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Longmire season 7 ?

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Longmire season 7 release netflix

Give us the release date for Longmire season 7!!! We are waiting for the new episodes or the spin-off on Netflix in 2018-2019!

Do you expect the returning of the series Longmire on Netflix in 2018? The release date for Season 7 is still being waited by many fans of this television western drama.

Bad news… The right holders stopped the shooting process, because all episodes had been filmed and the renewal was not planned. In November 2016, Netflix representatives told the fans that there were 10 new episodes, which would complete the story called Longmire. Of course, viewers have not been pleased with such news, because few people are ready to say goodbye to this amazing project.

The show was canceled in 2014 by A&E, and Netflix became the “second home” for the project. The producers John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin were grateful to this service for interest in their work and they were able to give the fans such an ending that they deserved, but not a break in the storyline.

Now it is already known that there will not be 7th season of Longmire, so don’t look for the release date. We just have to thank the creators of the series and the representatives of Netflix for the excellent collaboration, because these people heard the requests of the fans and did everything possible to complete the show logically.

By the way, there is a possibility of creating a spin-off, so we are looking forward to the news from the right holders on this matter. Support the TV series Longmire in the comments.

Should it be a Season 7? How do you think?

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  1. Rosalie

    What character would you like to see have their own show as a spin off?

    • Pikkkkk77

      How about back story on Hector? Or Mathias?

      • Sonya S.

        Mathias, for sure!!! I would definitely watch his show!

    • Leon Blair

      I would like to see Walt and Henry in a new series (spin-off) on Netflix.

      • Betty


      • Rick J

        Great show. You can count me in. The original series was quality. Hard to find on TV these days.

        • Pat

          This show is one of the best ever created. Never wanted it to end. It did not have to end. So much story untold. Be like Heartland they are working on season 14 as I write this note. Come on guys and girls, write new episodes and stay as creative as you have been. If not. You guys are the losers. Long more is golden. Bring it back!!!!

          • pd

            Yes, the best. hate to see an end

        • Anthony W Russ

          Absolutely. Awesome show. Bring on season 7.

      • Eileen

        Yes, that spin off would be great , WitH Walt and Henry.

        • Jackie

          I just now started watching series on Netflix at the suggestion of family…….now I can’t stop binging on it! I am so sad to know there won’t be any more episodes made If I had to choose on a spin-off…..it would DEFINITELY include Walt, Henry and Mathias….and who am I kidding here….ALL OF THEM…PLEASE!

    • Melody

      I would love to see a show about Mathias and the tribal police on the res. We could still see Henry and the casino and maybe even visit the Red Pony from time to time since it’s always a beautiful day at the Red Pony and continuous soirée!

    • M.-J Phillips

      Punk & Ruby
      …..and of course Walt!!
      Oh please- he was excellent as the Sheriff! Tnx
      MaryJayne Phillips
      Folkston, Ga. USA

    • Sue Smith

      We want to see a spin off with Cady Longmire as Sheriff and all the deputies, Vic, Ferg, Henry at the Casino, please please please

    • Debra Felder

      Caitee as Sheriff

      • Kristy Gallo

        I also just got done binge watching,
        Got put on Quarantine and yeah , loved it !!!
        I would also love to see a spin off with Cady as new Sheriff and Henry running the Casino
        I think it would be Awesome !!!

        Please Please !!

    • Lyn Love

      Caty is the sheriff. Walt retires and buys into the Red Pony. Walt and Henry open a PI business!!!

    • Eleanor Potts

      Longmire’s daughter Cady as Sheriff.

    • Efrain Gutierrez

      Standing bear

    • Lyn Stevenson

      Zahn McClarnon !!
      And Lou Diamond Phillips !!

      • Lyn Stevenson

        Yes IF Walt HAS to retire Candy would make a great Sherrif!! Keep all the deputies and Ruby . We can’t do without Henry and Maliki , they are the best !!
        Can’t wait for the shows return. BRING IT ON !!

  2. kathleen

    This is the best show ever. Casting is perfect. I hate to see it go! I just hope Netflix does the right thing and keep this great show. Long live Longmire!!!

    • Rose Force

      Yes Katie could pull it off!

    • Penny


    • Charles Dickinson

      Just started watching in 2020 and this is the best show on tv. Leaves me waiting with much anticipation from one week to the next. Sure hope it continues.

    • James Hayhurst

      You’re right, absolutely the best casting. We need more shows like it.
      Is good to know, everybody still loves a show, where justice is served, and the bad people, don’t get away, with everything

    • Damon


  3. Kate Floyd

    Will miss watching the show! I just don’t understand why it has to be canceled! Can someone please explain to me why great programs get cut and the worse are still on the air?

    • Eugene Trapp

      I agree, some of the trash on TV, I don’t watch, but Longmire is one of the best TV shows that

      I have ever watched. Please have a Series-7

    • Claudia West

      I would like to know that too! We loved Longmire! The Characters were all so interesting!

    • Wolfgang

      Great point!! So true… why hasn’t anybody asked about philly and Walt ? Weather they stayed together, and what if Cadie won the Position for sheriff. Surely there would be blowback from Ferguson!!! Common let’s all pray for a return y’all…

  4. Sti91

    I’m so sad it’s ending… I really like this show.

  5. Betty R.

    BEST SERIES EVER!!! I have loved this show from it’s very first episode on A&E. I still don’t understand why this is the last season. Thank you Netflix for picking it up, but it breaks my heart to see it end.

  6. Wendy88

    Sorry to see a good series go. The only reason I started watching Netflix was because of Longmire!

    • Betty

      Me too!

      • Maria Demetra Hinson

        This is one of the best series that’s out there. It should go on Great cast, storyline and action.

        What a shame it’s ended. I’m sure people will watch the spin off. Hopefully, you’ll have some original characters.

  7. Rodney L.

    Great show! But we want more!!! An incredible Thank You to Netflix for giving us an additional three seasons.

  8. Patty Foster

    Should not be the end. Hoping for spin-off or movie!

  9. Sergio Gross

    We love this show so much! Why final? Please don’t let this be the end. Maybe if enough people watch it, that will change.

  10. Rhonda79

    I love the characters and the actors who have brought them to life. I just wish I could understand why all of the great shows get cancelled. This show is absolutely amazing in so many ways. One of the best I’ve ever seen. Here’s hoping there will be a movie ar spin-off.

  11. Zaha28

    We want more! Please make season 7 of Longmire!

  12. Picco

    Longmire is the best series we have watched in a long time. The cast is awesome and do a great job. please renew!!!!

    • Marilyn

      I really like this show. The story line and the cast are great. Everytime I find a series I like a lot they always cancel it. When somethings not broken, why try to fix or end it. Keep this show on as its GREAT

  13. Dan

    The stage has been set with Walt Longmire retiring and Katie Longmire running for Sheriff!! This would be the perfect transition for the Longmire series to continue with Katie as Sheriff and being trained by Vic until she retires with Walt. Please see this great possibility of a great new character change and continuing this series for all the fans of Longmire!

    • olivia hunt

      I wood like to see more TV on longmare I hope they come out with sessid 7 i wood love it

  14. Judiwc

    Also sad to see Longmire end. Good ending, but would also love a spin-off!

  15. Steven Longmire from Ogden Utah

    We demand a Season 7 of Longmire! We have had enough tragedy in the World without having to go without a Season 7 of Longmire! Please do not make us resort to sternly worded petitions!

  16. Dr. Lesiie Longmire

    Dr. Leslie Longmire demands a Season 7 of Longmire! We represent 1/5th of Utah.

  17. Pete

    Great series, hate to see it end. At the ending was better than Bloodline, my second best series on Netflix.

  18. Cathy

    My husband and I are crushed that the Longmire series is over. I wish they would spin-off if possible with Cady (new sheriff) Vickie (as her side kick), Heck just continue it where you left off. That would be great. As of now, we are CRUSHED!! I agree with Dan on 19.11.2017

  19. marie

    please bring back for season 7 they left it hanging at the end of season 6 i just love the characters

  20. Vicky Evans

    Why do they always stop filming the good shows? At least Longmire was worth watching. Love the show. Please bring back season 7.

  21. Valerei

    It’s a great show, great acting, casting is perfect !! The story lines are interesting and drams keeps me watching. I don’t know who the people who decided to cancel this show are, but they are making a huge mistake!! This show could go on for many more years. Wish they would change their minds. My husband and I really enjoy the show so much!! Please bring it back!!

  22. Christopher J Cromonic

    It just amazes me w all the crap on TV n nothing to watch n here you have a wonderful story w great actors n actresses that complete the story to be told , Why is it so hard to keep a great show like this on cuz there is no nudity or no gore for people to watch . Ive never understood the way they keep some shows n toss others n the ones that are tossed are some very good shows . You can toss em but they wont be forgotten n this show is one of them , I’m happy for Season 6 but wished for 7 cuz theres so much more to be told about this story .So sad to have it end but in our life we have all known that all must come to an end n that’s the crappy part of life . Thanks for 6 Seasons of a show to look forward to watching .

    • Betty

      Amen !!!

    • Gary

      Great comments !
      Let’s hope for more !!

  23. curtis mitchell

    me and my wife love the show hate that its not continuing on

  24. Tim

    Dear Netflix – this is by far your best show. Curious why you are ending it. Do the people that pay for your service not deserve to watch what they want? In this case huge mistake on your part so reconsider please. Thank yuo

  25. Jim Seifert

    We have enjoyed this series from start to finish. What we hate is that it had to finish! Wonderful characters, beautiful filming, excellent and engaging plots & twists. There is NO better series on TV. We view this as a tragic loss! Our thanks to the writers for bringing the show to a strong & desirable conclusion. What an excellent springboard for a Season 7 or even a spin off! I truly hope someone is listening and thinking about it. Longmire rules and could continue to do so for many more years to come if it were allowed to. But thank you to all of the writes and performers for such a great run!!!!!!!!!!

    • Allan

      Agree. Understandably good things must always come to an end, but not too soon.

      The excellent film making with such dedicated & dynamic actors, & intriguing plots have made this series so real.

      Walt should stay, perhaps as a retired adviser, similar to Lucious.

      My family & I found Longmire the greatest entertainment of all time. Thank you to all who have brought us these wonderful series.

      The series must go on.

  26. Morrie62

    BEST SERIES EVER!!! I have loved this show from it’s very first episode on A&E. I still don’t understand why this show gets canceled, but we still terrible shows that keep getting renewed over and over again. . Thank you Netflix for picking it up, and I hope we at least see a spinoff.

    • Tashalu

      The only thing Netflix will understand is when a bunch of us cancel our subscriptions.
      Then maybe they’ll get it.
      I’m not remotely interested in any of the NF. Offerings. I think NF should listen to their viewership, or I’m ending it.

  27. M Chapman

    My husband and I absolutely loved watching Longmire! It’s the best show we’ve watched in a very long time. Please do a spin-off with Katie as Sherriff and keep the same cast. They are all great!

  28. Ernest

    why when some thing is good to watch they take it off that does not make any sent

  29. Denise Bentley

    Love the show so many new stories to tell , definitely another couple of seasons, for all the characters. Please Netflix continue Longmire, I’m so tired of all these superhero series, thats all thats on . Longmire had everything I wanted .

  30. Joe D

    losing season 7 is like losing a best friend. i never enjoyed watching a t v show so much. you look forward to watching the next episode. what a shame not being able to continue watching this amazing shoe longmire. youve got to be crazy not to keep this great show going

  31. Roy S

    Who Called Walt on his Cell Phone at the end of Episode 10????? WTF..Series can’t be over!!! Show Lovers need to know!!!! Who Called Walt??

  32. Sherry Commander

    I love Longmire — Sure hope it comes back with Season 7 ==

  33. Jennifer

    Love Longmire … hope they have a spin off or have Mathias be head cop so would watch it

  34. Chief WO Randy

    Thank you Netflix for picking up the series from A&E. Was looking forward to series 7 of the Longmire legacy in law enforcement in the modern West. The series addressed the pride and troubles of Native Americans. Please continue the series for several more years. The writers, directors, staff, and actors make this series realistic and entertaining.

  35. George

    I would like very much for the show to continue, I have really enjoyed this series. Lets see a few more seasons.

  36. Kelly

    Long live the Longmire

  37. Rich

    Really enjoyed the series.
    Even named our little Wyoming community of Ten Sleep.
    Bring it back!!!

  38. Joyce

    in my opinion, this was one of the best shows on Netflix. I was sad when I had to watch the last episode. Spin Off- I think so.

  39. Pat

    I agree with everyone else this is THE BEST show! Friends on my van pool told me about it & said it moved to Netflix. I hunted it down and it was a total pleasure watching Walt and friends unfold the mystery on screen. There is so much trash on TV this was refreshing, the actors, the scenery, the plots. Wish it would not be discontinued.

  40. Thomas Jeffers

    Please continue the Longmire series. Gun smoke ran for 25 years and is still popular.

  41. S. Gisbon

    I love this show very sad to see that it is cancelled. There are not meant tv series that are so good.



  43. D Galoyan

    I am sad that the show will not continue. Great story lines and casting. I will never understand why the great shows are cancelled. I guess to cater to a generation that wants fast cars and guns! So sad…..

  44. J. Shumaker

    It is such a shame this show was canceled. I understand there are special interest groups that didn’t want it to continue. I love the interaction between the “Cowboy and Indian” and the light shown on the tribal laws, beliefs and lifestyles. That is something the Native Americans should be proud of. The show overall is one of the very best on TV today. I seriously hope Netflix will pursue a spin off (with all of the same characters) as Walt advises his daughter when she fills his shoes!! There is an entire new story waiting to be told about Walt and Vic as well as the set up for the remaining characters. Bring Longmire Back!!

  45. Lynda Black

    Just got into Longmire and I love it. I seriously hope Netflix will pursue a new season. I am now currently on Season 5 and look forward to each episode. Please bring Longmire back!!

  46. D Jimison

    Bring it back, so many people enjoy it. Really like the all actors.

  47. L.Zimmerman

    I truly enjoyed watching this series. It would be great to see it continue on with Cady, Vic, Matt, Ferg., Matthis, Henry. Every great once in a while the retired sheriff (camo shots).

  48. Jacqui

    I was addicted to the series. I would love a spin off

  49. Margaret Bray

    So disappointed no season 7 of Longmire. Why do they always stop the good shows and keep the bad ones on tv and Netflix? Make more season !!

  50. Betty B

    This is such a good series. Every time a good show comes along it is canceled. There is so much junk on TV that goes on and on. I just dont understand what goes on in the minds of these network executives when they have a winner and then cancel it.

  51. Carleen

    Bring back a great show that all the family can watch. I’m sick of todays choices. We enjoyed all of the cast. They were the best! I hope you listen to the public.

  52. Karen Frederick

    Bring back this series, or at least a spin off . This is an awesome show that I binge watched for a week and I would love to see more of it.

  53. MaryBeth Voelkel

    I can”t believe we watched this series to just now (3/2018) find out that there will be no Season 7! Truly disappointed. But, considering how much I dislike the character of Vic(Victoria) so much, I am glad there are no more episodes.

  54. Rebecca Zamora

    Plz plz bring it back truly disappointed

  55. Geo

    Great show, crazy amount of interest. Why do people discontinue quality. NCIS example sporting quality.

  56. Cat Cox

    I have never glued myself to the TV in my life as I did watching Longmire on Neflix. I got up early in the morning and watched it until after midnight constantly until the end. I love this show and want so bad for it to continue. It is heartbreaking that there will not be another season. I am 62 years old and I have never been so excited about watching a series like this ever. Please reconsider and keep this show going. The actors are absolutely awesome. This old lady is having Longmire withdrawals!!! lol PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BRING LONGMIRE BACK!

  57. Maliu

    P!ease p!ease continue this show!!!! Is the only show I had watch in Netflix. Is the best story great actors best locations P!ease continue is so many people watching this!! You will be happy to know that sooooooo many people is watching this… Come on Netflix you can do it !!!

  58. David &Cathy

    This has been a well acted and well written show, something we rarely see anymore.Any spinoff which we hope you will do should have Robert Taylor perhaps in a different position or locale.
    Please find some way to continue the part of Longmire. Other characters have done well and the only miscasting has been Henry. Everyone else has been much above the average program.
    We will be watching for more news.
    This is a quality show that deserves to stay on. The fan level is high so again please reconsider

  59. Sallie

    MORE MORE MORE! Absolutely enjoyed like no other Netflix Series!

  60. Shannon

    More Longmire, PLEASE???

  61. Gerry

    Seems like a show this successful would be economically feasible

  62. Ramona

    Season 7 is a must, SO…. please make it happen!!!

  63. Berry


  64. Walter E Kitter

    More Longmire please, great story, great acting, why are you leaving it hang there is whole 10 seasons you could do with the transition. With all of the crap that is on television to watch, Longmire was a breath of fresh air.

  65. Jana

    Every time we older people find a show it gets canceled. We had to have someone come in and set up Netflix for us to watch it. Sadness that a top quality western show could leave is unamerican. I would even write you how the story line could go on .
    Life is too short to take this show from seniors. The best plot and best written.

  66. JoAnn

    Anxiously awaiting renewal of Longmore! This great program is what drew us to subscribe to Netflix!!

  67. Linda G

    My husband and I just love this show. We sat glued to our TV every night until the final episode. We are completely desolate that Season 6 is the final and am really hoping that Netflix will reconsider and somehow continue with the same characters into more episodes and seasons. The acting is superb, the plots are good….a truly top western show. Please, please consider to continue with the show somehow. Truly one of your best!!!!

  68. Terry A.

    Sad to see the end of the Longmire series. Thank you, to Netflix, for picking up where A&E left off.

    This was definitely quality viewing.

  69. Carter

    I was a late starter for watching the series. I’m down to the last episode of the last season. I’m putting it off because I don’t want it to end. Wish it would continue.

  70. Angie

    I LOVE this show and have watched all 6 seasons at least 3 times. I want MORE! I would LOVE to see a spinoff of Cady running the Sheriff’s Department with Vic and Ferg and Zach working for her! Walt can go treasure hunting, but we gotta have more Vic and Henry and Cady adventures!!! PLEASE, Netflix!!!

  71. Geri

    Everything is great about this series, why is it that no one listens to the fans that want this series to continue. I was really disappointed to find out no longer will we see such a good quality show.
    Great characters and actors.


  72. Mels

    Henry! please make Longmire or spin-off happen! Thank you for 6 great seasons
    But we are not ready to say goodbye

  73. Debra K. Claborn

    Is their a Lonemire season 7 Thought season 6 was the final

  74. Randy Hill

    Season six final was awesome and it left many new possibly storylines in its wake. THis was one of the best shows that all age groups could enjoy. BRing it back or create a spin off,like Katie for sherrif.

  75. Andy

    Longmire should run for 20 seasons. It was one of the best shows ever. There’s no need for a spin-off. Walt could stay retired and help Katie as she takes over. Henry runs the casino while Jacob schemes for a comeback and Walt works behind the scenes to stop Jacob, but then Jacob becomes the first Indian governor of WY and Walt and Jacob battle on the political front. Season 10 has Walt running for governor wearing a MWGA hat, while Katie becomes mayor and Vic takes over as a pregnant sheriff with a little Walt in the oven. Josh comes back and kicks all the criminal’s butts. Ferg stays Ferg, because I don’t want Ferg to change!

    • Camile newkirk

      I go along with guy that said aspin- off might be OK,but definantly bring Lomgmire back! It is one of the few shows i watch on tv.

  76. Sharon

    I love Longmire!

  77. Jay

    I think the show is a hit Netflix should put up the cash for a season 7 then tradition the cast to younger viewers and season 8 will be real profitable for them to see the way to a 9 and 10 or more this is a hit that should be continued on the Netflix lineup ! 🙂

  78. Lynne

    I want to see Vic, Ferg, Zac and Cady working together as the law enforcement team. Same show, new sheriff.

  79. Suzanne Vogel

    I loved this show. The actors were great and felt the story was amazing. Sad that they are not making a 7.

  80. Kathy B.

    WTH, You are going to leave Henry tied to stakes and make us wonder if he gets saved or not? I binge watched every show in one week because my sister told me about it and gave my the DVDs. I’ve been searching for the seventh season since then. I can’t believe you would stop at this point.

  81. Randy & connie

    There are terrible shows still on air , why cancel a good one. Praying for the spin off

  82. James Paschall

    My family and I just took on netfix about two month’s ago and we enjoyed a lot of the movies we saw. But when we started watching the series Longmire, We have enjoyed watching this
    program more than any other program we’ve watch. It’s is a shame to end this program,
    you need to take a look at the many veiwer’s you have watching. Please take a chance and
    watch more and viewer’s continue to join the same pleasure. Thanks!

  83. Audrey

    We love this show, there is nothing else like it. Would love to see all the characters back. Please bring it back or a spinoff! We just watched all the shows again and will surely miss it.

  84. A. Humason

    Would love to see a spin off. How about Longmire offered a job by Federal Government as some kind of liaison to the Tribe, thus able to keep his daughter as sheriff, Henry running the Casino, and occasional visits for love interest by Vic.

  85. Rommy Goode

    Best series and characters of any show since Mash. Please continue on to other seasons, the fan base is established.

  86. Pat Pearce

    Please bring back (Longmire) that show is fantastic. From 1 to 10 this show is a perfect 10. Please continue with the next seasons

  87. Kelton Drewery

    With all the trash on now, it’s a shame that a GREAT show like Longmire was cancelled. PLEASE bring it back!

  88. Irene Stone

    Please bring Longmire back for season 7, best tv series on UK tv.

  89. riley

    yes we would like a season 7

  90. Lance Axness

    Walt can come back as a street cleaner or pizza delivery person. Someone can correct his Australian pronunciation of Rainier. But bring back something from Absaroka.

  91. Dianne Cutler

    I really love Longmire. It is one of the best TV Series on tv. I would love it if they make some more seasons.

  92. MLS

    I love this series and I was never a Netflix fan. Before I discovered this series I wanted to cancel Netflix because they had so many awful, boring, and stupid shows.now I find a gem and they don’t keep it going – really ? Do something right for once , get rid of the 10,000 garbage shows on Netflix and keep Longmire going!!

  93. john kainrath

    im pissed

  94. Cherie

    PLEASE bring back LONGMIRE! My husband and I just completed the series and now we’re feeling a real sense of loss! It’s a fantastic story that is worth continuing. Especially sinse the actors are all willing to keep going with it.

  95. Phil Cappitelli

    I’m hoping for 6 more seasons, great show bring it back!

  96. Nonnie

    Definitely need season 7. Who was it that called? I did not like the ending. Want more, please, pretty please.

  97. jim

    bring it back it was different and watchable. broke up the same old same cop shows

  98. James A Moss Sr

    My wife and I have watched all 6 seasons of Longmire over an over and was looking forward to season 7 we canot belive there will not another season

  99. Larry Neel

    Longmire was a great series. My wife and I looked forward to the show weekly. It was our favorite show. Seemed like all the neighbor’s shared the same interest in the show. We are all disappointed in the cancellation of the series. Thanks for the 6 series.


  100. Mickie

    I would love to see a season 7 It is a really great show ! Why do all the good shows get cancelled??

  101. Janice Haley

    Love this show! I am very disappointed in the cancellation! This show was one of the two reasons that I got Netflix! Please find a way to continue this series!

  102. Ruby Bishop

    Netflix just announced buying a studio in Alberquerque and filming Longmire as part of the deal. Is this true. I want more…………

  103. Dusty Kramer

    I’ve watched the entire series eight times and still going. This is the best produced, best casted, and best acted TV series I have ever seen! Definitely sad there will not be a seventh season. I so wanted to see life in Absaroka now that Walt and Vic are together, with Cady as sheriff. While I love all the characters, but deputy Vic Moretti is my favorite. Just love her facial expressions and body language. There’s never any guessing what’s on her mind. And, she’s a damn good cop!

  104. Laurence Hilliker

    you already have the stage set for the new series carry on from where you left off

  105. Judith Marshall

    I feel like he is part of my family, I am an ardent fan of the whole cast. Addressing the problems in the Native American population aptly presented.
    The beautiful land in the series is a character unto itself, as well as goodness and caring and honesty!
    Finally a series that makes a positive statement please in these days of darkness in the world, do not take away a light in that darkness……………………..

  106. Audree Kempema

    They need to continue with Long.ire that was the best show and actors need to have more family shows . It was awesome to watch and then around and rewatch it again

  107. Suzanne Colwell

    I watched this on A&E and was dismayed when I did not return there. When I discovered it on Netflix I was ecstatic. I have to get up and watch it between the hours of 12 and 6 because I have a really poor internet provider but I do it because it is one of the best, most compelling, well written and acted series I have ever seen. I, too, do not understand why we have to lose such programs and put up with mindless drivel that passes for entertainment–sitcoms that are not funny, reality shows that are not close to real and appeal only to the basest of human emotions and motivations. Give us back Longmire!!

  108. Gary Westerhaug

    Longmire was the best series ever a story that captivated both my wife and I. The character were so believable that they seemed like friends. Everyone I know that seen the series lovedit as much as we did. I’m still hopeful that you’ll bring the series back to life – PLEASE

  109. Colorado Marine

    I love the Rockies and this show’s setting was the best. Great Characters, great intertwining stories.
    Please bring it back!

  110. Laurence Hilliker

    it is 1 of the best series to come out in a very long time. it needs to be contineuned

  111. Newt & Jane

    Seldom have there been television programs of the quality of Longmire. The acting, story lines, beautiful scenery and actual moral answers to some of today’s problems are top notch. Another thing my husband and I have discovered is the fact that you can come back to these shows and enjoy and appreciate watching them more then once! This series has been the reason to belong to Neflix. Quality, quality, quality and obviously appreciated and missed by many.

  112. Virginia

    Yes we need to bring back Longmire…best Netflix series…..leaves subscribers feeling jolted…if your fans like something why take it away. This series attracts all ages of viewers. A lot of the new Netflix shows are geared for the younger generation.

  113. Danielle


  114. Judy Bayne

    No more Longmire, no more Netflix for me.

  115. L Fox

    Best series on TV/Netflix. I’m sick that its not renewed.

  116. lou

    Like everyone else I hate to see it end. But they left the perfect set-up to continue with Cady as Sheriff. Her and Vic together would be kicka#$!!! Great cast, perfect characters, perfect show! Please keep it going, even with Walt in the background. Continuing his relationship with Vick, and offering advice and encouragement to his daughter.

  117. Miran Flores

    Just as Walt and Virg get together they drop the show. Network assholes.

  118. Jane

    I would to,see more of longmire or a spin off, I really enjoyed the show, my husband and I don’t have to many shows in common, but we both loved this one, I really hope they come out with something.

  119. John

    would love to see Longmire continue ….best show i have watched in a very long time just pick up with Katie being the new sheriff…..

  120. Sireadslot

    I am a 16th Pottawattamie & have ‘always’ had a soft spot for the plight of the Native American Indian and the shameful way the ‘american people’ have pushed this mistreated and underrepresented nation of people around. I just recently watched “Wind River” for the 2nd time and it wasn’t until then that the ending statement that ‘STILL’ today there is no statistics for the abduction and mistreating of Native American in America (or something along those lines {which is my disclaimer}).

    I love the presentation of how American Indian Reservation are conducted and how they remain neglected because of a wide range of reasons but I ‘think’ one main one is that the Big Machine won’t offer assistance without conditions that place the Man in control or at least take more away that is already too much.

    Walt is a man after my own heart He is ruled by his heart and that is a dead or dying ‘novelty’ nowadays! Amen

  121. Jim thornhill

    Just finished watching longmire at lady friends house. What a great show. Now thinking of going to my home and signing up for Netflix. Please try to make this a regular series and more like it. We need good tv programming again. What a boom for Netflix that would be.

  122. Denise Dennis


  123. Annie T.

    This show (Longmire) has had me hooked at first watching it after hearing many raves about it from others who had tuned in to it. It was a refreshing change from the multitude of cop shows and the like that have dominated the programming for way to long. Longmire is a modern take on western Americana and it is a GREAT show! To bad it was canceled as I would have wanted to see more and more of it. Maybe you should re-think on that as we have a very diverse country and we could use more diverse programming and more good entertainment. More Longmire!!!

  124. Joyce Floyd

    Longmont is the very best. Hate for it to end. Very good program. Love it!!!

  125. Larry Brock

    This is a wonderful series. Well done with good story lines, believable characters, and without all that extra PC fluff and over drama that plagues almost all TV now. Please get this back up and going with all the great stories and beautiful scenery.

    • Jo McKnight

      I agree!!

  126. Texas

    The only TV Series worth watching in years! Crazy to let it go.

    • Jo McKnight


  127. James hoyt

    One of the best shows everything



  129. James

    Wow, I hope someone else picks up Longmire. Shame on Netflix.

  130. Debi

    A spinoff would be WONDERFUL.. SOON PLEASE…..

  131. Carl Galatioto

    A true Love Story

  132. Nancy

    Best show on the air can’t believe Netflix would leave some of the junk they have on and cancel a great show that leaves hating to wait for the next episode. Definitely want Longmire back, but Cady as sheriff would be ridiculous.

  133. Jo McKnight

    Would love to see a Season 7…. With all actors remaining from season 6… Awesome show.

  134. Steve Wilson

    The photographic and cinema quality of Longmire takes us back to the mid 1960s to find this kind of dedication to quality. Its a real shame this show was not available to the masses. It takes me back to days and quality of Gunsmoke or Bonanza but in a more modern time frame. So much Junk on TV today. We as Americans seem to have to depend on the Canadians to produce top quality shows like Longmire! The whole series was so exceptional from top to bottom

  135. Lynn

    I love Longmire. Loved the series. My husband and I watched together. He is gone now and so is Longmire. This show shocked me, arroused me and made me cry. Please resusitate me. Bring back Longmire series.

  136. JohnWright

    Please bring Longmire back.One of the best shows on TV.

  137. Ruby Heard

    Enjoyed Longmire so very much. Loved all the characters, especially Longmire and Vic! I really miss it. So please bring back Longmire series.

  138. Ruby Heard

    Enjoyed Longmire so very much. Loved all the characters, especially Longmire and Vic! I really miss it.

  139. Audrey and Freddie Helton

    First good western in a long time. Good actors who were all different characters. The moral values that Longmire stood for . Not a perfect example but still going by the law.
    I would like to see the show come back as a series.
    We really loved the different characters on the show.
    I am waiting for season 7and 8′ Best show on Tv. Not many shows in this category.

  140. Kelton Drewery

    The show should have never been cancelled in the first place. Yes, a spin-off would be GREAT and stop the pain, at least some!

  141. Jean

    I found Longmire late because I don’t always watch Netflix. My daughter has it and I happened to watch it. I was totally hooked the characters were great especially Robert Wagner. Also I loved Henry’s s character. I still have not watched the last episode of season 6, because I hate to see it end. I have to wait a lot to watch a whole show because of slow internet, but it is totally worth it. I am very sad there is no 7th series like all the other fans. My husband even got hooked by it. The acting was fantastic by all the characters and the true feelings about the native Americans seems spot on. I rode in Arizona with some into the reservation a n d the poverty was very evident. Thank everyone who worked on this and if there is a 7th season I will be thrilled

  142. Kitty

    OMG please restart this series. It was getting REALLY REALLY good and better then all the shows on TV.

  143. Elois Cannady

    I hated to see Longmire end!!! I loved the show. It is truly a series that I would love to see come back and take up where it left off.

  144. Dan Leitner

    I also would love to see longmire come back with a season 7 with kady as sheriff to keep longmire
    alive and Walt have fun looking for treasure. Vic and Walt should get married

  145. David

    Very disappointed this show is not scheduled to come back. Who do we talk to about Investing in this production.

  146. Bob

    Good show….. why take it off with all the crap on tv. I don’t understand why they always take the good shows off. Need to bring it back.

  147. Mary

    Loved it. Wish the series would continue.

  148. Brandi Campbell

    They need to get it back, they left too mamy questions unanswered for people who were avid watchers.

  149. Kaye Chmelik

    A spin off would be great since you don’t want to do another season but you have to keep all the main characters. Cady can be sherriff and Walt can help them out from time to time. Please! I had basically quit watching TV until I found Longmire. There is nothing like it on. I am sick of shows that consistently show sex and use vulgar language.

  150. Melissa Glanding

    Please bring back Longmire for season 7, and continue. We miss good tv shows, this is definately one of the finest. My husband and I and our adult kids truly enjoyed it.

  151. Karen

    you must bring back this show or a close spinoff. it’s gotten me through so much since 2016 – please!!!!!

  152. Don Switzer

    Walt, Henry, Ferg, and Henry comprise the most engaging and exciting group of TV characters I have ever seen. They put on a show that is replete with excitement, mystery, action, and occasional sexual innuendo that beggars the mind! To stop these programs is to take away a huge part of the hearts of so very many of us….

  153. Lloyd H

    Just recently started watching Longmire from the beginning through Netflix. My wife and I watch it together and at 57 Longmire will be one of my all time favorite shows. Love the characters and the storyline. Hope someone picks it up and makes more seasons.

  154. Sherry Thorne

    This is a great series. Looked forward to watching it on Netflix every night. Please pick it back up!! We beg you for good TV.

  155. Christia

    Loved everything about Longmire along with the characters. Such good story lines and biggest plus for us, no long stupid sex scenes (like we all need an education on what happens in the bedroom) No lesson needed thanks. Thank you for such an enjoyable show, hope there will be at least a spin off.

  156. mike C

    I would love to see additiinal series with any or all characters.

  157. Patricia Ciampa

    Dont change a thing. This is by far the best show I have ever seen. Why would anyone want to stop this series.

  158. Ted J LUTZ

    Cady as sheriff, with Walt and Vic together forever and active in the new series. Actually must include, Ferg, Zach, Vic, Ruby in their original roles. Also Henry and Nighthorse. Please return……..there are millions that think this must return. Amen

  159. Jim McCall

    I saw an TV advertisement for Longmire this week. Are they just bringing back previous seasons or is there a Season 7? If there is going to be a 7th Season, that would be wonderful.

  160. Karla Culp

    Just binge watched all six seasons of Longmire with my husband. Best series we’ve ever seen. Would love a spin off with Walt and Vic together. Should somehow include all the old cast. They were all great. Especially Walt’s character

    • Dean

      Two thumbs up

  161. Jackie Smith

    I ordered and watched eash season of Longmire. Why is it that shows about homosexuals and drunks and dope addicts and sex-sex-sex can be put on tv for people to watch but a decent show that I can sit down with my husband and great grandchildren gets cancelled. That is WRONG. That is why I watched and rewatch the Longmire series. They are decent and I am not afraid for my 4 and 2 year old greatgrandchildren to watch with me. I am sick of the trash that is put on tv today. My husband and I have decided to take the tv out of our home and watch movies on my dvd player. That way we do not have to worry about the trash that is called prime time watching. God help the people who take off good shows and put on all the trash. Hell is going to be full overflowing with you people . You better get you a BIBLE and read the book of Revalations so you know what to expect when die. That way you won’t be surprised. And when you stand before God at the Great White Throne Judgement He will remind you of the good shows you cancelled and the trash you replaced it with.

  162. Linda Buckner

    I am also a big fan of Longmire. I have watched over & over all episodes. This was one of my favorite series ever. You never get bored watching & the quality was great. I always looked forward to what was going to happen next. I too was looking for more after Season 6. This was truly one of the best series I have ever seen. I would like to add I hope they will do more seasons. I am a big fan.

  163. Carolyn Hicks

    The show was wonderful. Every episode great. Robert Taylor was so outstanding, he never
    got out of character. Vic was great! But I thought the ending was horrible. Walt would have
    never left the county without a sheriff. After Walt and Vic finally got together and she says she
    doesn’t think they can be together and he rides away looking for buried treasure. That seems
    out of character. But i only hope the show resumes. Am I taking the show too seriously. But
    remember we are stuck inside & I have watched some of the Netflix shows. Most are not good.
    Thanks for doing Longmire and continue if you can.

  164. Deanna M

    Big fan. Huge support for anything as a follow-up. Sequel, movie, whatever. Anything!

  165. Steven Schneider

    This is one of the best television shows that I have ever seen. Please extend the show. It is terrific.

  166. Kathey Bartholomew

    I love the Longmire series, It is one of the greatest on Netflix, please don’t end it. I can’t understand, why all the really great shows are always cancelled, so disappointing.

  167. Kathy Green

    Absolutely, hands down, the best TV series ever produced. My husband and I discovered it on Netflex and can’t wait each time to see the action. More modern based action than any programs or movies we have ever watched. I wish they would reconsider continuing with series 7 plus, please!

  168. Joe Makin

    This was a great show that I looked forward to seeing and would binge watch it and then somebody would come over that had not seen or heard of it and then I would have to watch it all over again.
    Of course they would have to binge watch it too. The acting, The scenery and the story were top notch. Maybe Robert Taylor could start his own production. I know the writer has two more books out. I would not even mind commercials if this came back on the air. It is much better than Gunsmoke and look how long that has been in reruns and how long it ran for. Dammit please bring it back to us. I can see it now, LONGMIRE ON PAY PER VIEW. Sorry about how long this is. Joe Makin…

  169. Gigi

    We want more…we want more. Excellent show. We are so sorry to see it end, but there are so many more stories..Come on, Guys …give us more

  170. Lola

    Should be a season 7 and more for Longmire it is a top show.

    • Vickie R Bush

      We need this show back! Any spin offs need to be with Walt!

  171. Robert carter

    They need to really make s7 or at least spin off of it something needs to happen especially at we are stuck in are homes cause of covid 19 I pray for this show to continue

  172. Donnelle Clark

    I found LONGMIRE on Netflix…… Each night I watched 3 eposodes of this fabulous show…. has a sheriff , WALT, was the best. Watching all of them work together and solve the murder or ??? Never have I wanted to hurry dinner more………JUST to get to see Longmire. Please Netflix continue this great show……Season 7 would be great…….and so a spin off. Robert Taylor acted WALT LONGMIRE to perfection

  173. Donnelle Clark

    If the Writer of Longmire has two more books…….NETFLIX please continue this awesome show. SOMEONE jump in and make this happen. I can get more people to watch and more people to comment………….this TOP SHOW should continue.. WE need it,,,, a good show….. in lieu of trash..

  174. Betty

    I just started watching it recently and watched the last episode last night. I miss them already! I need a spin off. Vic and Katie and the new deputy and of course Ferg. Walt could make cameos or come back from hunting treasures. PLEASE!!!!!!

  175. Dean

    Best series ever. So refreshingly realistic and a breath of fresh air to see truth and logic prevail. They need to bring this back. It is truly one of the greatest productions in a very long time.

  176. Randy

    My wife and I both loved the show it was nice watching a show that wasn’t a csi from all the big cities or a Chicago pd or a medical show. Would absolutely love if they brought the series back!!

  177. John

    Hey have just purchased all 6 seasons of longmire. Absolutely brilliant series, altogether the acting, filming the wonderful locations. There is so many more stories to be told, please let their be more. At least I will be able to watch all the seasons again.

  178. JnE Whit

    Love Longmire! Please Bring it back!!

  179. Kurt Mathiesen

    This is a great show, I find myself binge watching it every night because there’s nothing else on worth watching, there’s no more lake comedy because those guys are all idiots, Longmire is a great show you how to make season seven and more after.

  180. Mike H

    Great Show, my wife and I found it this year and watched every episode over the last two months. I hated to see it end. One of the best shows ever!

  181. Mike stephens

    Have watched series 3 times. Longmire is a series that is mostly watched by the older generation as stated above, but is seems like that generation is no longer respected by the participation award generation. This generation only cares about political correctness and disrespect of the American culture in there desire to get something for nothing. This series coupled the plight of the Indian culture intermingled with the western culture cowboys and Indians if you will. As a “cowboy” I realize that our culture of God and country is fading into the sunset but will not go without a fight. A 7th season would be great but then by the time it was filmed we may be history ourselves.

  182. Sue Ellen Black

    I saw a post that there would be MORE Longmire. Now you’re saying NO? Cruel and unusual…..

  183. Margi

    I would love more Longmire…if anyone is listening …. More PLEASE … thank you … A series, a spin off …. just more Longmire please 🙂

  184. Cindy somerville

    I was so sad when Longmire ended I thank they should have a season 7/8/9/20/11/12/13/14/15/ all the way to 277. Best darn show ever

  185. Mary Sumner

    Only about 4 hours a week the TV has anything worth watching, you just reduced it to 3 hours. Thanks!!

  186. Master Sergeant

    Mathias is a great character played buy a fine actor. All of the actors were great. It truly took the whole team to make that show so good. And it was! However, without Walt Longmire, I just don’t see it.


    The show was the best on TV for years and was rated so. My question is since it was doing so well
    in the ratings, why take it off? One thing that I can say positive about the ending is, it was well done. I tip my hat to the writers on that.

  188. Elwood Mitchell

    I personally think that its a pure cliffhanger and nothing was resolved in the good doings to come loved the show but I can’t stand to just be left hanging on a string showed all the bad what about the GOOD for a change.!!!!!

  189. Tia

    I have watched the show 3 times and I just cant get enough of it. Longmire is the best show to watch right now in this time of COVID-19, quarantine, wildfires, murder Hornets, and other shit like that. LONGMIRE keep your mind off of all the crazy shit out there right now. I REALLY!! Recommend Longmire to anyone that is having a bad day or just needs SOMETHING to watch nowadays. I was sad that the show ended and I’m looking for any info that the show is going to come back!!!!!. P.S IT NEEEEEEDS TO COME BACK!!!!!!! I’m dieing I need more!!!
    If batman and prodigal son can film why cant Longmire film.
    #Longlivelongmire #LONGMIREMOVIESS

  190. Ann

    Any spin off would be good, but why? Just put the original cast members back on the original show and make us all happy.

  191. Pat

    This has been the best show ever. Everyone who has watched it wants more!! Be like Heartland, they have begun filming their 14th season. You only have
    8 seasons to catch up. You have lots of story to work with. Bring Longmire back please!!!!

  192. Jan Miller

    Yes most definitely! I loved the series. The actors were excellent. It always kept me interested in the storyline.

  193. Janice steward

    I just finished watching the series that ended last night. I feel like I lost my best friend! I have never been so addicted to a show as Longmire. Please bring it back with the same characters . One of the best! I don’t know what I’ll do

  194. DLowe05

    Just finished watching. Me and my husband both LOVE Longmire LOVE all the characters. This was one of the best shows in a long time so sad to see it go LOVE how they tied up the ending simply the best by far in along time. Would love to see a spin off with Cady taking Walts place so many ideas to take this show further with a spin off would be the best props to the writers for a ending like this need more shows on tv like this.

  195. Phillip E. Cozad

    Just finished watching all the seasons, one of the best series I’ve seen, an now no more seasons, just not right….this series Longmire is so addicting to watch, I just couldn’t wait to watch the next episode….the ending just kinda leaves you hanging, they need to make more seasons is all I can say.

  196. linda m

    So do not care about a spin off , just bring the series back, I’m sure with good writers you all can come up with good stories. VERY,VERY few good shows this good any more.

  197. Charles Bird

    Please bring longmyer back it was a great show Netflix is crasey if they don,t it back

  198. Pam Lawler

    I only started watching Longmire this year since being on lockdown for COVID, it’s the best program I’ve ever seen and have since watched the whole 6 seasons at least 13 times. I even showed it to my granddaughters and when they come over for a visit they ask to watch it with me. I wish you could continue to make more episodes of Longmire. I am from Australia as is Robert Taylor, there isn’t any other shows like this on tv and I love all the actors .

  199. Dan E Funkhouser

    We need more stories like Longmire it is good entertainment. We all could benefit from quality entertainment like this series.

  200. Lucy Tomminen

    Yes, I would love Longmire to continue! One of the best series I have watched. It has so much potential to continue with a new season. Would like to see Cady as sheriff.

  201. Stephanie

    I watched Longmire from the first time it came out. Between the scenery, characters and story lines, this is an incredible series. SOMEONE NEEDS TO PICK THIS SERIES BACK UP! I would be happy with picking it up where it left off. All the same actors would be appreciated.

  202. cheryl gulley schmaeman

    I have watched and watched and rewatched Longmire……I am sad to see it cancelled…..It seems to me that the young teenagers and young adults are the ones they (the networks) try to please………and it is us seniors that need shows that are not just dedicated to the young….sex, violence etc…………….usually we are the ones that have the money to put into these networks………..soon we might as well not have the networks…………nothing on them.

  203. Patricia L Foss

    Best series I’ve ever watched. Didn’t want it to end. It made me laugh, cry at at times raised my blood pressure. I hope you bring more on.

  204. Rob

    This is just a great show which has everything – strong characterisation, tensions between social groups and interesting plots. Great cast of characters. It stopped too abruptly and should be continued.

  205. rdw

    the show had everything great update of the american cowboy please do more

  206. Wayne N Booth

    Why end such a popular series. Take advantage of the cast still young enough to do their jobs. Maybe bring in new writers. New ideas. Gunsmoke lasted over 20 years. When people like the main characters they will continue to watch. If Netflix no longer wants to produce the series then sell it to Amazon. No true fan wanted to see this series come to an end. Like Star Trek, it has loyal fans and they are increasing by watching the re-runs. Do the right thing and bring the series back and let it go on until the rating drop years from now.

  207. Pam P.

    Bring the series back. Or a spinoff series. All were excellent actors and the story line was great. Great series for quarantine binge watching.
    Loved Robert Taylor as Sheriff Longmire!

  208. April

    They really need a season 7 they left this off on a strange ending. I would really like to see how well Cady does as sheriff ..

  209. james c pittman

    best tv show i ever seen please bring back

  210. Sandra

    Right now my Boyfriend and I are having Longmire withdrawal. Best series in a long time.

    We would love to see a continuation of this series in some form.

  211. Nick from oz

    I just finished watching longmire the last few days. Come on please make a season 7 the show want end like that with wait getting a call. Great show

  212. Margot Wagenaar

    We need this back. So disappointed we did not get more after season 6. Even my husband enjoyed it.

  213. Corey johns

    You freakin idiots ended this great show?! You have got to be kidding me! Stupid zombie walking dead bs is still going but you canceled a great show like Longmire! Idiots!

  214. Phyllis Kramer

    Even tho this is not a new show we decided to watch it a second time and enjoyed it just as much if not more – it had excitement in every episode. It was clean no swearing and interesting I would love to see a spinoff with Cady Longmire being the new Sheriff with Walt as a consultant — I loved Lou Diamond Phillips and Mr. Martinez in it very exciting In fact I don’t believer there wasn’t an actor that didn’t do a great job all suited to their characters. Thank you

  215. Catherine Smith

    Love, love, over this show more than any other I have ever watched! Please, somebody, take over this cast and make a spin off or continue the series. I want to see more of Walt and Vic and Cady and Zach and Henry and Mathias (really everyone on the show)! Y’all cannot let such a great show with so many fans get laid by the wayside. There is so much more that can be done with this storyline. Please, anybody! Help us out!

  216. Nancy Jones

    Keep show “Longmire” on for many more seasons,it is a great show.Love all the actors & great stories

  217. Jo Anne

    I’ve read all the Longmire books. Some TV characters don’t match the book characters (Vic & Lucien) but I don’t care. I loved this show, my cov-id binge. So sorry to say goodbye. Will have to revisit the books now to get over my broken heart.

  218. Fran Scalf

    We Loved this show. Didn’t want it to end. Please consider bringing it back. In a time when there is so much “crap” on TV it was awesome to be able to watch this series.
    We finished season 7 last night and we miss it already. All the characters have become “friends” to us.

  219. virginia schmidt

    how about continuing with sheriff cady longmeir and have vic help her show how henry is at casino. i want more dont stop

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