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Call the Midwife season 5: start date

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When does season 5 of Call the Midwife start on BBC in 2015/2016? The show has been renewed for the eight new episodes! Let’s wait for the premiere air!

TV-channel: BBC One
Created by: Heidi Thomas
Producer: Hugh Warren
Genre: period drama

Season 1 Episode 1: 9.83 million UK viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 10.15 million UK viewers

The release date of season 5 of «Call the Midwife» television series has been confirmed.

According to the official announcement, the premiere of the new episodes is scheduled for December 25, 2015 (Christmas Special), after that at the beginning of 2016 (17 January 2016) the viewers will enjoy eight new hour-long episodes.

Also it is said that the fifth season will see the nuns and midwives entering 1961.

Ben Stephenson, controller of BBC Drama commissioning, thanked the fans for the constant support as in fact it has contributed so early extension of the show!

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  1. Carla

    It’s good, but why can’t we have more than 8 episodes per season?

    • Mildred

      I agree with Carla, why can’t there be more than 8 episodes? Also, will we ever hear from Jenny again and will Chummy be back on again.

      • Rosie H.

        This is such a wonderful show. I wish it were on 52 weeks a year. When does the 5th Season start – I’m confused.

        Please bring Jenny and Chummy back. Stop messing with a good thing.

  2. AuntiEboo

    I agree that 8 episodes per season is too few. I set my recorder for them but unless it is during the season it doesn’t record I miss the dates. This is one of my favorite shows. The costuming and location used makes me feel I am in the place and time.

    Due to this and missing episodes and then find out that I have to wait for several months. Unfortunately I have become frustrated and bored with all these factors and no longer look forward to the show and have resigned not to follow the series anymore

    • David

      You can download all episodes from Frostwire I download all episodes before they are aired here in the USA. Love the show.

  3. jill

    why do we have to wait over a year to get the new season? I thought I had read season 5 was supposed to start mid March and now not in December and only 8 episodes? I think they are going to lose viewers just like AuntiEboo has stated I’m also almost there

    • Joanne

      It began in the UK in December and in the US in the spring.

  4. Teresa

    I also read where it was going to start on March 29th and was really excited.
    Now I see it’s not starting until Dec. and then not again until next year..that is
    crazy….what is going on!!!!

  5. Charlotte Earley

    What is the US date for the 5th season of Call the Midwives begin?

  6. Koalamaiden

    Trixie and Tom- need to be together. Chummy and Peter another child. Sheilagh and Patrick another child- Fred to still be around and all will be great. Lets see what happens.

  7. Linda

    Love everything about this show. Wonderfully done, but so few episodes to a season. Have seen 3 seasons here in the U.S. please keep it going…..

  8. Kathy

    I LOVE this series. (I do also wish there were more episodes – I’m greedy). Can’t wait for December to come!

  9. Tina

    Call the Midwife is the best program produced in decades. I often wonder how people of future generations will judge us when they look back at the nonsense that is TV now. Call is breath of fresh air

  10. Arvi

    Absolutely love this charming series. We have enough cr*p on many channels, but this is so refreshing, to listen to the memoirs of the way “life” use to be; pure, innocent, caring, simple and memorable. Can’t wait til we eventually get 12-16 episodes per season.

  11. Gloria

    Absolutely LOVE this show. My husband likes it too. So wish there were more episodes in a season and didn’t have to wait so long between seasons. Keep up the good work.

  12. carolann

    I miss this show so…..can’t wait for new season.

  13. Trexi


  14. Debra

    I love this show . Please hurry and come back for season 5 and bring Chummy along with the show. She adds something special to the show. Hope to see her in season 5. We missed her on the Christmas special. What happen to her character?

    • Ken

      One of the best shows on TV, along with Sherlock, wallander… I love PBS

  15. Valerie bailey

    I agree with all the comments!! I started watching the show on Netflix and I am hooked! I am so excited to see season five. Love this show it is so refreshing and a change from today’s television shows.

  16. Jackie Rappaporrt

    when does the 2017 series of call the midwife start?

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