Jun 24

Chicago Justice no season 2

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Chicago Justice season 2 release nbc

Will there be Chicago Justice season 2? Bad news… The series was canceled by NBC after one season. Low rating. No release date for Season 2.

The NBC television channel removed the series Chicago Justice from its ether. The start date of new episodes will not be announced.

Officially it is confirmed that this legal drama is not renewed for the 2nd season, because the right holders have expected a higher rating of the show. Remind that the premiere was watched by more than 8.7 million viewers, but the final of the season was watched by 3 million people less. Of course, this did not please the NBC representatives and it was the first step to cancel the series.

We hope that you are not very attached to the main characters of the series Chicago Justice, because you will hardly ever watch the renewal of this story. The TV-project is not even put up for sale, so the chances of hearing the release date for the 2nd season are just zero.

Chicago Justice no season 2 release date – [cancelled]

Four employees of the prosecutor’s office are constantly in the center of the war on crime. They strive to fulfill their duty honestly, no matter what. They work for the benefit of their hometown, and they try to make justice happen…

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