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«Dexter» season 8: release date

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When will «Dexter» season 8 premiere? Renewed or Cancelled? Air date is known!

«Darkly Dreaming Dexter» novel, written by Jeff Lindsay, was successfully filmed by James Manos Jr. as a complete series called «Dexter». Due to the special storyline of the show it stays on top during 7 years already. It includes 7 seasons, each of which comprises 12 episodes.

Hardly had the final episode of Season 7 been aired, the creators announced a possible continuation of «Dexter» for Season 8. Sara Colleton, one of the executive producers of the show, announced the release date (air) for the new episodes. In one of her interviews she said that the eighth season of «Dexter» show would be the final one and the last 12 episodes were just in process of filming. The premier episode will be broadcast on June 30, 2013, despite the fact that all the previous seasons have been premiered in autumn.

According to Sara Colleton, the producers already know what ending the show should have to be finished logically and to make TV viewers satisfied. It should be noted that the first episode of «Dexter» Season 7 was watched by more than 3 million TV viewers.

Do you expect new episodes or the story isn’t that interesting any more?

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