Oct 26

Boardwalk Empire season 6?

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Has Boardwalk Empire period crime drama been cancelled or renewed for season 6? When does the new episodes premiere in 2015? Bad news about start air date…

TV-channel: HBO
Genre: period crime drama
Created by: Terence Winter

Season 4 Episode 12: 2.18 million U.S. viewers

Season 5 Episode 8: 2.33 million U.S. viewers

Terence Winter, the creators of the «Boardwalk Empire» television series, confirmed the end of the given crime drama in the fall of 2014. It means that the 6th season of the show won’t be produced.

The start date of the 8 final episodes is already published on the official website and, according to Terence, the viewers shouldn’t wait for the new information. He says, that the decision concerning the closing of the show has been taken after long considerations and discussions with the creative team, that’s why the auditory will receive the logical culmination of the story instead of the storyline break.

Perhaps the creators made the right decision, however many fans wanted to see season 6 of «Broadwalk Empire» in 2015, didn’t they?

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  1. Amanda D.

    Please don’t finish this show! I really enjoy it.

  2. Frank

    No season 6 in 2015? Very disappointed! I’ve loved this show since the start. All the actors are great!

  3. Kate Morales

    Please do not end this series !

  4. Alex

    it would be really great news if they have an Al Capone spin off.

  5. Clara88

    I am not happy about the ending of Boardwalk Empire. Give us season 6, please!!! HBO, you can do it!

  6. Daniel (SDP)

    Sad to see it go. Cannot believe…

  7. Sheeeeeer

    It wasn’t cancelled – they just decided to end it. Get it right!

  8. Elena Mutis

    Grear show! I hope for season 6 in 2015.

  9. VegaS

    It’s final of the story! NO more seasons! Thank you HBO for 5 good years with Boardwalk Empire.

  10. =Laam=

    Everything I watch has already ended (((

  11. lindy bridwell

    please continue boardwalk empire season 6…hbo, you can do it !!!! its the best show !

  12. Carol Matsumoto

    Why on earth do you want to end this series? Your writers can’t be out of ideas yet.

  13. Deb Espo

    Just finished watching season 1 & 2 of: The Fall it only took me 1 1/2 days to watch.
    I couldn’t stop the story line kept me in dispence. Every episode was intense I cannot wait for season 3 to start filming…my only regret is the anticipation it will take before reaching the United States.
    Excellent acting on everyone’s part…
    One of the BEST drama series I’ve seen in a while…
    Special thanks to the director and the writers…you all deserve such GREAT recognition.

    Debra Esposito

  14. Lourdes

    Good actors are hard to come by…I can’t believe your ending the show!

  15. Richard Dennis

    Please, please do not end this series, one of the best, I,m up to season 6. I, ve bought the lot so far. Great acting and story line

  16. Julie

    Finally catching up with the last series – and so fantastic! Kudos to everyone connected with the show. Every episode beautifully written and realised. Acting superb. So hard to pick a favourite. Gretchen Mol (wow), Jack Huston, Michael K Williams, Patricia Arquette, Shea Whigham and of course the only and only Steve Buscemi. Too many to mention. Production values stunning. I wish it would never end….

  17. Howard LaPointe

    I think that the series should at least go into the period when FDR is elected and the end of Prohibition. The final scene in the final episode leaves one with the impression that Nuky Thompson was killed when in fact the real Enoch Johnson whom the Thompson character portrays didn’t die until sometime in the 40s, 1946 I believe.

  18. Christina Redshaw

    Please bring back this show best ever series watched all the series 3 times

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