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Longmire season 7 ?

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Longmire season 7 release netflix

Give us the release date for Longmire season 7!!! We are waiting for the new episodes or the spin-off on Netflix in 2018-2019!

Do you expect the returning of the series Longmire on Netflix in 2018? The release date for Season 7 is still being waited by many fans of this television western drama.

Bad news… The right holders stopped the shooting process, because all episodes had been filmed and the renewal was not planned. In November 2016, Netflix representatives told the fans that there were 10 new episodes, which would complete the story called Longmire. Of course, viewers have not been pleased with such news, because few people are ready to say goodbye to this amazing project.

The show was canceled in 2014 by A&E, and Netflix became the “second home” for the project. The producers John Coveny and Hunt Baldwin were grateful to this service for interest in their work and they were able to give the fans such an ending that they deserved, but not a break in the storyline.

Now it is already known that there will not be 7th season of Longmire, so don’t look for the release date. We just have to thank the creators of the series and the representatives of Netflix for the excellent collaboration, because these people heard the requests of the fans and did everything possible to complete the show logically.

By the way, there is a possibility of creating a spin-off, so we are looking forward to the news from the right holders on this matter. Support the TV series Longmire in the comments.

Should it be a Season 7? How do you think?

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