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«Continuum» season 2: release date

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When does «Continuum» season 2 start? Official premiere date is known.

The representatives of Showcase were repeatedly asked about the release date of «Continuum» series. At the end of August past year Canadian channel officially renewed the show for a second season. Breathtaking story about policewoman will consist of 13 episodes – that is three episodes more than in Season 1.

It should be mentioned that Simon Barry is the official director of «Continuum». Beautiful Rachel Nichols played the part of Kiera Cameron, the detective. A story about the time-travel of policewoman from 2077 to 2012 in order to neutralize the terrorist group premiered on Showcase in May, 2012.

High ratings inspired the rightholders to continue filming. Season 2 of «Continuum» will premiere June 7, 2013 (Syfy, US). Release date is already confirmed by Showcase.

P.S. Season 2 premiere on April 21, 2013 (Showcase, Canada)

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  1. Simba

    Rachel is great and sexy =). Can’t wait for the second season!!!

  2. Jimm Bobina

    Continuum continues. Hope they not replace original actors. Totallylovedit.

  3. Samuel P.

    This show is dull…

  4. Stephen

    Acting is superb. Plot is more real than surreal.
    Ingenious and subtle character sub plots. Emotional
    Range of actors perfectly aligns with plot
    Development. Holistic drama conveniently
    Made more real by parallel anchor points in
    Future and present. All in all, leaves room
    For extraordinary twists and turns and a range
    Of often conflicting emotional expressions
    Within a single character. Thumbs up with
    No reservations

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