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Community season 7

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When does Community season 7 premiere? The show isn’t yet canceled as well as isn’t yet renewed by the Yahoo! Screen management. What about the start date?

The television series “Community” undergoes a difficult period, as after its moving from NBC to Yahoo! Screen it became discussed much rarely.

Of course, Internet broadcast attracts not so many viewers as the creators would like to, but exactly this format provides the show with the airtime.

The critics don’t believe in the success of the given show any more and see no reason in its renewal for Season 7. They note that “six seasons and a movie”, promised before, would be quite enough.

The creator Dan Harmon doesn’t share the given opinion and according to his remarks on CommuniCon 2014, the moving of the show to the new broadcasting format could become the first step to a new history. Thus, the chances for the start date of Season 7 remain, so we’re waiting for the rights holders’ announcement impatiently!

Community season 7 premiere – [Cancelled] (UPDATE 1)

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UPDATE 1 (Aug.5, 2015): Community‘s most recent sixth season on Yahoo will be its last (Joel McHale has confirmed). No Season 7, No Movie.

UPDATE 2 (Jan.4, 2016): Yahoo has shut down its video hub, Yahoo Screen. Community creator Dan Harmon told that the franchise was much more likely to live on in theaters (#sixseasonsandamovie).

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  1. Drew Schultz

    Six Seasons and a Movie, please!!!

  2. Winston

    When this show first started, I loved it. But now I think the concept was played out. I’m ready for the final Movie.

  3. Katrina

    They should have at least give it one more season.

  4. Jeffery C.

    Community will be back!

  5. Sheryl Lane

    Season 7???? NO! I’m waiting for the Movie in 3D ))

  6. |UC|

    Brilliant show but Yahoo! Screen didn’t have a good reason to renew it.

  7. Pat

    If it’s final… To the talented cast and writers thank you for six years of fun and adventure. When will a movie be released?

    • Carla7up

      It’s not final! No official announcement.

  8. LS

    Please keep Community going!! I LOVE this show!! Six Seasons and more with a movie!

  9. chand

    great )

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