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Blindspot season 5 Release Date

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Blindspot season 5

Waiting for season 5 of the Blindspot TV-series? NBC renewed the series for the final season of 13 episodes, first of which will start in 2020.

Those fans who were expecting the fifth season of Blindspot in September 2019 are a little upset. The fact is that now we are preparing the final “portion” of episodes and there will not be 22, as we used to see, but only 13. The start was postponed to 2020, which is also not pleasing.

The crime drama television series created by Martin Gero was released in 2015 and easily found its audience among fans of the genre. An interesting story and well-chosen actors became the key to the success of the project. Why is this series so interesting? Why is it loved by the audience?

Interesting Facts:

* It’s no secret that Jane’s body is covered with tattoos, which in total have more than 200 drawings. Tattoo designer Christien Tinsley says the process of applying drawings to the body of Jaimie Alexander takes six hours and requires the efforts of three makeup artists.

* The TV-project has been broadcast on the NBC channel since September 21, 2015, and at the moment about 5 million viewers are watching every new episode.

* The series was produced by Berlanti Productions, Quinn’s House and Warner Bros. Television.

* The series is designed for a 16+ audience.

The plot of Blindspot:

On a typical day, and even at rush hour, in the middle of Times Square a large travel bag was discovered. The FBI was immediately called in, who were surprised to see the contents of the bag. It was a naked girl, on whose body there is no living place from tattoos.

Surprisingly, the girl can not remember anything about her past, including even her name. Soon, the feds realize that the drawings on the girl’s body are nothing more than the keys to the crimes that they have to solve.

The cast (who plays whom?):

Kurt Weller is an FBI agent assistant director for the New York branch. In the first season, he was part of the critical incident response team. He was called to investigate the Jane case, as his name was among the tattoos that covered the girl’s body. In the third season, he married Jane. The role was approved by Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of an Empire, Strike Back, Animal Kingdom).

Jane Doe, aka Remi Briggs (born Alice Kruger), an unidentified woman found naked with amnesia in a bag in Time Square. During the identification of her identity was in custody at the Federal Bureau. From the third season she became the wife of Kurt, and also found out that she has a daughter. This role was played by Jaimie Alexander (“Kyle XY”; “Thor” movie).

Edgar Reade is an FBI special agent and a member of Weller’s team who has doubts about Jane’s inclusion in the team. Feels tender feelings for Kurt’s sister. From the third season he becomes deputy director of the FBI. The role went to Rob Brown (Coach Carter, Finding Forrester, Take the Lead).

Natasha “Tasha” Zapata – FBI special agent and member of the Kurt’s team, was previously a New York police officer in the 96th district. In season 3, she leaves the FBI and joins the CIA. This role was played by Audrey Esparza (Black Box, Public Morals).

What next? What about Blindspot season 5 release date?

Recall that in May 2019, it was decided to finance new episodes (season 5). At first, the fans were delighted with this news, but a little later it turned out that this season would be final for the project. Creator Martin Gero thanks everyone for their support and tweeted a few words on his Twitter page:

“In 2014 I sketched out a five season plan for the show. I am beyond grateful that we will be able to properly finish telling this giant, sprawling story. Thank you to our amazing partners at @nbc, the incredible team at @warnerbrostv, our cast, our writers, our crew and most importantly YOU. Thank you. We do this for the fans. More coming soon.”

Well, let’s not despair about this and look forward to the 5th and final season of the Blindspot series, the release date of which is set for the midseason, that is, the premiere should be expected in February / March. After the official announcement from NBC regarding the start date of the final season, we will publish new information below. Follow the news and support the show in comments!

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