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Chrisley Knows Best season 3: start date

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When does Chrisley Knows Best season 3 start? The reality series was renewed for a 18-episode new season. We know a premiere air date in 2015!

TV-channel: USA Network
Executive producers: Adam Greener, Jim Sayer, Stephanie Bloch Chambers
Genre: Reality

Season 1 Episode 1: 1.03 million U.S. viewers

Season 2 Episode 1: 1.62 million U.S. viewers

Back in October 2014 USA Network renewed «Chrisley Knows Best» reality show for its third season. At that time it was reported that 12 new episodes had been ordered to be produced.

Later, at the beginning of February 2015 it became known that 6 extra episodes were financed, which increased the number of the third season episodes to 18.

It has been confirmed, that the start date of the continuation is scheduled for June 2, 2015 and also it is said that the new season will air in two parts.

Are you looking forward to a new season?

UPDATE 1: Chrisley Knows Best resumes Season 3 on November 10, 2015.

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  1. Mia

    This is great news. I like Chrisley. Can’t wait season 3!

  2. Lara

    The show is pretty light-hearted and funny. So happy!

  3. Sten16 (Post Author)

    It is so funny. Glad there will be more! Love Todd Chrisley.

  4. PradoS

    never seen before…

  5. Clemente RuiS

    Absolutely love this show! He is witty, comical, and an awesome parent.

  6. Debbie

    I love this show and I th Todd is hysterical and honestly a decent parent.

  7. Sandy

    Love this show they are all great just hurry up and get back on the air with season 3 it’s been too long.

  8. Jake

    I just love this show and don’t watch any of the other reality shows. They are a nice looking family and enjoy everyone on the show. I love their acting, it is so real!

  9. Sandra McCarthy

    Wonderful, waiting impatiently for the start of the 3rd season, love this show and I am not into reality shows as a rule, just something about this show it’s so entertaining.

  10. Sandy W.

    Right now I’m suffering from an exteme case of Chrisley withdrawal!
    I discovered this show quite by accident and was just getting used to looking forward to every Saturday evening when it was airing on my local CMT channel…….and then without any warning, it was just gone and another show was playing in its’ time slot!! Now I will be counting the days until June 2nd when Season 3 will start it seems!! Can’t hardly wait!!!!!

  11. Val Fisher

    This is one of the funniest & best reality shows on TV!! I love it & can’t wait for the new season to start!!

  12. Ingrid A

    Love it, love it, great show can’t wait for season 3

  13. G.W.

    Love, Love, Love this show.. not because I think it’s all real, but because it makes me laugh!

  14. judy knoppel


  15. Virginia Conner

    Love Love This Show! Watch it over and
    over. Hope it never ends!!!

  16. Mrs B


  17. LeaderLee

    Need to show the last few episodes this week can so can get back in the swing!

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