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American Odyssey season 2?

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American Odyssey isn’t yet canceled as well as isn’t yet renewed for Season 2 by the NBC management. We are waiting for the news and premiere date!

TV-channel: NBC
Created by: Peter Horton, Adam Armus, Kay Foster
Genre: Action, Drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 5.37 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 9: 2.97 million U.S. viewers

Despite the mixed reviews of critics and constant decrease of the auditory the television series «American Odyssey» keeps its positions on NBC. Every Sunday the show is being watched by more than 3 million Americans, which is enough for its renewal for a second season.

However, the rights holders don’t hide they have expected more fans.

The rumors that the television series will get the new time slot and soon will be completely removed from NBC turned to be false, that’s why we shouldn’t draw the hasty conclusions on the premiere date of Season 2!

American Odyssey season 2 start – [series cancelled]

Let’s wait for the official announcement of the rights holders. Don’t miss!

UPDATE 1 (June 30, 2015): Bad news. NBC canceled the series after one season.

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  1. Sheila

    This story is original. Don’t cancel American Odyssey like State of Affairs which was also a nice show.

  2. Victor Hines

    I hope they keep them.

  3. chr1sta

    Please do not cancel American Odyssey. This is one of the few shows my husband and I both watch.

  4. 2Tracy

    I want her to come home, but I do not want the series to end! Make season 2!

  5. Peggy W.

    I love this show and hope to see a season 2

  6. Vanessa (KL)

    Don’t touch American Odyssey!!! Start cancelling those cr*ppy reality shows!

    • flordiaman44


    • Kipper

      Amen to that.

  7. A.N.G.

    Give this show a chance! It is so intriguing, dramatic and dynamic!

  8. Mark II

    Please renew American Odyssey! #saveamericanodyssey

  9. Alou

    Let’s have Season 2 !!!! Love this Show!!

  10. Jack

    This is one of the best TV Series I have seen in years and to cancel after 1 season is an insult to intelligence, especially when contrasted against the plethora of so much stupid and irrelevant trash being shown. Shame on the producers.

    • Lindy

      Agree with Jack! Don’t cancel a show that has no end!!!! IT’S thought-provoking, interesting, and well cast.

  11. Claudia Yutko

    Can not believe you would cancel this show. I really get frustrated. First Allegiance gets cancelled (thank God for Hulu, which allowed it to air the first full season) and now American Odyssey. How can you let it just end like that? I totally agree with Jack. It is one of the best TV Series and yet you keep on the trash and stupid nonsense. No wonder America is like it is.

  12. John Jenkins

    I can only think there is a political motive behind cancelling a great show like this when you get other shows that are nowhere near as enthralling as this, from a UK viewer!!!!

    • Jim Budd

      Hi John, Is this you from the 69th NYV. I loved American Odyssey also. I think this show stepped on someone’s toes. To much truth in it. Jim Budd 69thNYV

  13. JaniceLuippold

    I hope this show gets renewed, Season one was brilliant I could not wait from week to week for the next episode. To cancel would be an injustice to us. The viewers. Please do not cancel fantastic show.

  14. Debbie

    Cancelling American Odyssey has made me really sad. It seems that a lot of the shows that I watch weekly have been cancelled. Please reconsider not renewing this show.

  15. Jan

    Please continue this series. Too many loose ends yet to tie up. I raced home from Church every Sunday evening to watch. Normally I never turn on a TV unless I put in my own DVD to play. I have to find out what happens to Aslam and to Odelle anbd the rest of the characters.. If you don’t run it on a regular channel. will it be availabvle on DVD?? Oh I do not have cable so it won’t help me to run it there… KEEP IT GOING!!!

  16. jo

    I can’t believe they are going to cancel this show!!! I am shocked!!!! This show is original and stands on its own and the acting is excellent!!! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!

    Thank you!

  17. LInda Willis

    I’m in agreement with all the comments above. Trash tv lives on and quality tv gets cancelled . UGGHH ! COULD another network and new sponsors pick it up for Season 2 ? PLEASE !!!!

  18. Lynda and Randy

    American Odyssey is a great show. The last show of season one ended great and we all want to see how she over comes. pleasssse bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. dammy

    Pls don’t cancell America odyssey season 2 it has to be realise pls

  20. Brian Jerome

    Can’t believe you would cancel this OUTSTANDING show!!! You were probably coerced to cancel by the OBAMA administration because subject matter is to hot for the GENERAL PUBLIC TO HANDLE?
    As an original TV Series it has a great popularity and even larger audiences would watch!

    • flordiaman44

      Brian I think your on to something

  21. joe o'neill

    this show is one of the best on tv. it’s probably got more truth to it than people realize.

  22. Betsy Smith

    Love this show. So exciting. Can’t believe it is cancelled. Please bring it back for another season..

  23. CoDee

    I love this show!!!!! Keep it please!!!!

  24. Joe

    Seriously!!!!! DO NOT CANCEL THIS SERIES!!! BS!


    one of the kind in 21 century…..good stuff

  26. debi

    I agree with all of the above comments. This show was unbelievable! Probably the most reality “reality” show ever! Someone needs to pick it up and make all that money!

  27. Holly

    Every time there is a great show that maybe didn’t take off quickly because the day or time wasnt right. It gets cancelled it is so frustrating..it makes you not even want to start a new show. I agree state of affairs was also a good one. I hope they keep it.

  28. IS

    the date and time slot always predicts what shows will be cancelled, its like you bastards put shows at sh*t times because u want it to fail. something wrong with ppl.

  29. Lobster Rancher

    They can’t do this to us. Bring Odell home.

  30. Sadie

    American Odyssey was a great, realistic and important show. I feel it was dead on with the truth in reality. If you cancel this show, it will confirm that NBC caters to special interest, now the general public.

  31. Bonnie

    Please do NOT cancel American Odyssey. A great show that needs to be concluded. I have been watching and waiting for he new air date. There have been many shows cancelled that there never seems to be any reason for. Get rid of the same old same old shows that are all alike with differernt names. This is original and well worth keeping.

  32. Chirs Monopoli

    Don’t cancel American Odyssey it is a great show it draws you in just waiting to see what happens next. It is a big change from all the boaring and wore out reality shows that are just total shit to start why keep them and get rid of the good shows that seems to happen all the time

  33. stanley williams pius

    please do not cancel American odyssey, its an appealing movie that gives one the heart and motive to always remember that someone out there is doing the right thing, compelling one to emulate it aswel .

    No no no please NBC we need that movie back in season 2 pls

  34. Gail

    PLEASE RENEW American Odyssey!!!!! My husband and I love this show!

  35. Tina

    How is it that vampire and zombie series keep being made but not the ones that are remotely interesting?

    Truth to close to home??

    • flordiaman44

      Tina, you’re absolutely right. Probably too close to the Obama government. The Series is great

  36. Christine

    Please don’t cancel this amazing series! It is one of the best on TV! I’ve been anticipating a second season and am crushed to hear it’s been cancelled?? Please say it isn’t so! Something interesting and intriguing for a change and it’s cancelled?

  37. Svetlana Miskovic

    I definitely expect to be continued. The ending of the first season was smart and opened the door for clarification or, for more confusion, to be continued. Congratulation to the writers, director and the leading roles. Very, very interesting story.
    I want to see the second season of the American Odyssey. I enjoyed watching it. Good script, interesting story, good performances.

  38. Patricia

    We just finished watching it on Netflix and throughly enjoyed it!! Don’t know how or why we missed it when originally aired! Don’t leave us hanging; we promise to watch Season 2 on NBC!!! Can’t wait!

  39. Edna

    One of the few shows I enjoyed watching and was looking forward to season 2.

  40. CarryAnne

    I’m eagerly waiting Season 2. Excellent writing and acting. Wonderful strong female lead. Bring it back, soon!

  41. Linda Ranta

    I have just watched this on netflix , excellent show , I hope there will be a second season,

  42. D.Potter

    Just watched American Odyssey on Netflix. Of course, I never heard of it before Netflix. This show was excellent and someone else should pick it up to produce Season 2!!!

  43. John Wyckoff

    Binged watched on Netflix.Great show.Wish Netflix would pick up season 2

    • flordiaman44

      John, My wife and I picked up on this series on Netflix and now we are hooked

  44. Jean

    Why did you cancel such a good show

  45. Alex

    Maybe hulu or Netflix will pick up the show and continue it…it’s a great storyline too close too reality…kind of like Jericho was…hope they keep it going so people can continue to question the propaganda!

  46. Maricruz Santana

    Just watched this show on Netflix and i am addicted. I can’t belive it has been canceled. It is one of the better shows on television. Can we get a petition to get this show back on?



  48. Lisa daniel

    It has just released on Netflix and it is the first time I have seen it. Now me and my husband both are hooked on it now they are talking about taking it off air that’s B.S.!!

  49. July

    Finished binge watching American Odyssey on Netflix and could…not…get…enough of this show! It is very dramatic, action packed tells a great story, (that could be true/and/or close to it), has romance and love. I love all of the characters, and oddly enough I love Luc. Its a great intriguing series and has great potential and I hope a great ending after maybe 5-7 seasons. Don’t give up writers ! Do this ! The stories are out there, dig deep and get ’em ! You just cannot leave it like this. It would be so totally wrong.

  50. alan

    This show is too good to take off the air. it has too much originality and a great story line. This show consistently leaves you wanting more. This could easily be a hit show and with its availability on netflix it could easily draw more avid viewers of the show and build a huge following. A series like this cannot go down with out a resolution of all the loose ends that they left us with in the end of the first season. It would be absolutely a terrible decision to cancel this show

  51. Leon Thomas

    Enjoyed the story. Can’t wait for next season! Don’t stop while you are ahead.

  52. Walter

    My wife and I also binge watched this series and both loved it, please continue the show.

  53. David

    Great show keep them coming. If they can make them with the same quality as season 1 I will watch many more seasons!

  54. Carol Hueston

    I saw season one liked very much please don’t cancel. Need to see how it comes out. Need season two.

  55. Cesar Chacon

    If NBC did a better job of advertising this show, I would have watched it. Leave it to Netflix to get me hooked…

  56. Karen

    It is so frustrating when you watch a great TV show that gets canceled because not enough people watch it?? Boy…… I watch series on Netflix and Amazon most of the time. I get up so early in the morning that I have to go to bed early so I don’t get to watch the shows in the evenings. Not all society works the same schedule as the TV show time frames. This was a great show and was so looking forward to watching season two to find out what was going to happen next then finding out that it’s not going to be renewed. Too bad it’s canceled for season two.
    Oh…… It was also rated five star, what the heck???

  57. Carol C. Howard

    I don’t watch Regular TV because I hate commercials. I just finished American Odyssey on Netflix. I am very picky, and I must say I absolutely Love American Odyssey. there are so many cr*ppy shows, please CBS don’t cancel this amazing on your seat edge fabulous show! It is one of the very BEST shows I have ever watched. I am so addicted to this show. I feel so depressed now that Season 1 is over. I was absolutely engrossed in every moment of this show. I want Season 2 and more seasons. It is an awesome wonderful show! I love everything about it. I want to hear that Season 2 will be starting. It’s bad enough to have to wait. I just can’t believe that all of Season 1 I have already watched in just a few nights. xo We can’t leave it where it is.

  58. SRA

    Just Started watching on Netflix watched the first 5 epsodes in a row will finish tonight
    Lets hope for Season 2

  59. Arlene

    Like all the previous watchers/commenters re American odyssey. I’ve been addicted to it from watching on Netflix. Found the show accidentally. I can am so looking forward to season 2 please do not cancel this amazing show.

  60. Lisa Houck

    Love this show!! My husband and I just learned of it and we are telling everyone they must watch it!! Please, don’t cancel! I would watch this over walking dead any day!!

  61. Michelle

    I’m so upset that NBC would cancel this amazing show!! It had enough followers to get a second season. And I believe that now even more people are watching it on Netflix that they would definitely have an even bigger audience as time goes on!! This is an amazing story and it really sucks not to see how this all would roll out!! Not going to lie NBC, maybe you should do this sooner then get everyone so into it and then never find out what happens!! It’s like not ever being able to finish a book! Unheard of.

  62. Kendal Hill

    DO NOT CANCEL! Please leave something intelligent for us to watch. The show is fantastic.

  63. Holly

    Love the show a s well as state of affairs …hate when shows are cancelled that are so good without a second chance!!!

  64. Shara

    Netflix pick it up?

  65. N Pinter

    This is one of the best shows I have watched. I can’t believe it won’t be renewed. Finally something way better than average. I guess that was the problem.

  66. stan orzechowski

    Please Netflix pick this show up! It will be a huge hit for you and your subscribers……

  67. Cheri L

    I just finished watching the first season of American Odyssey on Netflix and loved it. Please bring it back for season two. I loved the story, characters and actors.

  68. steve kaczmarek

    Great show, excitement plus if it was on ABC or HBO it would be a really big hit. Started watching on NETFLIX and can not wait for season 2 NBC needs to advertise it more on other cable channels. America would love it if they knew about it. It is a thriller

  69. S. Richardson

    NBC OR someone is CRAZY. I loved this show. It was fantastic. I only started watching after a friend told me about it. They sure didn’t advertise very much and why have it on Sunday when everything is on Sunday. Please bring it back. Awesome show. Just let people know it is on.

  70. Kay bass

    The series is amazing……don’t cancel

  71. D Ledford

    My wife and I have completed season 1. What an exceptional show and I hope they doe not cancel it. Well worth watching.

  72. robert mier

    Great show! Who forced it to be cancelled? Makes me suspect a conspiracy.

  73. PAM T

    Intriguing and creative…clever story line…Wonderful acting…keeps the audience awaiting the next episode….so, why cancel? What’s the problem? Hopefully NBC will reconsider … perhaps a Season 2 beginning in January 2017

  74. Lori Duffy

    If NBC cancels this series I will be so mad. I just watched all of Season 1 on NETFLIX and I loved it. If they do I hope NETFLIX will pick it up. They left us on a cliffhanger. Come on NBC don’t leave us hanging. Give us season 2 and a good ending to the story.

  75. Les

    I really enjoyed watching this show and hope that Netflix will pick it up. I only watch on Netflix when a whole season is complete.

  76. Kathy smith

    Just watched American odyssey on Netflix! What a great show! Hope it doesn’t cancel!

  77. Bruno

    I just found this on Netflix, watched the series on the edge of my seat, now I find out it’s cancelled! An Unbelievable good show that must return.

  78. Pam

    Wow! I can’t believe they would cancel this show. I never saw it before Netflix. It says it was on NBC. When?? Maybe more promotion would have helped. My husband and I watched and episode every chance we could, we loved it so much. Boo!

  79. Dave

    I was looking for something new on Netflix last week waiting for new episodes of Bloodline and I tried American Odyssey. Immediately hooked. Watched every episode over three nights. I would make time to watch episodes each week if NBC will keep.

  80. Ann

    We just discovered American Odyssey on Netflix. My husband and I LOVE this series. It is creative, intriguing, and the actors are outstanding. I can believe anyone would do anything but RENEW this series! Please RENEW!! We have been on the edge of our seats through each episode. We will be fans of the show when it’s renewed by NBC.

  81. flordiaman44

    My wife and I picked up on the series on Netflix and are definitely hooked. It’s a great show and we liked it so much we watched all episodes in 3 nights

  82. Susan Anderson

    We loved this show. NBC say it isn’t so. Hopefully someone else can pick it up.

  83. Ruby Cochran

    Just finished episode 1 on Netflix and tried to find out if it will come on again, what a good series, story line and characters as well, thrilling. Please Netflix, lets have more !

  84. JimD

    Love this show and all the great actors. It would be a crime to cancel this great series.

  85. Bell

    Liked this show. Don’t cancel!

  86. Tadeuse Zajdel

    SAW SEASON 1 on Netflix and was looking forward to season 2 . Hope Netflix will give us a proper ending.

  87. jessica

    Found this on Netflix and what a brilliant series this is want to see more please Netflix pick this up

  88. Carol

    Please do not cancel another great show. It makes me realize the networks don’t know what we like and care even less. I can’t stand any more of the junk they keep putting on season after season. Something good is cancelled after 1 season. Bring American Oddysey back.

  89. John

    The only good actor was “Bob!”

    Not surprised it was cancelled even though it had its moments.

  90. Wanda Witherspoon

    NBC was once my favorite network and American Odyssey one of the best shows ever. I hate being forced to just watch Netflix because they are the only ones high caliber program choices. Get your act together, I would love to become a NBC fan again

  91. Laura Froisy

    Just watched season one on netflix. Loved it. Season 2 please

  92. Clair Simpson

    Watched this on NETFLIX and could not stop until I watched all 13, please hurry up with the next series…

  93. Nancee Jefferson

    I think they should bring this back it great

  94. mike peterson

    I hope someone picks up this show, I really don’t care who. Like someone said in another comment get rid of most of the so-called scripted reality shows. This is a show but it touches on the truth a lot maybe some toes were stepped on.

  95. Jc

    My husband found this on Netflix and get me watch it together and we love it so much,
    Been waiting for the season 2 come in , didn’t know they cancelled it ,please don’t it

  96. Connie newton

    Sad there was not a season 2. Network should reconsider this…

  97. james

    I really enjoy watching american odyssey here in Germany. It is so exciting watching it, it’s the like of the walking dead, greys anatomy. The quality it’s really good. Cancelling its a big mistake.

  98. piper

    leave this show . One of the best on RV right now . if you have to remove, something , remove reality cr*p like ‘naked and afraid ‘

  99. Ann

    I enjoyed this show. When season 1 ended and the it ended I thought this should giver the writers a chance to go in another direction with the story line. Odell not allowed into the U.S. is a build up to move the story line back. I was so disappointed. This is a good show, taking it off the air leaves us with so many reality shows. It gets very boring . American Odell kept us guessing how she was going to get out of each situation.. How motherly love for the young boy was very touching.

    Why take the show off the air. It must have been poor judgement on the part of whoever makes the decisions. I believe they had another shot at good show. Not enough PR for the show.

    I though this was qualified to be up there with the winners like HBO, Ray Donovan, and all the other hits.
    The title of the leads you to believe it’s another war show. If they realized it is relative to what is going on in the world today.

  100. lance womelduff

    Excellent series well done Can’t wait for season 2

  101. Eleanor Andry

    Make season 2 please don’t leaving us hanging love season 1

  102. Tengey Eben

    please do not cancel, continue with the season two

  103. Will Harrison

    Make season 2 please do not cancel? This show has leg’s? What do we the viewers know? If I’m sitting in front of the TV PLEASE let it be something with life, Less reality Sihte and mundine dros.

    UK watcher.

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