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Agents of SHIELD season 5 release date

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Agents of SHIELD season 5 abc

Will there be Agents of SHIELD season 5? When will episode 1 be released? We are waiting for the exact release date on ABC in 2017.

Are you waiting for the 5-th season of the series Agents of SHIELD? What is already known about the release date and is the show even renewed?

This TV-project from Marvel Television is in very difficult situation. Rating has dropped to a mark of 0.8, and this gives rise to the cancellation of the series. The worse grades have only Quantico and Conviction, but the viewers of Agents of SHIELD are the minimum (about 2.5 million).

ABC representatives did not wait for the final of the fourth season and has raised the issue of further production. New episodes will be financed only if the creators can provide strong arguments for the protection of the series, because no one will keep on the air unprofitable TV-project.

Agents of SHIELD season 5 release date – [December 1, 2017]

There is still no official verdict from ABC, but there are rumors that Agents of SHIELD is going not very good. So will it be Season 5? Very soon we know it!

UPDATE 1 (May 11, 2017): ABC has renewed the ratings-challenged Agents of SHIELD series for Season 5.

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  1. mike keating

    seriously ABC is a wasteland of do nothing shows . Agents of shield is the only show I still watch on ABC . If they were to follow in the footsteps of the CW they might make it to number 1 again they certainly have a trove of intellectual material to pull from, But instead we get the real O Neills ….. and more scandal which was good the first season then it just rehashes sad.

  2. L. Presher

    Agents of Shield is the only show I watch on ABC. If it gets cancelled, I won’t be watching your network for anything else. I am in suspense every time I watch it and anxiously await every episode and then I rewatch it in the summer on Netflix. Please don’t cancel it.

  3. Krista

    I love Agents of Shield! Every episode is so intense and it always gets me excited to watch the next episode. It’s the only Marvel spin off that’s actually appropriate to watch. Please keep it on. But if you are dead set on kicking it off, it LEAST end it on a more complete note this season.

  4. charles

    easily one of the best shows on tv right now. as a net work you will always get spill over fans from all the marvel movies being released, its a win win.

  5. ComicHoarder

    I have been reading the Avengers since they were 15 cents and have over 35,000 Marvel Comics. There are so many directions Shield could go and they have missed some opportunities. If they were to hit them, there would be more viewership. If Agents Of Shield is cancelled, I will be only watching two shows on ABC; Marvel’s Inhumans (for 1 hour) and The Middle (30 minutes)-one less viewer for ABC next season.

  6. Chris

    This is the problem when television takes on great material and handles it like everything else. They twist it, bend it and end up ruining it. There is no finality but rather just a series of cliff hangers to get people to tune in for the next show and then the next season. They’ll drop bombshell after bombshell until the story line dies from exposure to senselessness and a major portion of the audience becomes tired of the gyrations to nowhere and move on. It isn’t the show that fails it’s their cookie-cut presentation. All the shows that go on for over ten seasons don’t follow the constant bombshell/cliffhanger mantra that never goes the distance.

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