have a lot to work with but hay what can u do HBO will do what they want u think they would run the show for like ever tons of people love the show. I know I do HBO plz keep true blood going!

  17. Steven

    All of the best shows have short seasons. It drives me crazy. I love True Blood, Walking Dead, Downton Abbey and Dallas. All have very short seasons. We need a 22 episode season of each.

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