Nov 30

Difficult People season 4 ?

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Difficult People season 4

Will there be a season 4 of the Difficult People series? What about the release date on HULU in 2018? Bad news… Are you ready?

Are you still waiting for the release date of the 4th season of the comedy series Difficult People? Then we have to say that there will not be a new season, because its financing is not approved.

HULU announces that the TV-project is canceled after three seasons and further production is not planned. Apparently, the decreasing in the rating of this show in 2017 did not allow right holders to “give a green light” to the creation of new episodes.

Critics warned about such a step from HULU last year, so the canceling of the series did not become a surprise for the experts. The fans do not agree with this decision and intend to write petitions in support of the show Difficult People.

Probably, we will not hear the release date of the 4th season on HULU, but there are also other services where the show can get a “second life”. We hope that this is not the end…

Actor Billy Eichner on his Twitter page thanked the fans for their support, and also expressed admiration for the work of Julie Klausner. Indeed, this is a talented woman, a very funny actress and a great executive producer. We are waiting for her new works!

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