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Constantine season 2?

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When does season 2 of Constantine TV-series premiere? The show was renewed or cancelled? The continuation still possible in 2015!

TV-channel: NBC
Start air date: October 24, 2014
Developed by: Daniel Cerone, David S. Goyer

Season 1 Episode 1: 4.28 million U.S. viewers

Season 1 Episode 8: 3.30 million U.S. viewers

In October the current year «Constantine» television series was launched on NBC. The start of the show was enjoyed by 4,3 million American viewers.

The next episodes attracted fewer fans. It has become a reason for the critics to talk about show closing. Realising the situation which occurred, NBC management announced that the first season wouldn’t get the additional episodes, consisting only of 13 of them.

It doesn’t mean that the show will be closed as its renewal for season 2 is quite possible. The premiere date of the renewal is still being discussed (UPDATE 1) and as soon as it is announced, we will publish it on our website.

Simply wait for the announcement!

UPDATE 1 (May 8, 2015): Bad news… NBC decided not to renew the series for a second season. Constantine has officially been canceled after one season. «Warner Bros working hard to find Constantine new home».

UPDATE 2 (June 8, 2015): Constantine remains cancelled, showrunner Daniel Cerone sadly reports, following futile attempts to find him a new home.

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  1. Gacci

    Well this makes me sad. Really hope for season 2 in 2015

  2. Kiara S.

    I have been really enjoying Constantine. Need season 2!

  3. Reba7

    That’s too bad… my family and I actually liked the show. Hope it gets renewed.

  4. john mcdonald

    the american tv audience would”nt know whats good tv or not good tv. constantine is a great show! they sit home and watch the sh*t shows like reality shows

    • Sam

      Excuse me, don’t lump ALL Americans into one group, I personally loved Constantine and Matt Ryan plays him better than Keanu Reeves did in the movie

    • April.

      john! you are wrong. You are saying all Americans just watch reality TV. I liked Constantine, and other good scripts. Don’t do generalizations each person is unique.

    • Tuck Neilson

      John, it isn’t “all” Americans, but I get your point. It’s way too many Americans. As a nation we’re becoming a bunch of heads full of mush with no ability to think. Constantine was a good show as are a lot of others that only get short runs. Seems to me, that if a show gets cancelled quickly that means it must have been either very very good or very very bad. Constantine was in the first category.

  5. Trev

    It’s a pretty good show, just wish it was on a network like HBO or showtime.

  6. Melinda

    They HAVE to do season 2. My family is really into this series and we are huge Matt Ryan fans!!

  7. Kent

    Keep this show! I love Constantine! Please don’t kill it!

  8. Susan O. (C-fan)

    I’m sure if NBC screws this up another network will pick it up!

  9. Rachael

    I do like the movie but the series is better. I hope is not canceled.

  10. Jeannie Ball

    Don’t condemn the show due to bad scheduling and bad marketing. We need season 2 in 2015!

  11. Rebba

    You are freaking CRAZY!! keep it coming!!

  12. Lama F.

    Make season 2! My favorite show on NBC!

  13. PlayWithMe

    Its a great show, with so much potential. Constantine should keep going!

  14. Kath

    PLease dont cancel it! Think of the others 100000+ people’s who love watching it.

  15. mario

    dont stop it !!!!! or i call brujeria …..

  16. Angel

    Please don’t cancel the show!!!!! I was disappointed when I couldn’t see it the following week and was looking forward to the next season. So much cr*p on tv now! Please don’t take off something that’s finally worth watching! Great writers.

  17. Steve

    It would be a travesty if there isn’t another season.I despair at the dumbed down rubbish that is renewed year in year out whilst quality shows disappear.

  18. Mads

    This is the only show I watch on NBC.
    To me, the only thing worth watching, if not renewed on here hopefully Netflix or HBO will be able to pick up the rights and continue it.

  19. Cole

    So what if some people lost interest.. the ones still watching are the only people NBC should care about.. i do believe that this is the only show on NBC that i watch, knowing i get to watch it at the end of the week gets me by.. And most importantly the ones that stayed with the show (the True fans) dont deserve to suffer just cause some people dont know what good T.V. is, i mean the way they ended it so many things left on answered, so it goes with out saying that WE DESERVE some Answers. Also it was just getting good i was not expecting that from manny , so some advice for NBC dont leave a show on such a cliffhanger if your not even sure if your going to continue it, that really makes you look bad.. in conclusion I LOVE THIS SHOW and i really hope they keep it going cause its about the only show to come out in a long time that actually hooked me in like it did..

  20. Jo

    Constantine and Grimm are the only shows that I watch with any regularity. I do have to DVR them because of the content, and my kids. I really look forward to watching them both late Friday nights and discussing them Monday morning at work. Please don’t cancel this show!

  21. robyn

    This was the highlight of Friday night…an amazing paranormal show without blood and guts and great performances. Please bring it back!

  22. Nancy

    get something great, they take it away. I watched all of them. MORE MORE MORE MORE……

  23. Cliff

    NOOOOOOOOOO! First Dracula now Constantine. NBC S*CKS!

  24. Kenny Branner

    Just give Constantine to Netflix!

    • wava

      I agree it should have been on Netflix in the beginning

  25. monty

    Sorry to hear that. But somehow I’m not surprised that the series is cancelled.

  26. JoesphNewberg

    It would be a good idea to introduce it in The CW.

  27. Dalia

    Cancelling Constantine? I hate NBC!

    • max

      me too. I seriously loved Constantine

  28. -->bridget<--

    I think it would fit nicely on the CW with Flash and Arrow.

  29. Cecila H.

    It is such a big mistake to cancel this show. I’m an angry at this news!
    The CW should pick it up and pair it with Supernatural.

  30. Ramon Alcon

    They should move Constantine to a better network. NBC did nothing to support this show; it therefore had no chance.

  31. Ellen

    Hope this show finds a new home…

  32. Kimerly

    Very sad news. I loved this show. NBC should have put more into advertising it and it would have succeeded on their network. Hoping a new network picks it up soon!

  33. shanice nucci

    But WHYYYYYYYYYYY? i loved Constantine is one of the best tv series i ever watch please renew the season 2 we dont have nothing left to see all the other tv series are worthless and this one is so freaking cool and misterious and very well done come on dont keep us in suspense and give us an update of this i m so looking forward to see Season 2 and Matt Ryan IS SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

  34. Nick

    I love the show, I love it for its difference versus a lot of shows. I like the dark aspect of things. I hope it comes back because given 1 season and the day of the week i think was the issue for seeing. It’s sad that if a show is not a hit within the first few episodes it’s done. I barely saw any advertisement I just happened upon it.

  35. SouRen


  36. werepig

    What a crock of cr*p, the critics wouldn’t know a decent show if it punched them in the face. I will NOT be watching NBC anymore!

  37. Tristan

    Damn it. Constantine was really good. The stories were more compelling than the drivel Supernatural turned into. This is a real bummer. Yeah people wouldn’t know a good show if it was airing in front of them. Firefly is THE prime example. My faith in humanity just dipped.

  38. melda

    Please come back.I love this t.v show.Find it a home asap.

  39. Bubba

    This was an awesome show and really brought a dark yet comical light to the DC universe. Hopefully the CW picks up this show since they have Arrow, Flash, and iZombie. BTW john Constantine will guest star on Arrow I think tomorrow, maybe if that episode gets huge views then maybe CW will pick up the show

  40. matthew

    Needs a season two Constantine is an awesome show

  41. Larry Campbell

    I think that it is too bad that a great show with great opportunities was cancelled for some stupid reality show. Bring back Constantine.

  42. MJ

    I enjoyed the full season.each episode appears to me as a short movie

  43. Janice

    So sad, really enjoyed watching this On Demand, through Comcast. Really hope it returns!!!

  44. Syb

    Bring back Constantine. Come on. It was well written, well done, and cute. Up there with others like Supernatural, Charmed, and the new Lucifer. The WB picked up Supernatural, why not this one too?

  45. Hay

    Bring back Constantine we loved it and missing it!

  46. Gina Ludovica

    Constantine deserves to have season 2, Matt Ryan is real good actor. All the story in season are perfect!!!

  47. Jeremy

    How about putting Constantine on The CW. All the DC shows are going there.

  48. Shadez

    Come on Netflix do the right thing.

    Come on go Big Data prep this social Netflix and feel the love for this show.

    #Constantine #renew #Netflix #demand

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