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Casual season 4 start date

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Casual season 4 start hulu

When will Casual season 4 premiere? We are waiting for the release date on HULU in 2018. Will there be the new season or not?

Does the series Casual have chances to get financing for the 4th season? The start date of new episodes should be announced!

According to the latest statistics, the project has a lot of support from fans and it is important for HULU. Right holders are discussing with the main actors of the show, so it is not necessary to wait long for the decision about the renewal (or canceling) of the show.

Experts are sure that it is too early to finish this story, as the fans of this comedy drama are ready to continue watching it. After the announcement from HULU we will publish in this article the start date for the 4th season, but this is only on condition that the series is renewed.

The plot of Casual tells the story of a bachelor Alex and his newly divorced sister Valerie, who again find themselves under one roof. Together, they raise Valerie’s daughter named Laura, and also help each other deal with problems in their personal lives.

Casual season 4 start date – [July 31, 2018] (update 2)

The creation of the show is done by Zander Lehmann, and specialists from Lionsgate Television are responsible for production. We are waiting for news from HULU.

UPDATE 1 (October 19, 2017): The Casual dramedy has been renewed for an abbreviated fourth and final season.

UPDATE 2 (January 14 2018): The fourth and final season of Casual will be released on Tuesday, July 31, with all eight episodes dropping at once.

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