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Man with a Plan season 4 release date

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Man with a Plan season 4

The Man with a Plan series received a green light for the development of new episodes. When will season 4 be released at CBS in 2020?

What is this series about?

Like most men, Adam Burns was confident that housekeeping and raising children was easy. Being a breadwinner, providing a family financially is much more difficult! But now Adam has the opportunity to learn from his own experience what it is like to do with children and home, he will have to delve into the solution of everyday problems, questions of upbringing, because his wife Andi decided that she had enough, she did not want to be a housewife anymore, and she intended start working. Adam and Andi swap places. And if Andi had an idea what awaited her at work, and how her life would turn out, then Adam had many discoveries!

He was left alone with three children and was surprised to find that they are not as cute angels as they seemed to him before! The head of the family considered himself an excellent father, but did not know his children at all, and had no idea what they were capable of!

Curious cases and conflicts are inevitable, Adam does not understand how Andi managed to stay at home without losing her mind. For years, a woman raised children, solved everyday problems with which a man is not familiar. He used to be in constant motion, to communicate with business partners and clients, this brought him pleasure, and now he is forced to look after three children, cook food, endlessly clean the house and perform other duties that his wife used to easily perform. The change of roles will show each member of the family the positive aspects, even if they had not noticed this before.

Many fans are waiting for Man with a Plan season 4 release and it is already known that it will be in 2020! Still waiting for the start date? Be patient! What else do we know about this show?

Did you know about that?

* Each new episode on CBS is watched by more than 5 million people.

* Specialists of three companies are involved in the development of the project: Double Double Bonus Entertainment, 3 Arts Entertainment and CBS Television Studios.

* Despite the success, the Man with a Plan series has a very low rating on Rotten Tomatoes – only 3.29/10.

* In 2017, the series won the People’s Choice Awards in the category Favorite New TV Comedy and Matt LeBlanc was the best in the Favorite Actor In A New TV Series nomination.

What next? When will Man with a Plan season 4 come out?

At the moment, we know for sure that the 4th season is almost ready for broadcast on TV. Finishing work is underway and very soon there will be a premiere. According to the announcement from CBS, the release date for the new season of Man with a Plan is set for the midseason, so we are waiting for the start in March / April 2020. The exact dates are not yet known (UPDATE 1), but we are following the announcements. Do not miss the “fresh” information at the bottom of this article.

UPDATE 1 (Jan. 28, 2020): The network announced Tuesday that Man With a Plan‘s fourth season will commence on Thursday, April 2 at 8:30/7:30c.

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