Mar 11

«American Horror Story» season 3: air date

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When will «American Horror Story» season 3 air? What is known about premiere?

Horror-thriller «American Horror Story» series is being produced by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and broadcast on FX channel.

The premier episode of Season 1 was broadcast at the beginning of October, 2011. The last one (season 2) was aired in January, 2013. The experts emphasize the huge success of the series, which received many critics’ acclaims. Numerous nominations of the given story and its actors for various film awards confirm the fact that the show should be renewed.

Long before the end of Season 2, the fans of the series started asking about new episodes. With no hesitation the rightholders announced that they had already ordered 13 new episodes in November, 2012. Inside TV published the official announcement of FX channel representatives, where they promoted «American Horror Story» Season 3 series project. The air date (start) for the new episodes is scheduled for October 9, 2013 as it has been expected.

What do you want out of season 3?

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  1. Blue

    I hope Evan Peters is in season 3! Awesomely written show. can’t wait new episodes! Where can watch new episodes?

    • apple

      he is

  2. bossonova

    I am hooked and ready for Season 3

  3. chanda

    Can’t wait for season 3 !!!

  4. Aylen

    I’m completely addicted! Early release please!!!!!

  5. Desrtsun6

    CAN’T WAIT TILL OCTOBER!!!!!!! C’mon hurry up….I’m tired of reruns!!!! LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!! I HAVE EVERYONE I TELL ABOUT IT HOOKED!!!!!

  6. Constance

    BEST writing ever and the actors are amazing! So damn hooked!

  7. Tiffany

    I want to see the same type of blood and guts T&A as the last 2 seasons. Every episode was a new discovery and had us on the edge of our seats. We PVR’d them just to watch them over and over again. I love Jessica Lange and to have some of the same cast members repeated over in different rolls was a great idea! Please release it early. People can’t wait.

  8. sghernandez

    i saw each season in one day. its so hard to sleep when u get hooked. made me feel how people on drugs feel. I ant wait for more.

  9. Love this show look forward to the new season.

    Love this show everyone in the show is great.

  10. Darlene

    Can’t see how season 2 can be topped; it was fantastic! I can’t wait for season 3.

  11. Liz Martinez

    I love, love this show, i got all my friends and family hooked on it.
    Can not wait for Season 3. Big fan of Jessica Lange, she is the best.
    Love, love Evan Peter, please do not get rid of him. Him & Jessica are the
    best on the show. But i got to say everyone else is good at the role they played.

  12. chris barlow

    When will part 3 be release to buy. Im dieing to see it, loved the first 2

  13. Melanie Ryan

    Why hasn’t Season 3 been released?

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