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Bosch season 3 release date

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bosch season 3 release date

Will there be Bosch season 3? Do you want to know the release date for the third season? Is the series Renewed or Cancelled?

In February 2015 the series Bosch debuted on Amazon Prime.

It is about the story of a detective by the name of Harry Bosch, who works in the department of murders in Los Angeles. Harry is investigating the case throughout his life, which takes place in every cop’s life and it does not allow him to sleep easy. We are talking about the mysterious murder of a 13-year-old boy. The situation is complicated by the fact that he himself is accused of murder, and, along with the disclosure of the case, the hero has to prove his innocence.

Of course, such stories are not the first time found a place on television, but still, this film works by Michael Connelly was able to win the attention of viewers and has been renewed for a second season.

Brian Moylan of The Guardian noted that the show similarities with other detective series could negatively affect its ratings in the future, and Brian Lowry of Variety said that the series “feels undercooked”.

Bosch season 3 release date – [April 21, 2017] (UPDATE 2)

So are there any chances of the show Bosch for Season 3? Will it be renewed? We are waiting for the announcement!

UPDATE 1 (April 1, 2016): Amazon has renewed its detective drama Bosch for a 10-episode third season.

UPDATE 2 (Febr.7, 2017): Bosch Season 3 will premiere Friday, April 21, 2017.

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  1. Terry Mathis

    I read all the books. I love this character! So looking forward to it. Make Season 3

  2. Regina

    Great show! Such a well done production from the writing to the cast! Can’t wait to watch season 2 and season 3.

  3. Gladys S.

    Binge watching season 1 this weekend. I’m ready for the new seasons )))

  4. Stacey Willis

    Looking forward to the second and third season, love the cast lineup!

  5. Harriet

    I forgot about this show completely ))) but now I really want season 3!

  6. JR Walton

    I “marathoned” BOSCH Season2 Saturday night to early Sunday morning. I am addicted. When is Season 3

  7. JMG

    I have read all the books. We binge watched season 1 & 2 can’t wait for season 3!!

  8. Rick B

    Please make a season 3. Love Harry Bosch! My new favorite show.

  9. Kathy smith

    Please please make a season three. I love it.

  10. bob

    please make season 3

  11. madelaine

    please make season 3, 4, 5…… This is the best.

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