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Hell on Wheels season 6 ?

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Hell on Wheels season 6 start date

Will there be Hell on Wheels season 6 in 2017? Is the series renewed by AMC? It’s time to say goodbye… NO start date!

The story of soldier Cullen Bohannon is coming to an end… AMC channel representatives have officially confirmed that the sixth season of the show Hell on Wheels is not planned, and the plot will be completed in the last seven episodes of the fifth season.

Such a “verdict” was made in 2014, when right holders announced the dividing of the final season into two parts. Many fans thought that the series was renewed for two more seasons for seven episodes each, but in fact it was one season of 14 episodes.

The right holders admit that it is hard to say goodbye to such a popular project, but it should be ended as it is planned by script writers. Of course, we support this decision of AMC representatives, as it is always more pleasant to watch the logical finale.

Thus, the series Hell on Wheels was consisted of 57 episodes, each of which deserves praise. Good luck Joe and Tony Gayton, who managed to create a really high quality show and led it to the finale!

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  1. Sherri Parks

    Yes it is a great show. The writers need to keep writing parts. Sadly all of the good shows end and we are stuck with those stupid reality shows (((

    • Marilyn Conn

      Amen, every show my husband and I love, they cancel it. Hell on Wheels was a hell of a show, sorry to see it end

    • Linda

      Have you watched Homeland and Life? Both Damian Lewis ‘ series.

    • Will Frey

      Right on the money! All summer I waited with anticipation of the announcement of the new start date for the new season. Ouch!

  2. Irma33

    I have watched every single episode of Hell On Wheels and I am always telling others how fantastic it is. Why would AMC cancel the best show on TV?

    • Monica Killingsworth

      It was it canceled. The story ended. Time moves on. But give the writers time. they will come out with something

  3. Lori

    Really sorry to see this show end. I would like to see more shows like Hell on Wheels . More seasons please! More!!!

  4. --Alf--

    I think its a good time to end it… It will complete the run of the story line.

  5. Willie

    I’m really upset… This is a high quality series and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.

  6. Rob

    I hate to see this end. It is one of the best series I have ever since! We need more Hell On Wheels!

  7. Dentx

    Another reason to cut the cable. Housewives of timbuck two on forever. Good scripted shows like Downton Abby and Hell on Wheels cut. Bye, bye cable!

  8. Phyllis

    Sorry to see it go; big mistake AMC! Most adults are sick of reality shows and watching dead people walking!!

  9. Theresa Weyland

    Crying… Enjoyed this series through a time in history. Sadden to see project shortened.

  10. Van

    PLEASE renew HELL ON WHEELS. Great show. I can’t get enough of it.

  11. sharon

    please bring it back, i loved the show.

  12. greg

    yes it is a great show but the story is racing toward history, eventually they have to reach May 10th, 1869 near Promontory Utah when the golden spike ceremony opens the railroad, any story after that would be ant climatic

  13. Bob R

    How about turning this into a full length movie? The actors in Hell on Wheels know how to act
    And the plots and props are superb.

    • Stephanie

      Huh? This was a 57 episode series! Turning it into a movie would mean cutting a lot out!

  14. joe rutigliano

    i have enjoyed watching the is one of the best ever..not sure why they are not producing a 6th or even a 7th..the railroad is not finished,a lot of unanswered endings…the writer would be great to continue..more more…more…thank u

  15. jo

    AMC this is a great series, and we wish you would reconsider to renew Hell on Wheels. Such a great cast, and nothing else on cable like it.

  16. TATUM

    i feel like I have been abandoned. Please finish the railroad.

  17. Dianne Morris

    Everytime a WONDERFUL show comes on just long enough to get you addicted then CRASH & BURN!! No more episodes! That is cruel to those of us that have so little to enjoy in life!! Please bring us MORE of Hell on Wheels! I love it!! I am a disabled tv junkie! I need my Anson fix! lol!!

  18. Hanna perlberger

    A shame a high quality show like this thT gives us a fascinating slice of American history was kicked to the curb. It was outstanding

  19. Monica Killingsworth

    Yes it was a great series. My Husband did not wan t to believe that this was the final episode. You know what though. it would be great to pick it up with Colin Bohanan in China with Mei Fong. And they take on the monsters there. Kinda silly though. and set would be to costly. But I look forward to seeing more form these writers.

    • Stephanie

      I would have loved to see Cullen find Mei, too. Maybe the writers will come up with a series that will be a spinoff about Cullen’s and Mei’s life!

  20. Ray J

    It is a serious loss for viewers of this series. I had just caught on to the show two months ago, and it drew me in every chance I had to watch the next episode. Reading about it’s demise, I feel like I’ve just lost a close friend to an early death.

  21. Dean Chapman

    I was hoping for one more season. Because of location where they had gotten to with the track you could figure it was close to end. Will miss it. I hope that before the series ends that Cullen Bohannon finds peace and most of all his family.

  22. SJI

    Just spent past week bindgeing on this superb series! Especially loving to hate “The Swede” (Christopher Heyerdahl) Highly recommend this satisfying entertainment!

    • Joel

      He’s not Swede. He’s Norwegian. Lol

  23. Hmichals

    I can’t believe its going to end this way ! So much unfinished business. Please bring it back !

  24. Bill B

    This show has been as close to real history as any I’ve watched in my 70 years. I could watch Hell on Wheels all day long and still be ready for more. AMC, in my opinion, is making a big mistake canceling this series, this one is a lot like gunsmoke true, raw, and honest. The whole story rings true. The writers, actors, producers, and director(s) along with the cast and crew have displayed excellent work. Thanks

    • Stephanie

      They did at least bring the series to a close without leaving the audience hanging. I mean the series was about building the railroad coast to coast, so ending it at the completion was feasible. I’d just like to see more series as close to history as this one.

  25. Nathan P.

    I thought I would never get over The wire,Oz,The Sopranos and my beloved Broadwalk Empire still mad they kill off Nucky Thompson to seal the series fate of not returning.And now I got to take another weary hard sigh of disappointment that Hell on Wheels is going into that old sunset.Oh well nothing good last forever.Hopfully anoter good series will come along which it will.Right now I survive watching Ray Donovan.Anything then those dumb boring reality shows can’t stand them.

  26. Wayne D.

    I really can’t believe that is the end of a really great story. I really wish they would keep it going. Gotta have more.

  27. Kii Dennis

    Ya’ll are soooo wrong for leaving us hanging like this! I NEED more, I WANT MORE of the story! Cullen has to be reunited with his family! Thor must be relieved of his wickedness! Etc etc … PLEASE FINISH … at least let us see the Railroad finished!!!

    • Stephanie

      The railroad was finished, Thor IS dead and Cullen tried to reunite with his family but she’d moved on. Did you not catch the last 7 episodes? Pick it up on Netflix. They don’t have it yet, but they will at some point.

      • Betty

        We just spent the last week watching the full seasons’s on Netflix. What a wonderful story. We enjoyed every minute and just finished the last and final episode Hell on wheel was full of great history. It left us wanting more and we are saddened to read it has ended. They could have let it have a happy ending. …….. There is so much junk on cable now. It is so hard to find anything to watch. …. Please bring it back on and start it where it left off. PLEASE.

  28. Kay

    Great movie. Great history lessons

  29. Diane Pollard


    I can not begin to convey my disappointment! I just don’t understand why AMC would cancel Hell on Wheels. The show is outstanding the history is brought to life in your living room. The plot, actors, writers, directors just everything and everyone are at the top of their game. What are you thinking people? Why! Why! Why! It’s like reading the best book you’ve ever picked up just to get to the last chapter and find its missing and there’s no more copies of it left in print. What a very very unnessasary end to a wonderful story.

  30. Stephanie

    I loved Hell on Wheels and sorry to see end. At least it ended at a good place with the story coming to an end in the completion of the railroad (which the story line surrounded) and Cullen moving on. If anyone wants to watch the series again, can see it on Netflix. I’ll be watching again.
    I’d like to see a spinoff of the show about Cullen going to China, finding Mei and their life together. At least a sequel in a movie form would be nice.

  31. Lindee Colburn

    We just learned about this series as we are new to Netflix and hadn’t discovered it on AMC. When I told my husband it was not being renewed I thought he was going to cry. We had just watched all 5 seasons straight through. We thought we didn’t have time for tv. We were wrong. So disappointed that we found a show we truly liked only to find out it’s over. So sad as there is nothing of substance on tv anymore.

  32. Nancy Cedillo

    I have to have closure! I need to know the Norwegian meets his fate.
    Plus I like Cullen and am rooting for him.
    Great series. Bravo to the writers.

  33. David Cairel

    Please have a season six very good show.

  34. Cindy

    Best show ever….Please bring back!!!!

  35. Carol Hoefer

    Without a doubt this is the best show ever! Fabulous characters and acting !!
    I am SO SAD!!! I looked forward to sitting down at the end of a long work day to watch Hell on Wheels. Everyone I know loves it,too so I can’t understand why it was canceled. Everyone was looking forward to seeing our beloved Cullen reunited w his family and become a big, successful railroad man telling his grandchildren about the ” old” days. PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!!

  36. D. Harris

    To many unanswered questions! What happened to Fong(May) the chinese girl pretending to be a boy? Do Cullen or the swede get to Cullens wife and son first? Who wins the race to complete the railroad? What about Eva and Micky’s evil cousin?


    You have to be kiding it cant end like this.

  38. Janie griffin

    I just started seeing it on Netflix I need an ending season 6 please

    • Lewis Fjord

      The ending is on Netflix

  39. Barb Croteau

    My husband and I just finished watching the last show….what a disappointed ending to what was a great series. It’s like the writers just….left! I hope they rethink their decision and create another series…this one was a keeper.

  40. Patt

    WHAT ??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME ???Season 5 ending is actually the end??? omg ! I just cant believe there ending it that way~! I love this show and have watched it twice now , and season once , but I really cant believe there ending it like this, I mean it wasnt really an end … I wanna know if Cullen finds his wife and kid. What happens to the Sweed guy… jesus how can they Cancel the show now. They deserve a proper ending! We deserve it! Really sad here …

    • Lewis Fjord

      You obviously haven’t watched all the episodes in Season 5. All of this is in there. They did not cancel it & not finish it as intended.

  41. John

    Great show but don’t like ending .Who won railroad race?Did the Prophet die?Did the Swede kill his wife?

    • Lewis Fjord

      All of this explained in the final 7 episodes. I assume you have not watched season 5 episodes 8-14?

  42. Peggy

    Superior story and acting.Anson Mount gave such gut wrenching feeling into all his parts. Sorry to see it end. Loved it.

  43. Darlene

    Loved every episodes of Hell On Wheels. Going to miss the series.

  44. Lyle Tuttle

    I like that show and hate to see it not renewed. AMC I’m sure knows the market and what sells and what don’t. As a fan of Hell on Wheels I’m sad that there won’t be a season six.

  45. Mary A Anderson

    Next time you want to portray General George Custer, tell the truth. He sacrifice himself and his 250 men followed to appeased a Sioux nation. Crazy Horse was just that, crazy! Re: his name. Indians give names to personalities.
    Custer knew what he was riding into, nitwits!

  46. Sandy

    Hell on Wheels can end, but the life of Cullen Bohannon should continue perhaps under a different tale. Take him to China to meet up with his Asian beauty but bring him back after years of fighting to reunite with Naomi when William if 5 years old and they meet at the Sea Shore as in his Vision. This was left undone and could carry into California History.

  47. Peter Morgan

    What a great TV series that still had a whole lot of life left in it.

    It was a crazy decision to axe the show!

    There were a whole lot more questions that needed answers!!!

  48. Mark Marcus

    Cullen Bohannon adventures in China. Now that would be another great series!!!!!

  49. Ruth Butler

    This is a great series and we just found it on netflix and binge watched it all and left us wanting more. Please AMC bring back Hell On Wheels!!!

  50. Kerri Ritenour

    I agree with most of these folks! They should not cancel one of the best shows I have ever seen! Why not keep the good ones and get rid of the reality shows? Rethink this decision please!

  51. Phil Perreault

    SAD! One of the best series I’ve ever seen!

  52. Mark Watson

    Anson Mount AKA Cullen Bohanan is now Cpt. Christopher Pike on Star Trek Discovery

  53. Neila Beam

    Oh my God, this has been the most amazing series I’ve watched in forever…I dont watch
    tv, but truly got hooked on this one. The cinematography was AMAZING. Joe & Tony did an amazing job – so realistic. Kudo’s to their insight and story line…Am going to hate to see this
    end. All the actors were phenomenal!!!!!

  54. Pamela

    I love that show I feel same every time good show is on they take it away

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