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Fortitude season 3

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Fortitude season 3 release

When will Fortitude season 3 come out? Let’s wait for the release date on Sky Atlantic, Pivot, and Amazon in 2018!

TV series Fortitude deserved the 3rd season. Now you should wait for the release date on Sky Atlantic, Pivot, and even Amazon.

Yes, Amazon representatives confirms that they are ready to offer subscribers the psychological thriller by Simon Donald, but while we are talking only about the second season. Undoubtedly, if the series is renewed for the 3rd season, the release will take place on the Amazon.

There is no official announcement about the start of new episodes production, but right holders carefully study the rating for this project and are ready to make their verdict in the near future. Wait for news from Sky Atlantic, then this article will be updated.

At the beginning we tell a story about another murder in a small sleepy town at the edge of the Arctic. Detective Chief Inspector Morton arrives in Fortitude to investigate a wave of mysterious crimes in the picturesque and the once quiet town…

Fortitude season 3 release date – [pending]

The main roles are played by Richard Dormer, Sofie Gråbøl, Darren Boyd, Verónica Echegui and others, and a producer is Matthew Bird.

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  1. Jeanne Wysocki

    I love this series and hope there will be a season 3, even hope there will be season 4,5,6 etc. Finally series with good characters and wonderful storyline. Please renew this zeris!!!

  2. Dian Taylor

    I am obsessed with this series. Please renew for Season 3!

  3. Elfaygo

    It doesn’t matter if it won’t be returning. I won’t endure any more episodes featuring such stupid, miserable characters.

  4. Margaret Johnson

    Please let there be a season three

  5. Eric Hairgrove

    They killed off Odegard-the most compelling character in the series. It pissed me off so much I haven’t watched since. I hope they did something in the last episodes to make Fortitude worth saving.

  6. Dee

    please have a 3 rd season Amazon. By the way the characters are great!!! They are supposed to be a secluded community, which is off the grid.

  7. Antonio Palenzuela

    Love the series. I’m looking forward to at least 7 seasons.

  8. Anna Ming

    There are too many loose ends in this story. We need at least one more series to tie all the events together.

  9. Glenn Sprague

    We found this to be one of the best acted series with a most bizarre story line that we have watched. Please return for at least two more seasons.

  10. Laurie

    Just finished Season 2 last night. Loved both seasons. Great acting and beautiful scenery. I tell my frirnds, this show is “Fargo meets Stephen King”.

  11. Jay

    Great series! I enjoyed both season,s. Really addicting I watched both season,s in 1 week. I hope it,s renewed I am tired of shows being ended just when the fan,s really get into a show!

  12. Robert

    I binged on this series and can not wait for a new season but I do find fault with so much crying in this almost perfect set-up of intrigue, adventure, horror, sex and humor. But gee…what’s with all the crying?

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