Feb 26

Disjointed no season 2

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Disjointed season 2

Will there be Disjointed season 2? We want to know the release date. Bad news… The series has been canceled after one season at Netflix.

Are you still confident that the series “Disjointed” will have the 2nd season? Then we disappoint you, because the Netflix representatives have already announced the canceling of this television project.

It is not worth waiting for the renewal of this sitcom because the production of new episodes is stopped. As you can see, Netflix is gradually getting rid of some of its projects, including Lady Dynamite, Love, Haters Back Off !, Chelsea, Gypsy and Girlboss this year. Now it’s turn to “Disjointed”, but who’s next?

We hope that good series will still receive financing for further production, because fans are not ready for such a large-scale cancellation of their shows.

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Have you waited for the release date of season 2 of the Disjointed series?

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