Nov 12

Dollhouse season 3 ?

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Dollhouse season 3 release

What do you think about the Dollhouse series? Are you looking for the release date for the 3rd season on FOX? Let’s follow!

Are there any chances for the 3rd season of the series Dollhouse? Fans are still waiting for the release date of new episodes, but the FOX representatives are not even looking for opportunities to revive the project.

As we all know, after the second season the show was canceled. The rating’s fall was a reason for such a decision from the right holders. Was the show boring? Why at the beginning of the first season it was watched by more than 4 million people weekly, and at the end of the second season this figure was almost halved?

At the moment, the series Dollhouse has a huge army of fans around the world, because after the release of two seasons on DVD its number has increased noticeably. Of course, comics, released after the series finale, also brought additional popularity to the project, but this did not affect the resumption of work for the creation of the show.

Unfortunately, the release date for the third season of Dollhouse is unlikely to be announced, but the support from the fans can change the course of events. Where can the project find a financing? Netflix? HULU? What do you think?

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  1. Inn33ss

    Please make Season 3 of Dollhouse. I’m waiting for the release date! The ending of the show did feel way too rushed. It had potential for many more good episodes and character development.

  2. Chris S.

    I actually set down and finally watched it and man it was pretty good. Dollhouse should come back!!!

  3. --Ella--

    Dollhouse is a great show! I want a season 3. I hated to hear it was cancelled after only two seasons… they should have promoted it better.

  4. Vanessa Keith

    I would like and love to see a third season. I cannot live without the show.

  5. Tim D.

    How about releasing season 3 on Netflix? Or make a movie.

  6. 88ooo88

    Come Back Dollhouse!

  7. BellaRiba

    fox is shitty network… So sad its over. It was a great show! A sensational finale! It’s ashamed that Paul is dead.

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