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2 Broke Girls season 6 premiere date

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2 Broke Girls season 6 premiere date

When will 2 Broke Girls season 6 be out on CBS? Do you want to know the exact premiere date in the Fall 2016? Let’s wait for the start!

Original network: CBS
Editors: Darryl Bates, Ben Bosse, Peter Chakos
Cinematography: Chris La Fountaine, Gary Baum, Joseph W. Calloway

After the fifth season of “2 Broke Girls” fan base fell below the mark of 6 million people, many experts began to “bury” the project. Of course, CBS channel did not intend to keep the unprofitable show on the air, so then the fate of the sixth season was in question.

Fortunately, the rating of the series a little bit raised after the next episodes that allowed CBS representatives to announce the renewal of this project for the sixth season.

According to the announcement on March 25, the new episodes are expected in the fall 2016, but the exact start date is not known (UPDATE). We are following the news and will update the article, well, you support the series, because the creators need to know the opinion of the fans.

2 Broke Girls season 6 premiere date – [October 10, 2016] (9 pm, one-hour premiere)

Go ahead, 2 Broke Girls!

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  1. Valerie

    Hillarious show, all great actors! Very happy to hear, been reading that the ratings were down and that CBS might drop the show.

  2. Byron B.

    OMG… Season 6? Really? 2 Broke girls has no new and interesting storyline! Most stupid, annoying show on TV!

  3. Emily

    I like 2 Broke Girls I am enjoying the show. Sad that Mike and Molly is ending…

  4. Tyler

    Love this show but I think season 5 wasn’t their best.

  5. Kirk Reid

    Another season of this crappy show yet you cancel Mike & Molly. That show is so much better than this one!

  6. Marcia Freeman

    This show is Hilarious! I can’t believe the negative comments.

  7. Kim

    Glad to hear my favorite show is getting another season : ) …..sad that the ratings have been down ….only hope if it turns out to be the last season they tie up any loose ends and go out with quality not disappointingly like I’ve seen series do in the past …maybe a few extra episodes ?…..and love interests for Earl and Han would be nice too ……how about another wedding ….Earl tying the knot would be fun : )

  8. Strawberry Sunshine

    I laugh at every episode of 2 BG and I NEVER get a laugh at the loud and dumb Big Bang. More Girls!

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