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Beauty & the Beast season 3: premiere date (2014/2015)

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When does season 3 of Beauty & the Beast television drama series start? Will the show return in 2014/2015 with the new episodes? Save the premiere air date!

TV-channel: The CW
Pilot episode: October 11, 2012
Creators: Sherri Cooper, Jennifer Levin

Season 1 Episode 1: 2.78 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 0.86 million U.S. viewers

Despite the negative comments concerning «Beauty & the Beast» television series and reducing of the fans number in the current year, the show managed to prove its relevance in season 2014/2015.

The CW representatives decided to renew the given drama for the third season and the premiere date of the new episodes was scheduled for Winter 2015 (UPDATE 1). Unfortunately, only 13 episodes instead of 22 as in Season 2, have been financed. Could that mean that the producers want to close the television series after the third season?

This question has no answer, but we will learn more information closer to the premiere. Follow the news and share the new information in comments.

Are you waiting for Season 3?

UPDATE 1 (February 13, 2015): Season 3 will premiere Thursday, May 21, 2015 (at 8/7c). Additionally, the show has been renewed for Season 4.

UPDATE 2 (May 1, 2015): The show has been postponed… Season 3 of the drama now will debut Thursday, June 11, 2015 (at 8/7c).

Are you waiting for the Beauty & the Beast season 5 release date?

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  1. Piter Groer

    I’m happy for you BaTB fans

    • chantal contant

      hi i would likr to know where can i buy the third season in french language

  2. Rozalinda

    This show renewal was a surprise to me

  3. Puck

    I’m so happy. BATB, the actors and fans worldwide deserve the season 3!

  4. Brandy

    dont cancel this show pleaseeeeeeee!

  5. Lorraine

    Beauty and the beast is a great show more and more people are watching it. Please make sure it stays on the air. Its my favorite show

  6. jackie

    I`m really hoping this show doesn`t get cancelled. There`s very little shows that are this great, I work nights and can`t watch til next day. why do the best shows get cancel and the not good ones keep getting funded… I don`t know if writing this helps keeps it on but at least we tried.

  7. Edna

    Don’t cancel the show please I have watch all the episodes season 1 and 2 and the show is awesome and the story lines leaves on the edge of your seat wanting more story lines. Vincent is the man and catherine is his beautiful princess, Gabriel needs to be put out of his misery.

    • Lindsey

      You are totally right! I feel like this show doesnt get enough credit. Its amazing should be given more spotlight. The one kind of annoying thing is that people keep getting in the middle of Vincent and Cat

  8. Soojeong

    I’m really really waiting for this show season3. I wanna see cute and lovely couple Jaysin again season3, season4,season5………This couple looks really gorgeous!!!!

    From Korea

  9. BaTB

    I absolutely love this show glad to see a fairytale turned modern day with a great twist. Just finished ep22 of season 2 and could have sworn there was suppose to be another episode. Guess I have to wait for season 3 hope it comes out soon & hope the series doesn’t get cancelled especially after I just got my friends hooked on it!!! lol ^_^

  10. JEM

    I’ve been a fan of BATB since the original and couldn’t wait to see how the new series was going to compare with its counterpart. It’s great and keeps me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I just can’t wait for the next episode to see what will happen. This show is just great. Please let it continue for more seasons to come.

  11. Charlie

    My 15 yr old granddaughter and I love this show, please keep it going. It’s hard to find a show that doesn’t need have all the sex and crude behavior, but still have action, caring and love. Please keep it going.

  12. Lyndsey

    Don’t cancel the show I just got my sisters into it and try love it as much as I do .. Give the credit they deserve the show is great and give people time to start watching it .

  13. Elizabeth Calton

    I love this show ,not so sexual, but the kind of love we would hope for ourselves. Love the suspense too. I am 82 years and counting. Please consider us and don’t cancel.

  14. Lourdes

    I love the show & thes story lines. I am happy is being renewed for another season. I look forward to what’s come.

  15. ghost

    I love this show and I hope it is not cancelled. I watch it with my 70 year old mother. She loves it as well. I have watched every episode several times. I think the ratings may be lower because people don’t know about it. I think they should advertise more and it will get others interested. Just my opinion

    • pr

      Agree totally, which was brought up in my comment as well.

  16. pr

    I was a fan of the original series with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton and am a loyal fan of VinCat. I, too, have watched the Season 1 episodes over and over again as well as the Season 2 episodes. Didn’t particularly care for Season 2 beginning, but episodes once Tory was gone got better, especially from Last Night through the following six episodes. Episode 22 was the best; I can watch it every day and not get tired of it. We need to keep watching, keep making positive comments to keep this show going. P.S. For the original 1980’s version, there were calendars, books, etc. Now we live in a new media, technological time, no reason not to spread the word. Just saying.

  17. Hannah

    I SO DONT want batb to be canceled it’s my favorite show in the world!!!!
    I’m 13 going on 14 my parents are always at work and when I get home after school batb is the thing I hope to see on my Global Go app. And I also wish it would come out earlier then 2015 of WINTER. Please don’t cancel it and if there’s any way please let it come out earlier !!!

    Sincerely, Hannah<3

  18. karen oxendine

    Yes, I am waiting on for Season 3 to begin! I love, love watching the Beauty and the Beast tv show! I can’t believe that we’re only getting 13 episodes in Season 3, I’m really disappointed, the season will be over, almost before it begins! Why can’t the season 3 start before the winter of 2015? I mean, Really? There’s only going to be 13 episodes, and plus it’s going to be another whole year before it airs on television again! OMG! I don’t want the show to be cancelled! These two actors, Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk, they make/made the show, because they work so awesome together! I’m really going to miss seeing Jay Ryan, he’s a real major heart throb!

  19. Ivy

    Oh! please!!! I am so inlove with BATB! i adore Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk!

    JT! Tess!.. you guys are amazing..

    Season 3 please!!!

    Hi from Philippines 🙂

  20. annelize

    PPPPPPPLLLLLLLZZZZZZZ Don’t cancel the show. One of my favourites…..

    Annelize from South Africa

  21. ghost

    I really don’t want then to cancel this show. I enjoy watching it. i watch this show with my mother and my daughter. i hope there is a season 4 and it has 22 episodes in it and i hope they consider financing more than 13 episodes this time.

    • Shelby beal

      I hope so to cause Vincent and Cat have a very exciting and special relationship going and that type of relationship doesn’t come along everyday! This show doesn’t get enough credit it an amazing tv show!

  22. Danielle Pelser

    They better not cancel this show. I love this show and clearly so everyone else. I just don’t understand why all the good tv seies end and all the bad tv series continues. I absolutely hate it and I hope everyone agrees.

    • sondra

      I totally agree they leave the cr*p on forever and the great shows they cancel. If it doesn’t air until winter 2015 the first 2 seasons will be forgotten sounds like they are trying to kill it before it takes off.

  23. kayobe

    I just cant wait the suspence is too much

  24. denise semenok

    I absolutely love this show and hope it is on for years to come

  25. gel

    Don’t cancel please…

  26. Diana

    Please bring it back soon…….we are all WAITNG !!!!
    Love the show : )

  27. latasha

    Yes I love this,show

  28. Olivia

    I really hope they go for the third season, this show is my life, I’m in love with Kat & Vincent! This show is amazing PLEASE don’t cancel!

  29. Monique

    I love the show as well. I just finished purchasing and watching seasons 1 & 2. I am desperately waiting for the next season!!!! I’m a huge fan!!!!!

  30. Nae

    This show is like my favourite….hurry up and make a new season!

  31. Kristie

    I love this show to the moon and back!! I have been watching from the start and can not wait to watch the next season…. VERY disappointed to hear about the 13 episodes:( NOT COOL!!!!

  32. Love Beauty And The Beast

    Please don’t stop this show, we hate some of the new ones like the virgin and whos line is it anyway. We want B & the B back!

  33. shirl

    I’m sad to see that season 3 has been shortened to only 13 episodes. You give the public a show they like and then once they get hooked on the characters and storyline you start taking it away. I hope this isn’t a precursor to the show getting cancelled after season 3. It would be a shame.

  34. Dionna

    Please don’t cancel this show I tune on every time it comes on and I really love this show!
    Please keep this show going and renew this show so that we could see the full 22 episodes!

  35. Maria

    I’m terribly disappointed every time I get hooked on an excellent TV series like BATB (smallville, Merlin etc.) the powers to be have no 2nd thoughts of canceling/shelving them. They don’t care much how real people get so much from watching these shows which should be a consideration before cancelingthe show. They do not care how many millions are following the show, like Merlin which had millions of fans. I know that the producers have the main control but I don’t get their reasons for canceling shows apart from lack of viewers which is not the case in most of these shows. This is why viewers like myself have started to stick with movies in demand rather than TV series to avoid being “dumped” and left hanging. TV will soon be extinct and we’ll lose a great venue of imparting not only American tradition but culture/values applicable across generation. So very SAD!

    • Beast lover

      Agreed, once we as viewers/fans get Hooked they cancel on us without warning sometimes and that’s not fair to us. But I truly enjoy and love this show I’m hoping nothing but the best!! With many more seasons to go

  36. Joyce

    I hope they do not cancel the show .I am in my 50tys and I really love this show it is one of the best on the air,,,I have been a fan since it started ,,there is enough good shows they already canceled due to reality shows,,,which most of they s*ck,,,don’t ask me why when they finally make a good show they always ended up making away with it,,so please from the Fans,,do not cancel the BATB…and I hope they do air more then 13 episodes,,,LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW

    • Holly

      I am 52 and love it too!

  37. Maggie

    Please don’t cancel the show I love it so much !❤️

    • Polina

      Me too!

  38. Carrie

    BATB is a very well-written show!! It has great actors that have grown and developed into believable and loved characters. BATB deserves a FULL 3rd season. Please share the start date of season 3 soon!

  39. Crystal

    This is my absolute favorite show. My husband and I watch and record it every time it comes on. Please don’t cancel it. We are hooked!!! I don’t understand how spin offs like The Originals can make it but this awesome show is in limbo. It is awesome! I think it just needs more advertising so more people will watch. It is a great show with an amazing story line.

  40. sondra

    Please don’t cancel BATB I Love this show have purchase season 1 and 2 and keep watching them when will season 3 start? Can’t wait!

  41. Curtis

    In my eyes the show was a complete success please don’t cancel it

  42. Polina

    I agree with everyone’s comments on the beauty and the beast. I can’t wait for season three either. I love cat and Vincent they are so cute together! I’m so happy that gabe got killed finally, he was getting on my nerves. The only person cat needed saving from was him, what a douche bag! Vincent and cat are so cute together. If they were together in real life too because they look really good together period. Too bad he’s already with someone and they had a baby together in reality but if he wasn’t with anyone, I see them too together as a real life couple as well!

  43. Vanessa

    This is my next favorite show after smallville!! It’s even better than Smallville. If batb gets cancelled I might just die!!

  44. Pauline Dumont

    PLEASE DON’T CANCEL THIS SHOW!!! The actors are great together, the plots keep interest from week to week and the MUSIC IS AMAZING. They manage to capture every single nuance of the show. Considering how many really bad shows are on TV right now, this is by far the best. I used to watch nothing but the CW. Now I don’t watch anything and am anxiously awaiting Season 3, with more FULL seasons to come.

  45. Crystal Kawaauhau-Branco

    DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW….,,, this is the only CW show I LOVE…

  46. Andrea

    Please, please do not cancel this show, I am waiting, waiting, waiting……

  47. Beast lover

    PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!! Anxiously awaiting season 3

  48. Cathy R

    I truly hope this will return. It has suspense, drama, romance, etc. Something for almost any viewer.

  49. Ann

    Don’t Cancel!! It’s amazing show! Much better then the shows that are currently on air.

  50. caleb

    please we would like a third season. its so interesting. 3rd season plsssssssssss

  51. Ada 9

    I need beauty and the beast I need season 3 if you do not make it I will die!!!!!!!!

  52. Lottie

    I love beauty and beast I just finish the series on netflix can’t wait until season 3

  53. Brenda

    CW network, do yourself a favor, market this show. That is unless you are not interested in a long running show that people love and feel like they can”t live without. I am among that number. I have nothing but praise for the actors and crew on this show. Watch BATB and Arrow side by side and take note of the best leading man , the best direction, the best supporting actors and so on. Am totally addicted to the show. Please don” t cancel.

  54. Sharon

    wonderful! i am so happy!!!!! CW does not market this show at ALL!
    i love this show…..the romance is beautiful. if we can make room for
    vampires, then there should be room for a beast as handsome as Vincent.
    they made his beast so much better looking for season 2 which was great but they should
    not have taken his scar away. it made him so menacing and added to the
    beast image.
    he appears more so like a lycan. (in season 1, he looked terrible when he changed
    and that was understandable financially.) i especially love when he tells Cats sister not to overreact to what she sees and what she sees is incredibly done!!!!! the change is so well done!!!! the season 2 beast is tough as hell and hopefully in season 3, we see even more incredible abilities!!
    no more trying to kill Vincent, lets have him be the reluctant and acknowledged hero this time! His incredible abilities should make him an even better doctor now.
    i sincerely hope they are not mucking with us about a season 4. that would be terrible.
    lets sit tight and wait anxiously for May!!!!!!

  55. Vicki Agnew

    I LOVE Beauty and The Beast! Please keep it going for many seasons!!

  56. Lisa

    I Love Beauty and The Beast!!! Please keep it going! Would love to see many seasons to come! PLEASE!!!!!

  57. Pauline Young

    This show is the greatest, I go to work, come home and watch… Hang out with my girlfriends come home and watch . For three days I would spend my entire free time in bed watching with my IPad the movements of Vincent and Katherine.. I could not get enough of the show. Pls I am now watching reruns of the show until the next new episode comes on. I thank God I can come home to relax and lose myself and be truly entertained, I love Beauty and The Beast..,,
    Pls keep it on….ALOHA

  58. Diane

    Please, please, please do NOT cancel this awesome show. There are not shows like this with a love story like this that touch the soul and give us what we’d all like to have in our love lives. Jay Ryan and Kristen Kreuk are the bomb. Their chemistry is outta this world. To the top guy at the CW you have a masterpiece in your hands don’t let it get away.
    Thanks, please keep in own.

  59. Kimberly

    I love this show please don’t cancel it we all love it and want it to continue so from the fans keep it going thanks..

  60. Ligia

    Just start watching on Netflix and completely fell in love. I’m so happy they didn’t cancel .
    Please do not cancel !

  61. dee boyer

    I lovethis show but I hate gabe

  62. LJ

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this show! I hope financing is secured for more episodes and I’m happy to see the Season 4 pickup.

  63. KCP

    I LOVE this show!!! I’m hoping that we get more than 13 episodes for season 3! And I hope it stays renewed for season 4 and then 5 and on and on! This show is unique, thrilling, full of action, romance; it has it all! Please ABC and the CW, keep it coming!!!! We’re your viewers and this is what we want!!!

  64. KCP

    Also, Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan are perfect together!! Their chemistry is amazing, and watching them overcome crazy hurdles and still always end up together, in each other’s arms fuels the show. Because we get so much reality in this world, it’s nice to see this fairy-tale type of endurance of being in love no matter what! Please let us keep this series for more reasons than I can mention! I think a lot of people absolutely love, love, love the show! And having Kat and Vince together at the end of the day lets us experience non-reality for a short time! Please keep BATB coming!

  65. Betty N-M

    I have bought the whole Original Series with Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. I didn’t think anything would compare. When I 1st saw the 1st Season running it was on Episode 3. I immediately fell in love and got my Sisters and other Family Members watching. I love love love this show!!! I bought the whole Season and Season 2 thereafter. I love Kristen Kreuk and Jay Ryan in this new BATB Series. I agree with most and wish it got more publicity. CW50 is not a channel I generally tune to and was just surfing when I found it. Boy am I glad I did. Please keep it going. This is the most fresh and exciting series out there. Everyone is asking ME when it is coming back. I keep searching the Web just to get an update and pass the news on. I know they have started shooting, so please get it on the air soon!!!! A BATB Fan forever!!!!

  66. SM

    June 11 now? OMG The CW )))

  67. Paul0

    I’m just happy BATB is coming back for a third and fourth season.

  68. Emily

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I binge watch season 1 and 2 on Netflix all the time and I CAN NOT WAIT for Season 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Holly

      Exactly, me too!

  69. Christina

    My daughter and I are so excited for Season 3!

  70. Gloria Davis

    I am so happy to know BATB is back finally coming back

  71. Booper

    Pleeeeeaaaassssse STOP pushing this release date back. I had marked my Calendar for tonight and forgot to change it. 6/11/15 is long enough to wait for a really really really good show I absolutely LOVE!!!!

  72. Holly

    Love this show! Please do not cancel! I just started watching it on Netflix, and i watch one episode after the other….like a book one can’t put down. I am already in season 2. Love the characters and Ryan and Kristin together. They need to hire Ryan for more movies…romantic and/or historical movies or fantasy. They both are doing really well in TBATB.

  73. Daisy

    I have been waiting since the end of season 2 for you to start season 3. I am so glad you are back. Please do not change the release date again I have been waiting too long. This is one of the best shows that have ever been put on television. You would be plain out STUPID to cancel Beauty and the Beast. I love Vincent and Catherine .

  74. Leo

    I didn’t know about BATB series until this July and I’m hooked. I’m in my 60’s and didn’t stop watching 1 & 2 continuously until it was finished and now can’t wait for Episode 3. Please don’t cancel!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Destiny

    PLEASE you can not cancel this show!!!!!!!!

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