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Bones season 13 ?

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Bones season 13 release

When will Bones season 13 episode 1 be released? Would you like to watch Season 13? Bad news… There is not a release date.

Are you still looking for the release date of season 13 of the series Bones? What do the creators think about the renewal of the filming?

It is sad, but the project will be cancelled on FOX in March 2017. At the beginning 2016 there were the first rumors that the creators were planning a logical ending to this large-scale crime drama, and after sometime there was an official announcement about the cancellation of the show.

Ordered 12 episodes for the 12th season are final and with their help, the script writers provide with answers to any remaining viewers’ questions. So, you shouldn’t wait for release date of 13th season of Bones, because it is not planned the resumption of the series production.

Indeed, this is Fox’s longest-running scripted drama, so the creators are very proud to have been able to provide viewers with a logical ending of the story without breaking. A creator Hart Hanson thanked the loyal fans of the series for their love to the series for so many years, and we also “thank it”.

Bones season 13 release date – [cancelled]

Is it hard to say goodbye to Bones? Would you like to watch 13th season?

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