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American Crime season 3 start date 2017

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American Crime season 3 start date

Whewn will American Crime season 3 come out? Do you want to know the premiere date in 2017 on ABC? Let’s wait for the start!

The winner of the Oscar John Ridley is a creator of the popular television series American Crime, which debuted on ABC in March last year. Numerous nominations for prestigious film awards quickly have ensured the project’s renewal for a second season, the start date which was appointed to the beginning 2016.

The number of fans of this show in the USA currently exceeds 3.2 million people, but it is worth to remind that the first season finale was watched by 1 million viewers more. Should fans worry about the renewal of the series for a 3rd season?

The creators of the show and the ABC representatives are discussing about financing of the new episodes, but unfortunately, they still cannot gain understanding in this matter. Team of John Ridley is unlikely to close the work of the project, so it is not worth to expect “surprises” from them, but for ABC the most important is series rating, which, unfortunately, is not as high as before.

American Crime season 3 start date – [March 12, 2017] (UPDATE 1)

So will they announce the premiere date of the third season? Wait for the announcement!

UPDATE 1 (May 12, 2016): ABC has renewed its anthology drama American Crime for Season 3.

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  1. Wanda

    Please don’t cancel this show. How can there not be a third season?

  2. Jessie Hines

    I’m hooked on the series. I really want a season 3. But I swear this show is breaking my heart, its massage is very powerful and overwhelming. The best show in all of television!

  3. ==Alexander==

    This show is amazing. It lets you see inside of the minds of people. Make Season 3, ABC. I seriously!

  4. Marie

    Awesome show! I can’t believe the people that aren’t watching this.

  5. Kristina N.

    We need Season 3! This show is absolutely amazing! Heartbreaking storyline!

  6. 8-Cary-8

    The scripts, the actors, the story line is amazing. This show deserves third season!!!

  7. Sophie Farmer

    These actors deserve Emmy nominations. I love everything about this show, it is so real. I’m in awe of this magnificent storyline. Please, don’t stop, ABC make Season 3 and 4!

  8. Miss C

    American Crime gives a reason to watch television. Its thought-provoking plots promote discussion. The stories show the good, bad, ugly and beautiful in all people.

  9. Barbara

    This is a great show – so current on touchy topics!!

  10. G. Mendez

    I started watching the series on Netflix and was addicted, so powerful, so moving and so real to the world. I loved it and I’m glad I took a chance on this show because I absolutely love it and I would love for there to be more seasons. This is the reason I ended up here because I was looking for a possible start date to season 3, CANT WAIT!!!!! Please continue this show!!!

    • Linda welsh

      This is as good as This is Us

  11. Rhonda Gribbins

    absolutely love this show…we have been watching several different series ..just finished Narcos and are almost through the second season of American Crime..can’t wait for a third!!!

  12. Becca Gerbeck

    This show is great! Cant wait for the new season in March, we need to keep shows like this.

  13. Linda welsh

    I love this show. Please dont cancel

  14. Robin Greene

    I enjoy the show much more than any of the other network’s shows. American Crime is 1 of 3 I watch every time it comes on. With much anticipation, I must add.

  15. Erin

    Please keep this show. I love this show. For me, this is the absolute best show on television. The Minds of those Bigwigs at ABC have got to bring in the viewers. The cast, writers, director, producers, everyone else involved is doing their part. And an awesome job at that.

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