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Hell on Wheels season 6 ?

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Hell on Wheels season 6 start date

Will there be Hell on Wheels season 6 in 2017? Is the series renewed by AMC? It’s time to say goodbye… NO start date!

The story of soldier Cullen Bohannon is coming to an end… AMC channel representatives have officially confirmed that the sixth season of the show Hell on Wheels is not planned, and the plot will be completed in the last seven episodes of the fifth season.

Such a “verdict” was made in 2014, when right holders announced the dividing of the final season into two parts. Many fans thought that the series was renewed for two more seasons for seven episodes each, but in fact it was one season of 14 episodes.

The right holders admit that it is hard to say goodbye to such a popular project, but it should be ended as it is planned by script writers. Of course, we support this decision of AMC representatives, as it is always more pleasant to watch the logical finale.

Thus, the series Hell on Wheels was consisted of 57 episodes, each of which deserves praise. Good luck Joe and Tony Gayton, who managed to create a really high quality show and led it to the finale!

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