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Sherlock season 5

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sherlock season 5 release date

Are you looking for Sherlock season 5 release date on BBC One? Is the series renewed or cancelled? We want to know more about the premiere!

Will there be season 5 of the series Sherlock? How long we should wait for the release date?

Benedict Cumberbatch gave a short interview to GQ magazine, after which the fans were unhappy. The actor hinted at the end of the series after the finale of the fourth season, as he said “It feels like the end of an era, to be honest”. Of course, the main actors of the series Sherlock constantly engage in many TV projects, as well as the creator Steven Moffat, which is the reason for such long breaks between releases of new seasons.

At this time it is not a break, but the ending of the project, but to support the fans and give them hope Benedict Cumberbatch added: “We never say never on the show… I think we’ll just wait and see”.

As for the rating of this series, it is still high both at home and in other countries around the world, and this gives rise to right holders to think about shooting the fifth season. Will they again gather all the cast and creative team together? How long now we have to wait for the release date, and should we wait for it at all?

Sherlock season 5 release date – [pending BBC One renewal]

There is no answer to all these questions, but we are waiting for the official announcement from BBC One.

UPDATE 1 (Jan.17, 2017): Could “The Final Problem” be Sherlock’s final outing? “If this is the last time – and I’m not planning on it to be, but it might be – it is possible that we could end it.” – Steven Moffat.

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  1. Alma Barber

    Cumberbatch & Freeman are really good actors. I’ll miss another great show… Please renew

  2. Grady H.

    It’s better than getting a few episodes every couple years!!!

  3. Sandra Ramsey

    I like the series and look forward to many more seasons. WANT SEASON 5.
    PS: I’m glad Mary’s gone. There are better actresses. I knew something was off with her casting.

    • Stuart F.

      yep, but the shooting really wasn’t necessary.

  4. 5Michael5

    I hope this show finds its way back to where it was in series 1 and 2. Get back to solving crimes and leave the soap!!!

  5. Liya P.

    The Sherlock series is one of the few bright lights on tv anymore and we have to wait so long between seasons…

  6. Ed28

    S4 Ep2: Sherlock spent the evening with his sister and didn’t recognize her? WTF ???

  7. Jessica D.

    it’s over? what is the alternative? watch Elementary? (((

  8. Alan

    I believe there will be the fifth one!

  9. Klaus S.

    Please renew! Series 5 must be!

  10. clark smith

    keep it going, its the best!

  11. clark smith

    yes, bring it on, its great



  13. Siyuan

    Sherlock is my first and favorite British show, rly looking forward to next season. Can someone also kindly recommend me of any other similar show maybe?

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