Nov 25

666 Park Avenue season 2 ?

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666 Park Avenue season 2

When will 666 Park Avenue season 2 come out? Will there be the new season or not? We are follow the news and still waiting for the release date on ABC.

Give us the release date of the 2nd season of 666 Park Avenue! This is the requirement of the series fans, despite of the fact that the show was canceled in 2013.

The right holders gave time to the team of creators to complete the TV-project logically and in the last two episodes to answer all the questions of the fans. Unfortunately, many viewers were dissatisfied with the finale and did not want to forgive ABC channel so early canceling of the show.

At the moment, no channel is discussing with ABC on the buying back the rights to develop Season 2 of 666 Park Avenue, so the release date of new episodes is unlikely to be announced in the near future. What is the reason for such a rapid falling of the series rating? Did David Wilcox and his team fail to do their job?

We are waiting for your opinion in the comments below. If there is official information about the development of the second season or even rumors we will publish it here immediately. Do not miss!

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