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Grimm season 7

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Grimm season 7 release

When will Grimm season 7 episode 1 be released? Are you looking for the release date on NBC in 2017/2018?

Will there be Grimm season 7? What about the release date? Fans are waiting for the new episodes’ release of the Grimm series!

All series will sooner or later come to an end. Some of them are “live” no more than one season, but there are those who can boast a long presence in the television broadcast. One of the “lucky” can be a series Grimm, which has started on NBC in 2011.

Unfortunately, there is already confirmed information that the seventh season of the show is not planned, but nevertheless, it have been filmed six seasons for the viewers.

Remind that in April 2016 the channel’s representatives decided to reduce the number of episodes of the sixth season, and instead of the usual 22 they ordered only 13. At this moment, fans were worried, because such steps were usually made before the ending of the show.

An official announcement was made three months later that we shouldn’t wait for the release date of the 7th season, because it would be planned the logical conclusion of the story in the last 13 episodes in 2017.

Grimm season 7 release date – [ended, not planned]

In his turn, the actor David Giuntoli thanked fans for their support and added, «It’s a gratitude season, not a funeral season».

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  1. ScooTY

    NBC s*cks! This is my no.1 favorite show and I don’t know what I’ll do now after this last season (((

  2. Valerie Barnes

    That was my favorite show as it was for all my friends. The top NBC execs make another dumb decision! I’m sad to see Grim go. Friday night and Grimm was the best way to relax after a long week.

  3. --Sharon--

    Maybe SyFy will pick it up… or CBS (like Supergirl)

  4. Kristen Mcbride

    Come on NBC, that’s the only great fantasy sci/fi show you have. MAKE SEASON 7 !!!

  5. NoelMC

    That’s about the only show on NBC that I watch… I have never missed a season.

  6. OmaR

    Someone pick it up!

  7. Johanna33

    This is one of my fav shows of all time! Why do you constantly cancel good shows? NBC s*cks! They are making room for more mindless cr*p.

  8. Kelly

    Grimm has been my favorite show for years. So sad! I really enjoyed seeing something different.

  9. Nicole R.

    I cannot believe they are cancelling Grimm. The writing is excellent and the actors are well picked and do a great job. Still can’t believe… I will miss all the characters.

  10. Katie&Paul Ruiz

    Such a bad move to cancel it. This is extremely disappointing. We are protesting this decision!!!

  11. Ana Palmer

    I am disappointed that it has been cancelled! After Grimm has ended so will we be ending our relation in watching anything that is NBC related.

  12. Bessie

    This show is very entertaining and captivating. What a shame. Hopefully someone else will puck up show. Any way we can petition this to continue?

  13. eva

    please moreeeeee!!!

  14. Nathan

    I watch Grimm in UK and I seriously cant believe NBC would cancel the show after so many years and so many fans that watch it. The NBC could of at least made season 7 to give it a fond farewell , not leave everyone in the dark, then bloody cancel the show altogether. Thanks NBC you have ruined my only reason to watching awesome shows like Grimm. NEVER AGAIN.

  15. MagDa


  16. caolyn

    bring back grimm we need season 7

  17. chrissy

    bring season 7 of the grimm out

  18. kryss

    well cant believe what I am reading I am an avid fan of the Grimm even watching it again from the first instalment ……I’m UK and love it what a pity that things have to come to an END……will miss you all
    love from a avid grimmster

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