Nov 23

Ghost Whisperer season 6 ?

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Ghost Whisperer season 6 release

Are you still waiting for Season 6 of the Ghost Whisperer series? What about the release date on CBS or HULU? Is there any chance?

CBS viewers continue to looking for the release of date the 6th season of the series Ghost Whisperer. In spring 2010, the right holders decided to cancel this superhero drama, as its rating fell to a critical level. The number of fans has decreased to 7 million people, but at the beginning on CBS the series had more than 11 million viewers every week.

The ABC channel representatives wanted to buy back the rights to the project, but after some discussions, Michael Ausiello told reporters that the plans for the 6th season had been canceled.

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt was disappointed with the closure of the series, but she thanked the remaining fans for their dedicated support and met with the end of the shooting process.

Don’t looking for the release date for the new season of Ghost Whisperer, because no channel is still discussing with the right holders about the resumption of production. We are following the announcements and we will immediately update this article in case of any changes.

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  1. Rosie Hines

    I was angry when they killed Jim. I actually stopped watching. It ruined the show for me. But after 7 years, I still miss the Ghost Whisperer…

  2. Joseffy

    I love that show so much I bought all there series collection. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since the end of Ghost Whisperer. It would be nice if they brought it back but it’s doubtful ((

  3. Rachel88

    OMG! Still remember me and my housemate watched this show every weekend. BEST SHOW EVER!!!! CBS S*CKSSSSS!!

  4. PosL70

    BRING IT BACK!!!! I miss…

  5. Sabrina W.

    Really wanna watch it all over again! I was hooked and was pissed when it canceled. It seemed to just end suddenly! I want MORE!!!!

  6. Laurie T.

    Loved this show! So emotional and spooky. I really admired how respectfully the show was made, and so much honest raw emotions. Bring it back!

  7. Lisa Steele

    Time they brought it back,Netflix please please but the rights and reboot

  8. Shereese L Grissom


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