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Death in Paradise season 5: premiere date

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When will Death in Paradise season 5 be out on BBC One? We are waiting for the premiere air date on TV and release date on DVD in 2015/2016!

TV-channel: BBC One
Created by: Robert Thorogood
Starring: Ben Miller, Sara Martins, Danny John-Jules, Gary Carr…
Genre: lighthearted crime drama

Season 3 Episode 1: 8.69 million UK viewers

Season 4 Episode 1: 8.92 million UK viewers

Very confident start of the fourth season of «Death in Paradise» television series allowed the rights holders plan the continuation of the show.

The first episode of 2015 was being watched by record number of viewers – 8.92 million people! Such a success ensures the financing of the fifth season, critics believe. According to the experts, at the moment the completion of the TV-project is disadvantageous for its creators, so there is no reason to worry about finishing of the story yet.

Very soon the rights holders will make (UPDATE 1) the official announcement and we believe that the show will be renewed as well as the fans will be informed concerning the premiere date of the new episodes on BBC One and release date on DVD.

Death in Paradise season 5 start – [7 January 2016]

We’re waiting patiently.

UPDATE 1 (Febr. 28, 2015): BBC confirmed that a fifth season had been commissioned, to air in 2016.

UPDATE 2 (February 24, 2016): Death In Paradise will be back for a sixth series.

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  1. Vernon

    When will Death in Paradise season 4 be released on DVD?

    • Stacey Williamson

      March 2, 2015

  2. Peter T.

    Hope there will be many more seasons to follow! Great show.

  3. SallyCC99

    This show is amazing! Can’t wait for season 5 to come out!

  4. CESAR

    There must be a season 5! Please do not cancel it! Love everything about this show can’t wait for it’s to return back.

  5. Jan Harrison

    Excellent series let us have Series 5 soon

  6. sharonn pallett

    Really pleased to hear about season 5 next year. Absolutely love the escapism of the series. Does what it says on the page and entertains all ages.

  7. Jo

    Brilliant news!!!

  8. Michael Soccio

    Charlie chan,Poirot ,agatha christie all mixed together to male Death in Paradise ,fantastic Bring on season 5

  9. Marcus redman

    Great series, it would be great if he found a love interest with his new sergeant Florence
    When such a good show comes about with the BBC it is usually when the ground opens and the BBC cancels it. Only the rubbish remain

  10. david

    play reruns of all seasons until the new season 5 starts. good gravy. we have to watch reruns of all the shows we don’t like.. whats up with reruns from good shows like DEATH IN PARADISE

  11. KB

    It states “we’re waiting patiently”???? I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m not waiting patiently! I’m waiting on the edge of my seat. Is Camille coming back? They left it wide open for her to come back. I really, really, really hope she does. I think Florence would be great with the new guy. Anyway, whatever they do, I wish it were sooner than February (I hate the 8 shows per season, but guess I will take what I can get). Great show!!!

  12. Jerry Kirsch

    I love this series. Goodman did the impossible and replaced Poole. I’ll love Camille forever but Florence is getting to me. Another 10 years please

  13. janette and lyn

    its a wonderful show;but there aren’t enough story lines for Elizabeth(Catherine)she is the quiet back bone of the show;she should be more involved;more about catherines life and how she helps everyone around;let people see what a great actor Elizabeth is;really hope that the show goes on for a very very long time;all the actors are great;its a very gentle show without the extreme violence;really good writing;please keep it going;janette and lyn australia

  14. Susan

    I can hardly wait for season five, This is absolutely the best show since the original
    Hawaii Five-o aired in 1968. Actors are great, script writing also great as well. This is a TV show that will never get old. Thanks so much for the last few seasons, they are so enjoyable.

  15. Maureen

    Love the show..anxiously waiting for season 5.

  16. frank briggs

    When Miller left the show, I thought Death In Paradise’s value would falter. It did not. Miller’s replacement only enhanced the show entertainment value. My thanks for a job well thought out. My disappointment still lingers over Sara Martins departure. I reviewed her reasons for leaving. My best wishes to her in her endeavors. She posted professional growth sometimes means leaving that which is good and comfortable. I hope I speak for most of this show’s viewers when I suggest returning to Death In Paradise, if done right, would definitely boost the show’s popularity and easily create great story lines and maybe an intricate subplot revolving around relationships and possibly romance. I share my interests in this show with many of my friends and relatives. We were all sad and bewildered when Sara left the show. Is there any possible way to bring her back?
    Thank you for a great program

  17. w.r. de vriesch

    I am so glad there will be a series 5. There were some changes in players but during season four 4 everything was falling in place again and the end was very good. Camille should not come back, sorry , great actress, but the chemistry as there was with Richard and Camille wasn’t there anymore after Richard died. Humphrey and Camille did not have the same chemistry but when Camille left , Humphrey got stronger and the show got better and in Florence there is a new couple and not Humphrey walking around anymore like a puppy in love but a stronger person and so the show got much better. Yes I deeply miss Camille but bringing her back would disturb the balance the show now has I think. But can’t they make some sort of spin-off Camille and Richard , the lost years? Well love the (new) show and can’t wait for series 5. Well probably beginning of the new year, like season 4. A nice warm show in the cold winter.

  18. roland

    just found 4 seasons on Netflix….cannot wait for season 5 and beyond!

  19. Katie

    So addicted to this show. Love it.Hope Camille comes back and marries Kris. Also just love Dwayne.

  20. Dave

    Excellent series. Good stories, acting etc. Sure hope its renewed.

  21. Katie

    Changed my about Camille. Hope Florence and Humphrey get together. Camille had too much of an edge to her. Just love Dwayne. Don’t change his character.

  22. Mary Jo Edge

    When will Season 5 be released in the US. ? Can’t seem to get an answer!

  23. G.R.Egoville

    We are great fans of Death in Paradise. We usually watch it on PBS Allentown, Pa. or NJ PBS affiliates. When will this show come back to these stations?

  24. Leila

    Love this show. I have been binge watching on Netflix. Lucky to find there will be a season 5 and 6.

  25. Jonathan

    My favorite show in a really long time. It’s origional, funny, clever, and not violent. I hope to see romance between Florence and Humphrey!!!

  26. sam teitelbaum

    when will season 5 air in the us and what channel (pps) important thank you

  27. Max

    This show has become one of my all-time favorites, if not my favorite. Dwayne and Humphrey, with recent changes to the characters have become even better than they were. Agree that Elizabeth deserves more air time. Our two new officers, although OK, could use some expansion in personalities. I hope it goes on forever.

  28. Julie Hunter

    The first two seasons were great with Poole. I was heartbroken when I watched the first episode of season 3. His replacement, Humphrey, is just as brilliant and just as methodical in his own way. Someone said it right, Camille loved Richard, and she just wasn’t into Humphrey. Why can’t they make 13 episodes? I noticed the Police Commissioner is in more episodes–he is great. It would also be nice to see more of Elizabeth. We just get teased and then she’s gone. By the way, the lizard was a great idea. He really makes the shack home. I think Humphrey’s dad is a putz. The less we see of him the better. Humphrey is better away from him. All in all, the cast is great and really beginning to click. Florence is really with it, and she doesn’t make fun of Humphrey. At first, the cast looked at him weird. Now, they say watch him do is stuff–how great. I keep watching reruns on Netflix–bring season 5 on! It’s really a great show–BBC leave it alone.

    • Marilyn Herman


      You said it very well, can’t wait either for upcoming seasons

  29. Kim

    Absolutely love this show!! I can’t wait for Seasons 5 & 6!!

  30. Sheila

    Hi I love this show when is the next seasons goin on nexflix

  31. Marilyn Herman

    just love watching, Death in Paradise of course you have to get used to the cast changes but as long as everything else stays the same. Being in the USA we have to wait for it to come out on Nexflex. Just love the show

  32. Kati

    when will Death in Paradise be released on Netflix? I love the characters

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