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Doc Martin season 8 release date

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Will there be Doc Martin season 8? Is the series Renewed or Cancelled? We want to know the premiere date in 2016 on ITV. Let’s wait for the start!

TV-channel: ITV, STV, UTV
Created by: Dominic Minghella
Starring: Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, Ian McNeice, Joe Absolom…
Producer: Philippa Braithwaite
Genre: medical comedy drama

British comedy television series Doc Martin debuted on ITV in 2004 and since then it has been considered to be one of the most popular shows at home. Dominic Minghella is directing the show, and famous actor Martin Clunes plays the main role.

At the moment seven seasons have been filmed and released and the viewers are looking forward to the renewal.

Will Season 8 be produced? Unfortunately, last year Mr. Clunes said the seventh season was likely to become the last one due to the difficulties with the creation of the new storylines: “As much as I’d love to keep on doing it, I just don’t know if we can. It might become a soap opera.”

Doc Martin season 8 premiere date – [2017] (will be updated)

At the moment, the official verdict hasn’t been announced yet. Let’s wait for ITV announcement!

UPDATE 1 (January 13, 2016): An eighth and final series has been announced, to air in 2017.

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  1. Carol Gamma

    Doc Martin is a great show. At least do a season 8 to finish the story line. I would love to have more seasons and I don’t see it a soap opera at all. PBS has the best shows for t.v. watching than any other .

  2. Diane Flaherty

    I know many people, like myself, who are eagerly looking forward to another season of Doc Martin. Rather than end it so abruptly with no warning or wrap up there should be at least one more season to allow viewers to say goodbye. Anything less will leave discontentment and frustration.

  3. Irene Elliott

    Agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments expressed above. I am Australian watching it in Australia – love all the “pomme” sorry “English” shows- bring back – so real and picturesque – cut above America – bring back midsommers,frost ,heatbeat shows like that – i will watch them for sure

  4. Dianne Craig, Toronto

    Definitely agree, we need at least one more season to say goodbye to the characters. I think one of the reasons there is still so much anticipation about each new season is not just because it’s a very well written and acted character-driven show in it’s own little microcosm – an idyllic setting by the sea, but of course also because of the the long gaps between each season. Clever. I started watching Doc Martin after family members kept talking about how great it was. Pretty soon, I was hooked too. Love this show! Please keep it going.

  5. Donna Anderson, United States

    I would like to maybe see some important guests appear to give it longevity. Build story lines around that. It’s such a great program. I agree there are only so many stories that can be built around a small village. But visitors coming in for season guest starring. That could give it a bump.

  6. Kris Nulf

    Looking forward to a final season of Doc Martin. Anxious to know when it will air on public television in the United States. Please, please keep the Doc Martin fans informed so we don’t miss season 8!

    Huge fan of The Doc!
    Kris Nulf

  7. Ira Blanchard

    You can see Doc Martin season 8 on ITUNES in full. Why can’t you air it on TV… NOW!

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