Feb 18

«Breakout Kings» season 3: release date

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When does «Breakout Kings» season 3 come out? Official premiere (air) date is known?

The crime drama «Breakout kings», aired on the A&E Network, premiered in March, 2011. The pilot episode drew attention of many TV viewers and the participation of Nick Santora and Matt Olmstead, previously working together on Paul Scheuring’s legendary «Prison Break», in the creation of the series, made it successful.

After the airing of the final episode of Season 2, its fans were looking forward to Season 3 of «Breakout Kings», but the representatives of A&E Network did not share their opinions.

Authoritative media immediately reported that Matt Olmstead was already involved in «Chicago Fire» – a new project of NBC channel and that the crew didn’t get the approval to start filming Season 3 of «Breakout Kings». Fans of the Series considered the release date to be in the air but experts emphasized that the project was closed and no further episodes should be looking forward to.

Would you like to see third Season?

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  1. paparoach

    That is too bad!I really enjoyed the show.

  2. Solomon

    why do they always cancel shows with cliffhangers!?

  3. DY

    That is so un called for,a network like A&E to leave there viewers just empty minded . Oh one more thing to have Matt Olmstead just sign off on the show . A&E wouldn’t leave their FAN BASE hanging in the wind ? Would they ???? P.S. Their are other writers out there…

  4. Bill

    Who are the idi*ts that cancel all of the good shows? We want Season 3, 4 and 5.

    • Nikki

      I totally agree this is bull I love this show please bring it back!!!!!!!!

  5. jasmin DC

    If a season 3 does not come out that would make too many fans including myself very pissed off!!! you can’t just start a show like this especially with this kind of success and drop it like a freakin hot potato!!! get it together and make the damn season 3!!!!!!!!! for the fans!!!!!

    • Djones


  6. chenoa

    this is very disappointing it had good stories and good acting i think it would have done better differant time slot or differant network hope to see it on again

  7. Dwayne

    That s*cks. Just watched the first two seasons on Netflix! Loved the show.

  8. Beth

    Gah! Loved this show! It’s a shame it didn’t get renewed.

  9. Vicki

    I am so disappointed that this show was cancelled. It had a great story line and acting.

  10. Rachel

    What’s the point of watching tv, you never know what shows will be canceled. It’s just bs that they just cancel the show like that and not even caring about that viewers. At least A&E could of not left us with a cliff hanger. Go ahead and put another meaningless “reality” show up.

  11. Ray

    Come really this is one of my favorite shows besides supernatural put out in recent years bring it back its a great show with great actors is takin it off worth all this money lose

  12. laura

    why let they end the 2 season like that and then do cancel the show??! i f***ing love that show i want 4 more seasons from it !! bring the breakout kings back!!

  13. jjones

    i’ll stop watching anyting on a&e

  14. Susy

    Ridiculous…..how can they do this to us. They have to bring the show back. To good not to continue

  15. kayc

    Please make more seasons its a great show and lots of people love it. Alot of people are angry including myself but you cant blame us for loving the show so do it for all your fans.

  16. amanda

    please make season 3 i love this show

  17. Gaile

    Just found out there may not be a season 3, that would be terrible it was a great show. It was one of the few shows my husband and I would really enjoy watching together.

  18. Djones

    I really loved this show i wish they would come out with a third season if A&E doesnt want to air it maybe another channel should pick it up either way ti doesnt matter JUST BRING THE SHOW BACK PLEASE!!!!!

  19. chris

    A&E would be very stupid for not bringing this series back for a 3rd season. especially since I know a lot of people that really like the show

  20. Mike

    Why would you cancel a show as good as break out kings, I think I’ll call all a&e’s sponsors and let them know, I will boycott all their products till break out kings is back on the air. I bet they would listen if enough people did the same.

  21. jason

    I would like to start off first by stating how big of a fan my wife and I are of Breakout Kings, we were very disappointed to find out that there isn’t going to be a third season of Breakout Kings and like others would really appreciate it if you guys would rethink that decision and give it another shot!

  22. Asya Hasan

    I just recently viewed Breakout Kings seasons 1 & 2 on netflix, but when I seen there wasn’t a 3rd season after the last episode being a cliff hanger I was highly disappointed. I researched this on the net and to find out there won’t be a season 3 is very disappointing. Networks lose their fan base when they do things like this. A lot of people probably only watched AE because of this show. Shame on them for leaving us hanging like this…

  23. P.Thomas

    I was very disappointed that there isn’t going to be a season 3 for Breakout Kings. It was a awesome show. Its a shame they didn’t let it air. A&E did a very bad job, lost a lot of people because of that show.

  24. Albert L Vazquez

    I think the series is awesome and it wouldn’t be fair for those watching to end it this way.I know I’d like to at least know what happens w/their respective sentences etc. At least a third season or a couple of episodes are in order so that we may have a proper ending.

  25. Nonni

    At our house we only have the internet and Netflix. We have been going throught entire show series and there are few that all of our family members enjoy together, “Breakout Kings” was one of them. I am truly disappointed in hearing that the series will not be continued. There are 23 people in the middle of Oklahoma who are sad and/or angry, please make my home more harmonious by continuing the series. Thank you.

  26. mitchelldigman

    I just finished season 2 first of all u cant just stop the dam show like that do they end up giving him up to go home to there familys or do they stay loyal I have to know…I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESES DAM TV PPL CANCELLING GOOD SERIES …. like terra nova nd this one bring it back ur money made will be more then enough

  27. Cyndi

    I loved that show. Jimmi Simpson was awsome. I hate when they cancel the shows that are actually entertaining and keep stupid shows on the air like american idol and the bachlor. A&E needs to bring it back or some other channel should come in and swoop this show up to make another hit out of it.

  28. SHON C


  29. Niki

    I really love the show!!! Please bring it back….can’t believe they put on bates motel instead of breakout kings…really!!!

  30. cami

    There is a lot of garbage on A&E. Why they chose to cancel such a quality show is beyond me. They didn’t pub the show well either. I didnt know about it until I saw it on netflix. Now I am hooked and for nothing. BRING IT BACK!!!!!!

  31. Bobby

    How could you not continue one of the great series of year . I think that it was just a shame that you could leave us hanging . I think that it is just unamerican. I cna not speak for all but I can say for me PLEASE BRING IT BACK

  32. peter

    why? this tv series was perfect
    that was a great story
    why is not continue?

  33. Isa

    We just discovered the show on Netflix and absolutely loved it!!! And the last episode of Season 2 left us hanging for more!!! SOOOOOOOOOO disapointing!

    It’s always frustrating when a show leaves you hanging at the end of the season and you never get to know what will happen!!

    Hope someday they will bring season 3!!!!

  34. Thelma

    Found BOKings episodes on Netflix and couldn’t believe such an engaging program was recent. Yes, in my humble opinion, most of today,s shows are trite & basically an intellectual insult. Most disappointed in the cancellation of this series. We are left only with hope for these tortured souls in their messed up lives. Only given a mist of maniacal minds leaves us viewers thirsting for a for downpour…………? Mania? Oops. Still, I (& many others) desire more of this story. Seriously – being popcorn serial killer entertainment, it relaxes me and makes me happy!

  35. Stephen

    Stop canceling GOOD shows you darnTV executives!! I hope someone can fund this show again and bring it back on some other network, or on Netflix like they did with ‘Arrested Development’.

  36. coco

    I just finished watching both seasons on Netflix and loved it…I really, really wish there was a third season coming out.

  37. Lisa

    Loved the show… Can’t believe it.. Why every show I get into is canceled..

  38. ana

    i f*cking love that show. how could they just end it like that? i usually hate dramas and crime fighting shows. but i LOVE breakout king. i cried when it got canceled. f*ck you A&E! not watching A&E ever.

  39. Ranse

    Thos was a great show I just found out about it through a friend this past weekend. Watched the pilot on Netflix and by the end of the weekend I watch season one and two. This show is the best. Had me into like the hits serious The Wire. Man I was looking forward to seeing season three and seeing the show in real time. Hopefully someone changes there mind.

  40. Kiki

    That’s bull cr*p. This show is incredibly great. S*cks for A&E.

  41. steffen

    i have watched so many series like prison break walking dead and…..
    but this!

  42. Art W

    I vote for continuing this series. My wife and I really like it. Great theme, good acting, excellent cast, good writing, what’s not to like/love? I like the character evolution but would like even more; it would be really cool if one of the cons actually got released and did favs for the others. Come on A&E! Surely this is art that can be monetized. Find a way and get the “show on the road.”

  43. sherriel heard

    Let us start a write-in on their butts. I LOVE BREAKOUT KINGS. All of the actors play off of each other very well. I am hating A&E right now, and no, I am not some youngster just watching this show: I am 60 + years of age.

  44. Jenn

    It’s a shame that networks think about what will make them more money then think about the people that watch their shows and what they want. The BREAKOUT KINGS was awesome, enough with these reality shows no one cares it is the stupidest Cr*p ever. People can walk out their front doors and see that. People want something that keeps them interusted. Actors that put everything they have to make a great show make u feel like u are part of it. A&E you really need to give ur heads a shake and think about the people that in all honesty made u ( your viewers ) with out them u will be cancelled. ( stop thinking with your wallets )

  45. Trina

    I can’t believe you canceled Breakout Kings. You st*pid people almost lost The Walling Dead also. How does A&E stay on the air with all these st*pid decisions. Put it back on. It was a great show. The actors were great and the story lines were great. I love this show.

  46. Naomi

    I love this show!!! Please bring the show back. I was so looking forward to a season 3,4 5, etc. I wanted to see if the inmates would snitch on Ray or keep their mouths shut. Such a good show.

  47. Rudy

    Are u F***ing kidding me? What the hell i just saw both seasons on Netflix… great acting and cliffhanging episodes … Sell it to Netflix..! theyll keep it going.

  48. LE

    I have never seen a better show and have never seen better acting! I am in love with this show and very upset that it was taking off of the air. please bring it back! I am addicted and would even love to own all episodes if Breakout Kings continued. the story line is so much better than these csi ect shows where you can guess on everything that is happening next. bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • roxy

      I totally agree I just got myself caught up finally and then you guys from the show off how messed up is that I just want to see the last season that you guys can produce season 3

  49. Dani

    I just caught onto this show on Netflix and was hooked it like I was with the house of cards and orange is the new black!!!! I would sit here and watch episode after episode of the breakout kings! This show was incredible and I just finished up season too…upset because I want to see more!!! This is not right! They should put a season 3 back in place!

  50. lloyd

    Explain why duck d and storage wars get played like crazy when an amazing show gets cancelled. Maybe the cost of production will keep a silly show on air when a true gem gets the axe.

  51. Lee

    I too was looking forward to season three! BK is one of the few shows on T.V. that you could look forward too watching the next week. In a world of ever growing reality shows its nice to have a little feel good drama. I only hope that enough people leave comments so the show can be brought back. And if it is a question of space please stop playing reruns of Storage Wars, the show is just ok the first time…

  52. Vick

    Make season 3 awesome show. Something you can watch wit the with your spouse and enjoy a show together

  53. Winston

    It was a great show there should be a season 3

  54. Lauren Douglas

    This really upsets me… The season shoudlnt had ended like that if they didnt intend to make a 3rd season… That really s*cks

  55. rich

    this is wrong, why stop the good shows you guys just dont care about anyone but yourself this is bull sh**

  56. STUCK5

    Wtf??!! Best show on tv. @A&E THIS WAS THE ONLY SHOW U HAD THAT WAS ANY GOOD, WTF R U DOIN???!!!

  57. Niels

    C’mon brah. Bring it back. Don’t stop with a cliffhanger. This show is amazing and it’s getting better and better

  58. Carmen

    It s*cks i rly luvd diz show it is very addictive were all i wanted to do was just watch this show since i started watching it on Netflix I dont like how season 2 finishes and its just driving me crazy to find out what happens next A&E needs to get it together and continue season 3, 4, n so on

  59. Josh

    I just watched Seasons 1 and 2 almost completely straight through then I find out they aren’t making a season 3??? Are you kidding me? It’s a great show, and how can you seriously just drop it with a ending like that?? It’s just not right. This show can go on for years. I love it!

  60. Mark

    I am truly pissed that there isn’t a 3rd season. BREAKOUT KINGS is a great show. I want to know how can we get it back on the tv. Sad day man.

  61. Gillian

    This was a really good show with a different kinda twist to it, excellent actors and good stories. The networks always seem to take of the really good shows!

  62. Melissa

    What?! I watched the first season when it was out, then watched the 2nd on Netflix. How can they leave us hanging like that?!? I loved the show, the characters, the story line, and everything about it! Ugh!!!

  63. Wade

    Still on season 2 but I have thoroughly enjoyed this show and after reading some other comments I am upset that they never continued this series. Great actors and story line. BRING IT BACK!!!!

  64. zack

    ya that’s bull!!! how can you just stop an amaizing shoiw like breakout kings its just un acceptable

  65. sarah

    Would definitely like to see a third season.

  66. Giny

    OMG.. I have been waiting for the 3rd Season FOREVER! TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE DECISION TO CANCEL THIS SHOW!
    I recommended it to everyone I know on FB.

    • Danielle Bolden

      I also recommended it to everyone I know on FB that it is a great show with a ORIGINAL plot!!!

  67. Albert

    they need to continue with this show. they can not just leave off the way they did. who can we contact to complain about this?

  68. laquan james

    We need season three you camt end season 2 like

  69. jen

    Need season 3 🙂

  70. Jason

    This just ruined my day and in a big fn way!

  71. Jusbe

    It’s like Alcatraz all over again. Every time something interesting comes out it get’s caceled after few seasons.

    • Tanya

      I KNOW RIGHT!!!

  72. Tanya


  73. Gerald

    This s*cks!!
    If you are going to cancel a show, then at least decide during the lastseason so that the script writers can end the last episode off properly and not leave it hanging in the air as has happened here

  74. Danielle Bolden

    This is a legit great show and I was devastated that it was cancelled after 2 seasons, with all the other murder and escape shows on this one was original and had a original plot I want to see more seasons of this show and if their had been MORE advertising of this show it would have many many more followers This show should really REALLY be considered to make more seasons it is one of my favorite shows and I watched it religiously every time it came on.
    Try one more season with better advertising now that there are so many other shows about the similar concept i.e. I almost got away with it just to name one. I am a loyal follower and would keep watching it until the writers have exhausted ideas for shows. I think that the writers you had were not that great personally I think that the writers ran out of ideas for episodes. Or another thought why don’t you make it for internet viewing see how many people watch it then. Maybe even charge a annual membership to view it.

  75. sss

    How can they make such a powerful ending to season 2 and not make a third season. I think the show has gotten really popular from being added to things like Netflix. I finished the show in like 5 days and I want a damn third season!!!!! I DARE the producers to do it!

  76. Devante Palmer

    Breakout Kings was my favorite show to watch on A&E. I was funny from time to time, it had action, suspense, a little drama. I felt so overwhelemed of how it had me on my feet & every episode I was in shock. The reason I was in shocked was because it was so good. I cant believe this is it for the show. I rather had seen other shows cancelled. I wish a group could form up and fight for this show to get back on with all the characters because I am not happy with this whatsoever.

  77. Karissa Knight

    I so badly want there to be a season 3, too big of cliff hangers and such a great show!!!!!!!

  78. Leo

    Very powerful characters. You gave one with an heart condition, just to kill him off at the end of the first season. You had a genius, a hunter and a gangbanger, great chemistry. But, the show was bigger than the writers. What the writers failed to see is that these ‘animals’ was working towards a goal. And that goal they left the viewers hungrily waiting for at least one of the inmates getting out. Another group of inmates could have been introduced. This show had at least 8 years on it’s tab. What a waste.

  79. Scott

    Totally gutted just watch it on Netflix and now find out this was a great show going to miss them guys

  80. Gavin

    yes bring it back and have a season 3 i was highly disapointed finding this out cant belive they cut it off right at when they had to choose between the marshalls or there freedom they shouldent rat him out because the cop could be a bad cop and just send them back to the shoe and say he never said that and had no paperworks about it

  81. Wesley Staub

    Yea I would like to see a third season of breakout kings ,you just end season 2 like that and not have a third season

  82. PENNY

    Yes you should have a 3 season the way you left it is so wrong…

  83. Kendra

    REALLY?! Dude A&E is like the freakin government: they don’t care what the people want!!!!! I HATE TV series, but I finally found one that I really enjoy and BAMB! they take it off air! You can’t just end it like that! Biggest cliff hanger ever! If ya ain’t gonna make a Season 3, at least make it a book series or something! Thanks A&E for giving me another reason to hate tv series and for being thankful that I got rid of my TV so that I wouldn’t be tempted to enjoy another series just for you to ruin it again!!!!!!

  84. Barbie

    Yes, that is so stupid that you would end it like that:( Really?????????? Why would you do that??? I can’t not stand it when you get into a really good show and then they end it:( But then it ends like that:( That is really even worse. At least make a better ending where the cons get out…….. that was the whole reason of the dang series.

  85. christa routhier

    this is soooooo st*pid im pissed a&e always does this quit taking away all the good shows for st*pid sh*t. dont u c how many fans r waiting plese come out with more seasons

  86. Jonny

    If you’re not going to make a season 3, at least make a movie to end the story, like “Firefly” ended with the movie, “Serenity”. Cliffhangers like that should be reserved for anticipating a new episode. I enjoyed the show so much I thought about the show during work, and I barely could wait to get home and watch more, which is why I would like an answer to the biggest questions like, “What did the cons decide to do regarding Ray? What happened between Lloyd and Julianne?” and “What happened during the Pete(Erica’s friend from downstairs)/Murder trial?” Lastly, if you need a new writer, there are plenty who would love to finish this series, or better yet, continue it.

  87. SRK

    Breakout kings is mint one of best shows i have watched in years. You can’t just end a show like that it was the perfecting ending to make a season 3 sort it out!!!

  88. hayley

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS bring back season 3 …. i just watched all seasons on Netflix why would they cancel such a great show!!! 🙁

    • sammymedz

      Me too & really liked it.

  89. MMN

    Make a season 3 NOW! I DEMAND YOU TO! You can’t leave all of us with a cliffhanger. That too on such a good show!

  90. Tom

    C’mon NETFLIX…pick this up. Please!

  91. john


  92. Pete

    To leave saeon 2 ending like it did with no real ending & then no plan to satisfy your loyal viwers is highly unprofessional & cowardly. One more episode would do it, COME ON.

  93. Brittany

    This show quickly became one of my favorites within just a couple episodes. I was really sad to see it go 🙁

    • Sparrow Norway

      It was a sad thing for this show to end. We want more.

  94. Andrew Lyons

    The last episode was the best. The ending was great. IMAGINATION
    is what it’s all about!!! It’s great to leave the audience imagining
    What could/would happen. Did the characters build a bond that would
    make them protect their leader or would the tempting offer of
    being free that day be too much to resist? That is what I would love to
    see everyone writing in about…

    • Sparrow Norway

      The story did not end for me and many other viewers t season 2.

  95. Emmañ

    Hello I would like to watch the third season or at read It if you send it to my emai thank you

  96. sammymedz

    Really liked this show & how the talents of the individuals came together in such a constructive way. Although the violence may have been too much for younger viewer’s though; the concept and acting was good.

  97. miss shree

    please bring it back please

  98. Tayla Freeman

    Bring break out kings back it was getting so friken good and u end it there u should be a shamed jk but seriously

  99. Bibi

    And all the way from Denmark: Please make a third season!!! I love Breakout Kings!

  100. tianna

    I HAVE BEEN WATCHING THIS SHOW EVERY NIGHT ON NETFLIX AND NOW I WILL NEVER KNOW WHAT THE CONS DO. MAKE SEASON 3, or at least make one final episode that wraps everything up goddamnit.

  101. dawn

    What a shame that they cancelled show. I guess it just goes to show that really doesn’t matter what the fans think.. but what do you expect from a cable pay chanel maybe if people stopped subscribing and they stopped getting paid maybe then they would care what the fans think…

  102. Ash

    This absolute bull, I dont get in to many series but this got me hooked. To find out that they have cancelled, very annoyed. Why when they make something worth watching they cancel it for something no where not what they had!!!

  103. Lee

    Best Show Ever!! great story progression and character development. We NEED this show back!

  104. Mystero1

    It they don’t bring back a season 3 then A&E are dead to me and I will never invest my time into one of there seasons again. They could have at least gave us one more episode to close it out. To leave it like that is it’s own crime. Life is precious which is the MO of the show and now they’ve wasted part of our lives to buy in to only be disappointed!!

  105. Sassy

    Season 3 definitely needs to happen I think Netflix should pick it up !

  106. Ez

    This is pretty messed up !! How can you just end a show as good as that, badly disappointed! !

  107. Clare Broomfield

    Bring it back, loved it! Agreed Netflix should pick this up!

  108. Colin Evans

    Please Netflix pick this up

  109. michael pryce

    I dont answer stand why season 3 aint coming out. Just because there is f*ck n*ggas that dont like the show dont means nothing what about the people that do love the show? They need to bring it back for real and stop making shows because of f*ck n*gga

  110. renee

    That stinks

  111. Amanda Johnson

    I loved that show. I am very disappointed there isnt a season 3. Really really really disappointed. I hope they decide to do another season. It cant end where it did.

  112. Zack

    This is the best show i have ever seen. we need this to come back

  113. brandyn

    why would u cancel one of the best tv shows ever made.. that is so stupid when u guys could be making a shit load of money and we would have a awesome show to watch. You guys need to get ur sh*t together and stop canceling great shows

  114. Sky

    I love this show i started watching on netflix n finished the 2nd season n i want more to come out i really think a&e need to rethink there desicion on this and let some of the other stupid shows go like all them storage wars epesodes nobody cares and put this back on air… Im VERY disappointed in a&e response for not letting them film more episodes…

    • Sparrow Norway

      I agree about the storage wars they are stupd

  115. Rosa Galarza

    Yes I would like to see season 3 I really enjoyed this show

    • Sparrow Norway

      season three would really have helped with how things went with Ray and if the cons took the deal

  116. tj landers

    okay really they are gonna leave it like that iwant to see what happens to ray and if they rat on him or not why cancel it if people want to watch it

  117. Don

    This is a great show A&E needs to get over there issues and make season 3 they had no problem putting Duck Dynasty back on the air!!!!!!!

  118. Don

    Also A&E must be quitters you dont start something and not finish the JOB!!!!!

  119. adam

    how can u not bring another season out its class, its just as good as prison break bring it back

  120. d

    I really would like the episodes to continue – love them

  121. Sparrow Norway

    Why do we even get involved with shows on networks. Just stick to movies. That way network TV would get the picture. One actor can be replaced the rest of the team can keep the show going. I am so sad I really like the way the chacters they really complimented each others weakness’s and strength’s.

  122. fanny baws

    You being serious? There is no season 3? Why do shows always so this, breakout kings should be brought back and the story should be continued!!

  123. Sharon simpson

    Bring season 3 enjoy this program can’t leave it like that

  124. Tracey

    So unfair to leave is on such a cliff hanger please make a season three it’s the best series I’ve ever watched

  125. Shereif

    They are insane to cancel the show! The ratings are incredible. I for one think it’s right up there with Game of Thrones Walking dead etc. Such a disappointment cancelling it.

  126. charleen

    this is an excellent show. I do not understand how you can end it. This is not the only series that is good that just ended for no reason. but series that are stupid they make so many seasons. producers should not do what they think but look at the public and see what they like. so annoyed. i love prison escape movies and series and this is the first one i really enjoyed and to end like that is ridiculous. please make a plan and bring it back.

  127. Wendy

    I just finished watching this on Netflix and my mouth dropped when I saw that there was NO season three. What is wrong with television? This show is excellent. I agree that Netflix should totally pick this up. There are so many awful shows that continue for years. Why would you not continue a great show like this, especially with an awesome finale like it just had?

  128. robert

    this series would even be good with a new cast so when will Netflix buy it out and make it , please reply thank you

  129. Katrina Stevens

    It is ridiculous that there are no more seasons! This was a great show! Bring this show back with the same cast! 

  130. ME

    HOLY SH*T this is worse than how the sopranos ended at least that we were expecting the end but this F*CK YOU A&e

  131. michelle

    I love this show wish they would do season three.

  132. pwhite


  133. kevin

    A&e are ridiculously dumb idiots if they do not make season 3. Why kill the storyline just because people wanna see laz alonso. It needs to come back . Its not fair. What happens to ray and the cons. Make season 3!!!!!

  134. brain

    I am in love with the show. Its so far the best show i ever seen I wish they made a third season

  135. Laura

    You have got to be kidding? This was a great show, watched on Netflix in 2 days!!!! I can’t believe that whoever makes decisions at A&E would not make a 3rd season, it was really a GREAT show and well casted. It’s very disappointing. Reconsider, make SEASON 3!!!!

  136. Sonya

    This show was great; too bad they didn’t make more of them. The people at A&E sure don’t want to make money…..sorry my opinion. They should bring back the show!


    absolutely without a doubt the series should continue; it not only was superb. but to leave and audience who “faithfully ” watched each and every single episode of the “breakout kings,” hanging with and ending like that is like a restaurant serving its’ customer’s a half cooked pie!!!!!!

    your broadcasting company suffers from things like what you’re trying to do, because from this day forward i will forever be hesitant to watch another series for fear that you’re going to be left hanging again!

    it’s wrong, just plain wrong. change a character, even the “entire cast” but give us a satisfactory conclusion; in this you failed horribly and it belittles you to do such an inconsiderate thing to your faithful fans; and i am positive if you ask anyone of them they’ll agree……

    think about how you left us and if you really do think about it even one more episode could of done the trick, but you could of easily got three or four more seasons of “faithful fans who would watch the series with no problem at all!”

    your company left a lot of money sitting on the table and it is a “mighty big pile of pure profit you’re forgoing, by cutting the series damagingly short, absurdly inconclusive, not even anything left to imagine… terrible, terrible, terrible!!!

  138. cacy

    absolutely! can’t leave audience in suspense over what happens next!! awesome series and NEED season 3, PLEASE!!!

  139. james hicks

    this is complite bullsh*t just got done waching season 2 and no season 3 the f*ck wroung with u people just make the dam thousands of people liked it why cancle it

  140. Joseph Gordon

    They really need to bring this show back!! The suspense left on the last episode of season two was a major tease! I would love to see more seasons. This show in itself had created a new source of entertainment.. I mean c’mon. Convicts working as U.S. Marshalls.. How much better can it get? Bring back BREAKOUT KINGS !!!!

  141. Matt

    They should make a season 3 and have the rock come in and F*ck sh*t up lol. Or Will Smith

  142. Nicole

    I just watched both seasons. This was really good show, but what happened to season 3. I’m really pissed off. You got me all into the show a d then you cancel it. Please bring this show back. It was very entertaining. Please try to find another writer or something to continue the story. You gotta bring this show back.

  143. Brandon Parker

    A&e always cancels good t.v. shows an put some whack show on they should cancel them goofy shows that no one likes I am very upset with there decision lost another viewer one by one

  144. Pixie

    How can they just decide not too create another season, I was just getting warmed up and would of loved to know what happened whether they would tell on Ray or not. VERY DISAPPOINTED that they could not do another series i think they need to re-consider another.

  145. steven tweeddale

    why i awt ta excellent series so much better than most of the dross we are asked too watch

  146. garrett_hd

    We need season three. I hate cliff hangers and I loved this show. Pls a&e pls.

  147. michelle

    Bring it back I loveeee the show

  148. Shea

    Yes bring it back please. We need to have more seasons. I need to see what happens next really bad. Please bring it back. Like stated above…”there are more writers out there”.

  149. jon

    3rd season has to happen this show was EPIC

  150. sam

    Why in the world would yal do something so stupid?I also will never watch anything onA&e again why give any more ratings if you don’t care what the fans want to watch . Maybe if we all stop watching your channel. You might actually care what everyone else thinks. Then maybe it might put a little dent in yals ego.whe don’t want new shows. When you already have great ones that you won’t finsh.the shows that s*ck balls yal keep running yal are truly ignorant. So long a&e never again. Greedy money hungry asses.

  151. Allen

    Bring this show back for a third season a&e or noone in my house hold will be watching ur station, to leave ur fans on the cusp, not good business.

  152. sally

    Really like this series. Such a shame it ended so soon. Would like more.

  153. david

    i carnt belive it after watching the 2 seasons of breackout king ime very disapointed that thats it it should of stated that that was it as ive got all geard up ready for 3rd season to findout there is none very disapointed if you aint going to sort it ime sending you my netflix bill as thats why i puchased it to watch that very sad indeed

  154. Lorraine

    Just watched it and ragen were is season 3 luvd this noway

  155. Upset

    I am so upset. I found this B’Kings on Netflix and gave it a shot. It started out a little rough around the edges but slowly built a story where I became invested in the characters. I understand the ratings game but watching has changed with streaming. This show screams weekend binge watching. The series finally got its feet with a slow burning subplot, a very slow building romance and you leave us with a cliffhanger where the cons could walk if they give up their friend…, you finally reel is in and get us invested in the characters, allow us to binge stream it… Then poof cancel it. How terrible is that! I am in industry that has struggled with the fact that people’s behaviors have changed when it comes to my form of entertainment. We are floundering to trying as we try to adapt to new technology, I believe A&E as well as many other television content providers are also struggling. They are so out of touch with how shows are viewed these day. This is painfully obvious when they cancel a show like Breakout Kings. They want to do a slow build but when it doesn’t have immediate legs they move on regardless of fan opinion. A&E doesn’t realize that this show and others like it have found a whole new fan base on Netflix, a fan base like the one that I am in…one that does not have cable. I wasn’t even aware this show was an A&E show until I began researching if season 2 was complete or if there was going to be a season 3. When A&E has the plug pulled on their entire station because they have become irrelevant with their dinosaur mindset on how we watch home entertainment these days maybe then they will understand why canceling shows like this was a bad idea. A&E should hire some people at the top that realize that the times have changed and A&E isn’t keeping up with them.

  156. SomeRandomGuy

    But they ended it on a cliff hanger, they need a third season D:

  157. Cj

    It was a great show. It held your interes.

  158. geo

    this is a “hook line” kind of show. I would have liked to see the show progress further. Season 3 truly needs to be the closer at least or another station needs to pit it up.

  159. Season 3 is needed

    Season 2 was left with way too big of a cliffhanger to not continue with a season 3 +. Seems like there are way too many series that have similar story lines so why not keep one like this that is actually a little different. Was soooooooo looking forward to the continuation.

  160. breakout fan

    Love the show and cast. SORRY to see it go

  161. Allison

    I want there to be more seasons it was too good to end on two seasons

  162. Maddie

    Noooooooo!!! They can’t stop making it!!! I have to know what happens!!! This is the best show I have ever watched!!

    • jay

      ikrrrrr im soo upset, like atleast make one final episode and end it the right way

  163. Caz

    It doesn’t make sense showing any of the series on Netflix if it’s left like this I watched over few days and for it to be left like that I wished I hadn’t watched any of it getting sick of watching series that don’t get finished grrrrr

  164. Janko

    We need a third season. I’m rewatching on netflix and a third season of explanation is in need.

  165. Lenny

    Love the show, how can they just leave us all hanging.
    The cast is amazing.
    Give it to Netflix, that way we can all see
    Season 3

  166. Moe

    This just pisses me off!! I will not watch another show on a&e!! Netflix is about to lose my bussiness also! They have done this to me 3 times now and there will not be a 4th I loved this show and now we are left hanging like the glades. Sick of this cr*p you spend a lot of time watching these shows and corprate America lives us hanging again just a waste of our time watching these shows

    • CJay

      The glades was brilliant, I was pretty p*****d off when I just ended like that!

  167. Anaid Landa

    If they weren’t planning on doing season 3 why in ended season 2 the way it did? Pretty please with a cherry on top
    Start filming season 3 we need the continuation of the show specially me and my family and friends we are jucked with the show. We started watching it on Netflix since we don’t have A&E channel, and in 2 days we finished seasons 1&2 just waiting for season 3+.

  168. Jean Anne Williams

    Please do not leave us like that ! My husband and I love that show. We both work for the prison system and can relate to the show. We have thoroughly enjoyed it ! It was actually our favorite show. We hope you will reconsider.

  169. Mary Beimer

    Bring it back pleeeeeeeeeze. We really enjoyed this show I think you should revisit

  170. Alak

    A season three would be great. Even if it is only two or three episodes. Leaving fans with a cliff hanger is the worst. Any closure is better than a cliff hanger.

  171. Tiffany

    I’m so mad I just watched all of the shows not to know the ending… what the hell yall could at least produce one more season where it shows a ending. I’m so pissed off

  172. Veronica Cortes

    Seriously a good show, Jimmi simpson was great! They should def bring back it at the very least as a netflix series to finish it off better!

  173. CJay

    Seriously late, late comer to this series!! It totally sucks after season 2 finale that it just stops!!! I don’t think for one minute that any of them would stab zakanelli in the back like that! Can’t
    They sell it to Netflix
    For them to continue as an original series?!!

  174. sbrown

    please run season three, this is a great show

  175. Geertje Schilders

    I love the show! Please bring it back! Maybe Netflix could be interested to make season three????

  176. Suzana Miranda

    That’s to bad the show is alsome, they doesn’t have nothing else
    To cut

  177. DKal

    Please bring it back! Don’t leave us hanging.. At least a movie type finally…

  178. Patty Bechtel

    will Breakout Kings season 3 be coming to Netflix and if so when?

  179. Jonah Miller

    Flat bullsh*t

  180. maria h

    Season 3 is a must!!! so sad it has been cancelled

  181. Sheree

    Please due a 3rd season

  182. Butafly Greene

    I’ve just seen the Breakout Kings, I’m so sad to know there isn’t a season 3,4,5,6,7,8 etc. This show is so additive I’ve been stuck in front of my t .v for two days. I’ve really got my Netflix account running 24/7! Please bring back the Kings and those Queens!!!!

  183. James

    I would be nice if you would bring it back

  184. Jessyka davis

    I really liked the show. Bring it back

  185. jay

    im so damn mad like this show is amazing we need a season 3
    bring back breakout kings!!!!

  186. Bryan Olson

    Yes I would love to see the Third season of Breakout Kings. That was one awesome series.

  187. Tracy foster

    Myself and my partner are fuming and that is putting it nicely, we won’t be watching anything else you do as you left this one up in the air and unfinished so what is the point of watching anything else you do?

  188. Jade

    They always cancel the good shows. If it was one of those no talent reality shows it would still be on.

  189. Laura Hermanson

    I would love season 3, I really enjoyed the show.
    Bring it back!

  190. Korey Leatherwood

    Yes i enjoyed the show very much but the seasons where too short.

  191. Paula

    I am very disappointed that there are no more series!

  192. Cheri

    That’s so messed up it seems like every good movie/show gets cut off when we’re so into it I watched season1&2 non stop it’s a great show I got so caught into it then boom no more. Every show that as been on Netflix after a season 2/3 gets cut. Bad business! !! Bring the show back I’m quite sure that other showvhas a break now how about making us Happy and satisfied?!!!!! It’s bad enough Trump is in the office!!!

  193. Kenzo

    a season 3 should be in route because tha show was really good to me. a season 3 please!!!

  194. Aria Alanzo

    I’m so upset this show was amazing and I bet Chicago Fire won’t be as good!!!

  195. Justawatcher

    Breakout Kings is yet another victim of network stupidity. Even though there was a little bit of bad luck mixed in, we can ultimately chalk it up to bad decisions. These networks love when shows fall right in the middle, in terms of success. If the ratings are too high, networks have to eventually pay the regular cast a whole lot more. If too low, they have a hard time finding sponsors. The start of the show had a&e’s most successful ratings at the time. Those ratings did drop as the show continued, but still remained higher than other trash they seem desperate to renew. So i started looking into different factors to make sense lf it all. Here is what I’ve found on the matter:
    1. Airing on sundays to compete with major titles on other networks.
    2. Forcing out one of the lead roles just to try and pinch a penny.
    3. The executive producer signing onto other projects while BK was still going.
    4. News coverage of an ef5 tornado on 5/22/11 which was a week before the season finale.
    5. A random change from sunday to monday for the season1 finale to keep the fans guessing.
    6. A&E seriously thought duck dynasty was actually being watched.

  196. james evans

    Yes, there should be a season 3. the cliff hanger last episode deserves closure for the fans.
    This show is a good concept and is very entertaining, the relationship the viewers create with the characters lures the audience in and captures their attention emotionally.

  197. Frank

    They need to put the 3rd Season out!!!! We Love The Show!!!!

  198. Barbara

    Regarding cancelling Breakout Kings after two seasons:
    This is a mistake; the show had improved, especially in Season 2, and amazingly so, in the last half of that season. And that is really saying something, with the seasons being so short.
    Recently I’ve noticed that there are a lot of remakes of things. BK got me to start watching by being a pretty fresh idea.
    With it becoming normal now for seasons to end with cliffhangers, it is bad practice to then cancel the show; the audience members are going to stop caring about the characters, plot, the whole show, because they know they cannot afford to.
    When audience members stop caring in advance, they get less enthused, and instead go back to games, movies, sitting in bars…
    The show started a bit bumpy – of course this is just IMO – but I sat up and bingewatched the last five shows in a row even though I had planned to stop after one; it owned me.
    The characters had grown and I liked them, relationships mattered, there were several story-lines and all of them were interesting, and in the last show the bad-guy-of-the-week (from the circus) was getting more and more involving (I loved that actor btw). And of course I despised the main killer.
    Now I’m disgusted, with A&E mostly since if I understood correctly they made the decision to cancel. Netflix would be doing us a favor if they buy the rights and make the third season themselves.
    Bring it back. And/or stop the practice of the cliffhanger when the show might get cancelled.
    “Person of Interest” was my favorite show in years; the ending was great in that it tied up characters and the plot for the most part, still leaving the possibility of a spinoff if desired. Oh,
    and I cried. *Because I cared*.
    Bring “Breakout Kings” back.
    And give shows a chance to grow and find their way; if you executives don’t like how they are going, you know that, you know what you want or don’t want by the time you’re still shooting the second season, don’t then insult the audience by doing the cliffhanger.

    • Paul Aguayo

      What Barbara said.

  199. David

    loved the show best one I seen on netflix in a while really Hopi g they make more seasons

  200. Betty Davids


  201. Chelsy

    Bull sh*t I love this show and I am very mad and upset that it is gone plz bring it back for the fans

  202. Amber

    They always cancel the good shows with a cliffhanger but they leave the stupid shows to run forever. Tell me what the point of this is. I’m tired of getting hooked on a show and then find out they cancel them.

  203. Dillion

    I thought it was a good show they should atleast do one more season to end it

  204. Frank benoit

    I’m sorry there are good And bad cop shows on tv and I have to say this one was the better ones out so why cancel it it was a different kind of cop show the idea was brilliant I have to say I was disappointed , mad all in one who do we have to contact to get this show back on the air I liked the cast and the concept.

  205. Michael Turner

    Y’all are sorry as hell to cancel

  206. Shannon riggle

    I want to see what happens in season 3.GREAT SHOW
    Please make season 3

  207. C.C.

    How blind are the people responsible for keeping a great movie series going?????

  208. Paul Aguayo

    To be succinct… I’m BUMMED! The whole cast was brilliant.

  209. jam

    Its crazy to cxl show. Good cast chemistry and great concept. The brass should reconsider.

  210. Annoyed


  211. clark smith

    yes, bring it back please. its great

  212. Lucinda Fox

    A season 3 of the Breakout Kings would be great

  213. John

    I want season 3

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