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Being Mary Jane season 4 premiere date

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When will Being Mary Jane season 4 come out on BET? We want to know the premiere date in 2016. Let’s wait for the start!

Original network: BET
Created by: Mara Brock Akil

Drama television series Being Mary Jane managed to surprise its viewers in 2015! During the premiere of its third season the number of its fans comprised more than 2.2 million people, which became a pleasant surprise for the creators.

Also, it should be mentioned that the number of visitors of its official webpage on increased by 90% in comparison with the previous year, and it is discussed more vividly.

Now the rights holders should make a decision concerning ordering of Season 4 of the given show. However, given the excellent rating of the series, we shouldn’t worry about its renewal.

At the moment the premiere date of the new episodes on BET hasn’t been announced yet, but experts believe we will enjoy the new season in 2017.

Being Mary Jane season 4 start date – [January 10, 2017] at 9:00 PM on BET

Let’s wait for the creators’ verdict! Would you like Season 4 to be released?

UPDATE 1 (January 6, 2016): Good news! BET has renewed the Gabrielle Union-starring drama for Season 4. Premiere Date – January 10, 2017.

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  1. L Lyons

    Being Mary Jane is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. I can definitely relate as a single woman of color living in Atlanta. I hope to see many more seasons to come. Great job BET.

  2. CB

    Being Mary Jane is the realest show I have ever seen. It is an exact portrayal of a young professional woman. You want to be her and also not her, it’s compelling and highly addictive. Not to mention there is plenty of eye candy!

  3. Drea

    Love this Show! It’s Raw & Gets Real. It’s Life & Life Happens. Love it! Cant wait for the next Season… Season 4.

  4. Ntombekhaya

    This is a good a show by far, love watching it as it portrays the honest everyday struggles of a single woman. Can’t wait for season 4

  5. Wanda

    I really enjoy the show — please bring it back SOON!

  6. Carol

    Love the story lines – I’m hooked. Please bring back BMJ soon!

  7. Natasha

    I love this show! It’s one of those shows that you just want more of. Good job BET!

  8. Terri

    I’m watching season 3 now. I’m sure they’ve worked out the directing kinks to allow this well written show to flourish on tv. We love real life reenacted, and Mary Jane exposes its audience to topics that are conversation-worthy as well! So I have one question..When is season 4 coming??! -I’m dying here.

  9. Ky

    love the show!! please bring it back and let Mary Jane and David be together!!!

  10. Alicia

    For a person that has not enjoyed T.V. for a long time, this is a winner indeed. Am I the only one that gets a kick out of her sassy mom? She tickles and annoys me. This show is superb. Still mourning the loss of one (don’t want to say for those that have not seen). I’m too sensitive!
    Bring it back, bring it back, keep it! We need this. Please don’t disappoint.

  11. Winnie

    Love, love,love being Mary Jane. Best tv watching in years . Keep up the good work.

  12. Trish

    Love this show waiting for season 4

  13. Dianna M. Douglas

    Anxiously awaiting Season 4 of Being Mary Jane. How much longer? I’m having withdrawal anxiety! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY!

  14. Kimyata Conwell

    My husband and I really love Being Mary Jane!!! The story line is real and easy to follow and we love how it shows a strong, educated, confident, self-sufficient, courageous, independent African American woman, living in today’s society. Our only “complaint”….the length of time between seasons. I really wish it didn’t take so long in between seasons. By the time the new season returns, you need to go back and watch the last 2-3 episodes from the previous season to refresh your memory. #weneedmoremaryjaneandsooner

  15. Dawn

    Hurry hurry hurry I can’t stand it love this show !!!

  16. Toni

    Waiting for it,I love this I can relate and everything she touche turns into golden

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